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Ray Allen may land in Miami next season according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, who reports there’s mutual interest between player and team:

According to multiple league sources, there is mutual interest between Allen and the Heat. The most the Heat can offer is a contract starting at $3 million per year, which is known as the taxpayer’s midlevel. Allen could get more money elsewhere, but the Heat offer an attractive portfolio that goes deeper than cash.

But before you consider how Allen might look in a Heat uniform, take a moment to get a more well-rounded view of the situation.

A big issue is just how much money is the team is willing to send to its competitors in luxury-tax payouts to add Allen or any other free agent. It is a championship team as is, and its payroll is ballooning even without adding players.

The Heat are one of the teams that will test the mechanics of the new collective bargaining agreement, which places a heavy burden on the big spenders in an effort to control competitive balance. This season the Heat will write a check for about $7 million in luxury tax. They are in position to have the third-highest payroll in the league next year at nearly $80 million, and that’s before signing a free agent. That will cost them $10 million in tax in 2013, and they will have to pay millions more in revenue sharing that also will go to their rivals, including the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the ’13-14 season, when the new enhanced tax takes effect and the Heat already have in excess of $80 million committed, they are looking at a potential luxury-tax bill between $15-20 million. And just to repeat: That’s without signing any free agents this summer or next summer.

So, while Miami makes only limited sense, especially because their true weakness is in the frontcourt, there’s a possibility Walter Ray might be standing on the wing taking feeds from a driving LeBron James next season. Make your peace with it now. It’s the smart thing to do.

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  • Morpheus

    Come on Ray, not Miami. You’re supposed to go to Chicago.

  • John V

    I'm absolutely baffled as to why Ray Allen wants to go and be Dwyane Wade's backup… to take the role previously occupied by Norris Cole, who was good enough for Miami to win a championship.

    That Ray signs with Miami is not a foregone conclusion, but everything seems to indicate it's Miami which is unsure. Apparently Ray would take any shitty offer from Miami for the right to play there. I genuinely find this sad.

  • Morpheus

    Yeah i was thinking the same. Why would Ray leave Boston to be Wade’s backup, He’d most likely be in the same position here, if he stays, but this doesn’t make sense. I smell BS.

  • vasco

    I call bullshit. I'll call bullshit til I see him in the uniform. Ray subbing for wade? aw hell no.

  • Irish Mike

    Heatt gonna rule the East for a longtime

  • CG12

    Everyone should just chill on the free agency rumors. It has always been true, and was shown over and over again this season, that there is no point in listening to the flimsy "reports" spread by journalists fishing for a scoop. As soon as you read something citing "multiple league sources," with no actual quotes or attribution, just click away and read something else, because it don't mean shit.

  • Jeff West

    Does being Avery Bradley’s back up make sense?

  • r4zor

    ray going to miami is definitely BS. better being a bench player in boston than in miami. bradley will hav a great mentor, and allen will still be in the last few seconds to hit the game winning shot.

  • noche

    Brian Windhorst is not a credible writer. Hes a heat fan boy who got a job at espn when they created the heat index. While multiple people have said ray to Miami is an option they've been saying that for years in trade scenarios. Just because ray would fit well in Miami doesn't mean he wants to play there.

  • High Rollers

    Stay, Ray.

  • High Rollers

    Makes only limited sense but it’s the smart thing to do? Which is it, RDG?

  • Anthony

    I think if Ray leaves it'll be to Chicago or Clippers. Both team can offer higher salary and doesn't have any sort of offensive sets where Ray can get a lot of playing time and be more of a focal point. Clippers has Nick Young but I don't see how Ray isn't the better option.

    • Anthony

      It makes absolutely no sense for Ray to go to Miami. Lower salary, reduced back-up role, reduced minutes, relocation of family… all that for a slightly better chance of winning a ring? I don't think so. Just the idiots in Miami dreaming and starting rumors.

  • archie

    absolutely not Miami ray..pick another team

  • Superzoe

    Aww you silly Boston fans act like you DRAFTED Ray Allen lolol. He’s a mercenary tools. He wants more rings and I’m sure he’ll love coming off the bench for us!!!

    Coach Spo: Ray Ray all I want you to do is come off the bench make open 3’s…

    Ray Ray: that’s it???? And your gonna pay me 3 mil????

  • LeBronWadeBosh

    gooooooo to heat

  • Tos

    Seeing Ray come off the bench ala Mike Miller for the heat would damn near crush me but it’s hard to hold it against him…

    Honestly if the rumors of him wanting to start are true then I don’t think being the head of Miami’s 3 point patrol is in the cards for Ray, I’d like to think Chicago would top that list, even NY. But stranger things have happened…

    I’ll never forget what he’s done for us, epic threes and as hard as it will be I’ll still consider him my favorite player.

  • PatRiley

    I. Drink. Your. Milkshake. I drink it up!

  • Tsaun

    i think its the best move for Boston and whoever lands him. Not many years left on those ankles and we need youth in a major way.

    • greeniegreen

      This is why fans like you don't see the big picture. Youth doesn't always bring you promise. They end up in the D-League and then fall off, Ray should stay and if Boston lets him go it will be murder every time they play against him.