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Doc Rivers made one of his first public appearences today of the offseason today at Fenway Park during a panel for the  Positive Coaching Alliance. Several Celtics beat reporters were on the scene, as Doc has some positive things to say when it came to the chances Kevin Garnett returns next season in Green, according to Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald and Carolyn Manno of CSNNE.com


Again, it’s too early to get extremely excited about this, but the endless positivity from Doc and others have to be a good sign as far as possibly bring the gang back together. Speaking of that, Doc also covered some thoughts pertaining to Ray Allen for next season:



I’ve made my voice pretty loud and clear on where I stand on Allen. Despite all of the behind the scenes stuff, I want him back off the bench next year. I’ll have a more in-depth column on this later today.

I’ll be live at the C’s practice facility tomorrow when Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers plan to speak to the media about the NBA Draft, so we’ll have plenty more news then where they are sure to address Allen, KG and potential prospects for next season.

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Brian Robb

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  • Lakershater13

    Great news…. Celtics now own Charlotte's 2013 second round pick acquired from OKC due to the Green heart condition. That will likely be a top 5 second round pick next year. Could be another trade asset.

  • The Green Machine
    • Anthony

      I read too quickly and thought you wrote Charlotte's 1st rounder next year. Lol.
      Still great news tho! Now they have three 2nd round picks next year.

  • The Green Machine

    It wasnt me it was Lakershater13, but yeah now they have more picks i guess they ship at least 2 if the right deal presents it self.

  • pleasestayray

    I'm so heartbroken at the idea of ray going to the heat. I need to hear something postive

  • skeeds

    I don't think KG will come just for the sake of playing one or two more seasons. Why should he? He's a 1st ballot HoF, face of a whole generation and the richest athlete in team sports history. His main concern is being able to stay productive. And that will take some serious support. I'd love to see him back, but I'd consider it unlikely if Ainge doesn't pull a massive move.
    I think that Ainge can bring back both him and Ray. But it will require some trade magic. If he somehow manages to land JSmoove, as the previous article suggests, then I don't think KG will have doubts about whether his job will be easier. Gasol is available. Kaman is available. So is McGee, Odom and (although 99% taken) Hibbert. That's the kind of move he needs to make to both convince KG to return, and keep this team in contention.

  • GowGow

    I need to see Boston's salary cap. Where can I find that info?

  • James Patrick

    If at this stage in his career, starting is more important to Ray than winning, then maybe he should go to the Golden State Warriors. I hear they could use him as a starter! RIGHT NOW… I hear he's listening to offers from Miami. He goes to Miami, he's dead to me. lol

  • Morpheus

    Stay, Ray. Keep Ray.We love you here in Boston Ray, even though i’m not from Boston myself.