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Doc Dishes On First Round Picks


Here’s Doc Rivers on the first rounders:

On going big:

“Obviously we needed to address size. The fact that, number one, Jared Sullinger fell to us, is just fortunate. Last year he would have a been a top-5 pick. It gives us a rebounder, a high IQ player, a really good player from the outside.

“Fab Melo does the same thing. He has size and we like size, we needed size. It gives us the chance to work with him. We think he can be a good player.”

On Sullinger’s Back:

“We feel pretty good about it, or we wouldn’t have taken him. Obviously we’re going to have to watch him and make sure he has the right treatment all the time… All the doctors that we talked to gave the clearance and none of them red-flagged him. That’s fine by us.”

On projecting Melo:

“I don’t know what you can project him as. Obviously he has size, he’s extensive. We have to teach him the Celtics way, we have to teach him how to work. If he has great character, then we have a chance, and that’s what we’re going to have to make sure [of]. For us to get a seven-footer at that pick is a good pick for us.”


Still more to come tonight. We’re closing in on Boston’s second round pick and Danny Ainge will comment on all Boston’s activity later on tonight. What should we ask him?

  • Miggy_Miggz

    Ehhhhh… Let's see what moves DA can come up with now. If we can get Bass back we'd be pretty loaded with bodies as far as bigs go.

    Now we just need one or two more wing players now. Maybe a Randy Foye, Jamal Crawford, or Lou Williams.

  • Phil

    I don't really know the etiquette about asking negative-ish questions, but I'd really love to know why the Celtics didn't go for any athleticism at all. This draft seemed loaded with those type of players, and the Celtics basically went out of their way to pick the most grounded players on the board.

    • Vince

      Just my two cents… but Sullinger has heart, desire, and loves playing basketball and is good at it. No matter how athletic one is, if they don't work, aren't smart, and don't enjoy playing basketball they're not going to last. That comment applies to Sullinger. Melo… who knows, but he's 7 feet tall and has to be better than Hollins.

  • I_Love_Green


    • lakershater13

      On espn they said he would help make practice competitive. Practice? We are talking about practice?

      • yeah

        He's supposed to be the franchise player, and we're in here talking about practice. Not a game, not THE GAME, but practice.

  • Knebula

    I think all the picks were correct in addressing issues of concern; bigs to spell KG and wings to close out on the perimeter. Not sure if they'll ever play significant minutes. But they have up side; and thats a plus. Lets ask Ainge who he plans to trade or how he thinks the picks will affect our courtship with KG. We need KG. Hopefully he thinks the draft moves are the right moves.

    • Anthony

      On the NBA.com draft video, Fab Melo said he would be a comedian if he can't be a basketball player. Maybe he has some good jokes that will entice KG to resign another 2 yrs.

      My favorite of the 3 picks is Kris Joseph. Hope he can make the team and contribute.

  • someguyinsac

    So is this where the "you can't teach size" saying comes into play?

  • CTVT802

    I wish they took Arnett Moultrie instead of Fab. I am not disappointed at all, the picks were satisfactory, but Moultrie is such a phenomenal athlete and fun to watch.

    • thetitleisours


      Moultrie will turn out to be the next PJ Brown or Buck Williams

  • Ford

    really dont like fab, but i am shocked sully fell to us. i like the picks though! although would have preferred someone athletic, like quincy miller instead of fab

  • High Rollers

    All of this begs the question… When did athletes stop being athletic? Did some mad scientist out of a Shelley novel somewhere along the way introduce an X-Men-esque mutant athlete into the pool who then spread his DNA (ahem… "talents"?) to a handful of others who would then find their way into the drafts of the 21st Century? Just wondering. And was Michael Jordan the last not-the-best-athlete guy to dominate his sport? He was athletic, but nobody called him "athletic" or a "freak of nature" or "freakishly athletic" back in the day. Also just wonderin'.

    • Anthony

      Jordan was considered a freak-athlete when he came out of UNC. The NBA mindset has always been to build around a big man which was the only reason he wasn't drafted ahead of Olajuwon and Bowie.

      • High Rollers

        "The skinny kid from Wilmington" was never considered a freak athlete.

        • High Rollers

          At least until he became Air Jordan. That took a few years to grow. Even then, he wasn't a "freak athlete."

          • High Rollers

            He could fly. Even being able to fly he wasn't called a "freak athlete."

            I'm just sayin'… something weird happened.

            It's probably Kobe's fault. LeBron acts like everybody blames everything on him. I still blame most things on Kobe.

          • High Rollers

            Maybe it's the natural transition. From build around a big man to there aren't that many great big men for whatever reason so build around a freak athlete.

            I dunno. It just seems a little strange.

  • Morpheus

    F**k Moultrie, he has immature character issues and i belive he’ll never change just like Andray Blatche.

    Danny picked the right guys, i for one am satisfied with our selections.

    And as for Perry Jones, i also believe JJJ will end up having a better NBA career than him.

    I’m shocked Sullinger actually fell this far. Watch…in a couple years we will be on DAs dick talking about how good his picks were. That’s considering, of course, he keeps them.

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