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As first reported earlier today by Yahoo! Sports columnist Adrian Wojnarowski:

NBA commissioner David Stern has punished the Oklahoma City Thunder, ordering them to send a future draft pick to the Boston Celtics as compensation for the heart problems that Jeff Green suffered with the Celtics. Oklahoma City will send Boston the 2013 second-round pick that it controls from Charlotte. Expected to be the worst team in the league again, Charlotte’s pick will likely be the 31st overall.

Before we begin dissecting this news, let it be noted that this pick is not for Thursday night’s draft, it’s for next season. Despite that class already being condemned as thin with very little juice in the middle, this still has potential to be a borderline first round pick, which is always valuable. Charlotte won’t be the worst team in NBA history next season, but they might crack the top 5. Having their pick is a pleasant surprise, and nearly two years later it helps cushion the blow that was losing Kendrick Perkins for half a season of Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic.

Now that we know what we have, let’s take a brief look at the past to see if there’s anything we can learn. Since 2006, Danny Ainge has made five picks in the second round (six if you include J.R. Giddens—who was taken 30th overall, one notch higher than where the Bobcats pick will likely land—but I’m not): Gabe Pruitt, Semih Erden, Lester Hudson, Luke Harangody, and E’Twaun Moore. Of the five, one is currently on the team (Moore), one is no longer in the league (Pruitt), two were parlayed into a 2013 second rounder from Cleveland (which could also be somewhere in the 31-35 range), and one who didn’t pan out here, but showed an impressive ability to score in bunches against NBA level defenses late last season (Hudson).

Also, not included are Glen Davis—who eventually morphed into a dependable player named Brandon Bass—and Ryan Gomes, a noted member of the gift basket that lured Kevin Garnett from Minnesota. The results here might temper expectations just a bit, but that doesn’t mean they’re terrible.

Regardless of how Danny has performed in the past (relatively well), the bottom line here is that today’s decision from the league is good news. More draft picks mean more leverage, more flexibility, and more players, which naturally increases the probability in finding ones who are talented. Danny’s history with second round draft picks might not be perfect, but Celtics fans should still be excited to see what he does now that there’s another one to play with.

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  • yeah

    oh snap

  • zach

    great news, but I still don't see how losing Perkins was a blow – he makes 0 positive impact on games post knee surgury, and can you imagine how awful our offense would have been had we not shipped him out and moved KG to the 5 spot

    • NHBluesMan

      it was a blow last year because Shaq broke down physically and J'O wasn't much use, plus Kristic never really got into the system. Perkins in the starting line-up would've given the C's a better defensive unit and a better chance against the Heat (although, if the Rondo injury still happened they may not have won the series)….

      lots of "what if's" i know, but i'm sure the team as a whole would've felt alot better going into the playoffs with Perk still with them

    • Anthony

      While I agree that Perk didn't make much impact on the stat sheets, I think you may be a little harsh in saying he had 0 impact. His chemistry and intangibles while with the Celts were unquestioned.

      All that being said, the Celts got JGreen, Nenad, a 1st and now a 2nd round pick for Perk and Nate. And with the Celts unwillingness to match OKC's $32mil+/ 4 year contract to Perk, I think the Celts got the better end of the deal.

      Looks like DA/ Celts will have a busy week ahead. Can't wait to see how the 2013 roster will be.

  • srb

    I don't see why it wouldn't be, but it's worth asking – can the team include this pick in a trade?

  • Vince

    I agree with your point, Zach, about Perkins. Considering what he's given to the Thunder the past 2 years, I am shocked that the mythology of Perk being the reincarnation of Bill Russell has survived. Perk provided a big body and 6 fouls for OKC, and they played better with Nick Collison at center. Perk wasn't coming back to Boston anyway, so Ainge did the right thing in getting something for him. At this rate in Perk's career, getting ANY draft choice for him is a blessing.

  • michaelmarlow

    Perk had plenty of impact in these past playoffs; his ability to play one-up for the most part on Bynum and Duncan helped OKC get to the Finals. Still given his contract, I see why the deal went down. I'm just wondering if we got enough. This pick is a nice little surprise, but it's still a crapshoot at that point in the draft. Second round picks aren't going to help you land impact players either. Hopefully we get something out of Green in a Celtics uniform or through a sign-and-trade.

