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Celtics Targeting Austin Rivers?

Update 6:24 PM EST— According to Yahoo! Sports columnist Adrian Wojnarowski, the Hornets are planning to select Austin Rivers with the 10th pick if he’s still available.

It appears there’s a specific reason the Celtics are interested in entering the lottery, and it goes deeper than the obvious rationale every team in basketball has for wanting to get a top 10 pick. Supposedly, Boston is trying to acquire its head coach’s son, Austin Rivers.

This just in from SI.com NBA writer Sam Amick:

Sources say Boston’s push to move into the lottery is partly driven by a desire to land Duke’s Austin Rivers, son of Cs coach Doc Rivers. Celtics have the No. 21 and No. 22 picks.

Before everyone flips out on one of the most polarizing players available in this year’s draft, not to mention how insane it would be for Doc Rivers to coach his own son, ESPN.com’s Chad Ford and Marc Stein are reporting that the Celtics aren’t so sure they’ll be able to trade up high enough. As we said earlier upon hearing Wojnarowski’s report that Danny badly wants to enter the lottery, this team probably doesn’t have enough cards to place on the table. Avery Bradley (untouchable, let’s hope) is the only real blue chip who I could see entering the discussion, but maybe someone out there is willing to bite on picks 21 and 22 plus next year’s second rounder the Celtics were recently awarded from Oklahoma City. It’s a tough sell, but in a draft as deep as this one, it wouldn’t shock me to see a talent riddled lottery team feel as though two competent players are equal in value to one above average starter.

To me, regardless of the player’s last name, this would be a great get for the Celtics. I don’t particularly mind that it’s Doc Rivers’ son, and there’s nobody out there who could possibly know if it’ll be negative or positive regarding his development. But looking at it purely from a basketball perspective, Rivers is one of the best players in this draft class at scoring off the dribble and beating his man one on one. Right now the Celtics have Rajon Rondo and an aging Paul Pierce on their roster as players who can consistently get off a shot with the shot clock winding down or in an isolation situation. It’s an obvious need.

On paper, adding a player like Rivers to the fold would only improve the Celtics offense, which has been a significant point of weakness and very difficult to watch these past few years. Also, Kevin Garnett appears to be in love with him, so that’s certainly a plus.

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  • Robert

    Not feeling this at all.

  • yeah

    It would be great to get Austin if we are indeed to lose Ray.

  • Batman

    If Danny does this, it will cripple the franchise
    Rivers, as much as I love Doc, IS NOT a good player
    Hes apparently a ball hog who doesn't have the skills to deserve the ball
    Don't do this Danny
    Stay the course

  • Phil

    Ugh, no thanks. I'll be very surprised if Rivers isn't added to the long list of players who are athletic enough to dominate high school and be good in college, but can't do the same at the NBA level. There's a handful of them every year. I'd much rather have two shots at getting a starting quality big in the early twenties.

    I'm still hoping Royce White stays on the board for the Cs personally.

  • KBA

    what about mins for Bradley? I would rather have Rondo, Bradley, Allen, Pietrus backcourt. In the long term, we need an adequate backup guard for Rondo and Bradley and someone like Dooling can do that as well… lets get some size!

  • Anthony

    This is almost as dumb as the Ray Allen to Miami rumors. All BS, just don't see it happening.

  • Shane

    If I were the Hornets, I'd accept an offer that included this year's 2 first-rounders, this year's second-rounder, and next year's second-rounder from OKC for the 10th overall. The Hornets need a lot of help, and considering the fact that they already have the number 1 overall, I feel like they would be better served attempting filling out the roster with multiple young players and letting them grow together, instead of going into a Detroit Pistons mix-and-match game.

  • High Rollers

    I was going to add that it’s KG bait bc he likes the kid, but you didn’t leave that or much else out. The Hub is on top of things this week!

  • yeah

    It's probably also Doc-bait too; remember when he was supposed to retire?

  • skeeds

    yeeeah, because of all the spots this team will have trouble filling, a backup SG is our #1 priority. Even if Ainge does manage to land a lottery pick, Rivers shouldn't be his target. We need size.

  • mugi

    hell no.

  • Rolltide3332

    We can get 2 solid big men in a deep draft. This would be a dumb move which is why I think this is bogus info.

  • High Rollers

    I think young Rivers would play well with Ray off the bench. Although I’m not sure the Alpha Dog ship can hold one more…

  • Jon Mullen

    there's no way this makes sense. they need rebounding and a fortified frontline. if your going to trade up, get tyler zeller

  • I_Love_Green

    Really don't see how we could move all the way up there, but I do think we could potentially land somewhere in the late lottery.

    For the people talking about how we need size, the draft is not the place where we'll get that. Fab Melo is a project and a half, Moultrie is a twig, Nicholson is good and all but is only 6'9", and Royce White is not really what I'd consider "size" for an NBA roster.

    Plus you should NEVER pick for need, you pick the best player available. We should all know this after we picked Avery 2 years ago.

  • Vince

    If we draft Rivers, all the respect Doc and Danny have earned over the years goes out the window. This would be a disaster! Isn't there some incredibly slow, unathletic white center we could take instead??

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  • https://www.facebook.com/public/Hayder-Al-Ani Hayder al-ani

    Why he was targeting Austin Rivers? Please let me know about this, I want to know and need complete explanation from my side.

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