  • High Rollers

    I just had the realization that the Bobcats are probably going to pick T-Rob and end up in a handful of SC Top 10 Plays next season. The question becomes, is a Bobcats' SC Top 10 sighting a sign of the apocalypse?

    • CG12

      I think I saw one highlight from Gerald Henderson last year. But that is probably it.

  • John V

    And last year, Perk was injured too. OKC played him anyway, but he was abysmal. If he were still with Boston, the temptation to play him would probably have made the Cs a worse team, not a better one.

    He still had longer-term prospects, and I wish we could have kept him, but the bigger problem with the trade was not who we sent out, but who we got back.

  • Lakershater13

    Someone from Celticshub please help. I keep seeing people talking about sign and trades with players for picks. People keep including Green and Bass in draft day deals. Also I have heard people talking about trading picks for a player like Kaman who is a free agent. Can free agents be part of draft day trades? I was under the impression that players could not resign until July 1st which is after the draft.

    • I_Love_Green

      No you can't sign free agents till July 11th (per Larry Coon the genius) so only players under contract can be traded on draft day.

  • Ford

    has anyone heard anything about us picking up michael redd? i read that we are gunna get him for the vet min possibly, i think he could be a great bench shooter for us , as we have so much trouble coring off the bench

  • James Patrick

    So basically, we got a 2nd round draft pick next year for Perk. Think about that. Sorry folks. That trade hurt then and it hurts now. I'd rather have finished out 2011 with him as our center and TEAM CHEMISTRY and lose him in the off season than get a 2nd round draft pick next year. But I know, hindsight. Still, it was a bad trade, even if Green had been healthy.

    • Vince

      Perk is a below average center who can't jump, rebound, shoot, stretch the floor, make a low post move, or make free throws. His one-on-one defense is great, but he can't guard pick and rolls at all. That Celtics team wasn't winning the title (or coming close), and was guaranteed to lose Perk in free agency. Ainge made the right move in trading an extremely over-rated player for Green, Kristic, and draft picks. NBA players are grown men, and they can adapt to new teammates. Perkins performance over the past 2 years has certainly proven he isn't worth $8M per year, and he wasn't the missing piece of the puzzle that would put OKC (or anyone else) over the top.

      • James Patrick

        You missed the word in all caps. TEAM CHEMISTRY. Like I said, would rather have lost him in the office season than to disrupt what we had in that team. A starting 5 that had NEVER lost a 7 game series together.

        • kg215

          I would have rather gambled with Perk that year too, but it's done. Don't forget we also got the extra 1st round pick this year from that trade, and Kristic was useful before the lockout made him leave. As I posted below I am not a huge fan of Green but Perkins most likely would have left anyway so it's time to let that go. Look at the direction the league is headed, it is about small ball now. A lot of centers are combo 4/5s and some like Horford are pure 4s playing out of position 100% of the time. There are 2 legit 7 foot centers in our league D12 and Bynum. The rest of the people playing center now aren't that talented (Chandler and Perkins for example) or they aren't true centers.

        • kg215

          Oh yeah the reasons Perkins has problems with smallball: got burned multiple times by smaller bigs like Bosh going to the basket, lack of lateral speed causes problems defending the pick and roll.

  • High Rollers

    Any chance Green re-signs with the Celtics, flourishes next season, and shows a nose for defense that nobody will have seen coming?

    Fingers crossed.

    • kg215

      Less than 3%, maybe less than 1%. He has been in the league for more than 4 years, and doesn't have a ton of passion for the game (though he isn't going through the motions or anything like that). But so far his whole career he has been decent and never brilliant.

    • CG12

      If Green could semi-reinvent himself as a corner 3 / D guy who runs the floor like a maniac, that would be phenomenal. But my gut tells me that he is just one of those guys who has nice skills that can tantalize you, but doesn't have that fire that a player needs to really fit on this C's squad. I hope I'm wrong.

    • zach

      Yes, it can happen, remember he was a starting player on a team that won 50 games (OKC) is young, athletic and can shoot so I would say the odds of him breaking out are good

  • tbunny

    I just want to go on record that Perkins must be 6'9" because he's the exact same height as Lebron and KG towers over him.

  • Moxie

    "Glen Davis—who eventually morphed into a dependable player

    …named Brandon Bass."

    That had me literally laughing out loud.

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