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CelticsHub participated in another TrueHoop Network Mock Draft over the weekend. The selection committee for the blog was all the CH writers who were available to help choose a fake basketball player at 9:30 on a Saturday night (all of us).

As you know because it was widely reported in several national news outlets last season, this same panel CORRECTLY PREDICTED that the Celtics would select JaJuan Johnson in last year’s draft when other predictors were busy picking their noses and getting paid money. So there’s obviously a lot riding on this year’s results, which is sad because they’re almost guaranteed to be wrong.

We picked:
Jared Sullinger (PF/C), Ohio State
Moe Harkless (SF), St. John’s

Now to answer the three pertinent questions surrounding these players.

Do they fill a need? Yes for Sullinger, basically yes for Harkless. Boston desperately needs size and strength, and Sullinger is a big, nasty American buffalo. He’s only 6’9″, but he’s really strong and gets rebounding space so easily it’s like he ordered it on Amazon Prime.

Harkless is an SF, which isn’t an immediate need for Boston, but he’s going to be around long after Paul Pierce. Plus, like Sullinger, he’s also 6’9″ and can rebound extremely well for his position.

Will they fall to the Celtics? Probably not. Sullinger’s fallen from top-five to a fringe lottery pick in just the last few weeks, but he only sniffs Boston’s range because he’s piled up more red flags than a Chinese military graveyard. He has back issues, and teams are starting to freak out even though his father and agent (two totally unbiased parties) have chalked his condition up to tight hamstrings. That’s why he fell so far in the TrueHoop draft, but we thought he was too good of a value to fall past 22.

As for Harkless, his availability will depend on who goes ahead of him (bold prediction). A small, very polite debate has arisen over whether Harkless or Baylor SF Quincy Miller should be drafted first, since they play the same position and will probably both end up falling in the high-teens/low-twenties range of the draft. There’s a decent chance that one drops in the 16-18 range, leaving the other one free for Boston to pick up. In most mocks it’s been Miller, but in this one it happened to be Harkless.

Do they both tweet about how much they love cartoons? Yes and yes.

In short: this is a sweet but unlikely haul. Here are the indispensable videos Mike Schmitz made on each player.

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  • AdelaideCelticFan

    Please fix videos 🙂

  • monty

    what do you guys think of harkless vs. miller for the c's?

  • Beantown Rich

    In my view both Miller and harkless are great picks though I like Miller more. Both players have allstar potential and great upside. I actually would not have a problem with the celtics taking both players and signing a big like Chris Kaman.

  • John Carter

    The Celtics need size and grit, they are too old to compete with their current roster. The well has run dry; let Garrett and Allen go; if the right deal presents itself, deal Paul P.

    • Beantown Rich

      Why break it up without bringing in the young guys that can learn from the vets. Having KG for another year or 2 can help the young guys develop and continue the defensive focus they celtics have has since KG's arrival. Pierce needs to retire a celtic. So having him a round for a few more years will also help develop the young guys til he retires though he does need to take less money.

    • High Rollers

      Umm, I think the C's showed they have enough grit to last through the apocalypse if need be. And when exactly did the well run dry, in your opinion? When you're carrying pretty much the entire load late in the playoffs, yeah, it's not so easy. Just ask LeCramp, who made it a mere one round farther than our "old" guys and just so happened to pick up the trophies that very well could have been ours if we'd had a healthy Bradley as much as they'd had healthy Bosh. Don't give me this dried up well business.

      P.S. I'm happy to hear LeBron looking forward to meeting KD again in the finals. If he wants to start to overlook the C's, that's fine by me. All it takes is an ounce of let up.

      • Beantown Rich

        High, i pretty much agree with you, but we have to remember that it was a shorter season so it will be tougher in an 82 game season for the celtics though i think they will be fine if they bring the right guys in through the draft (Quincy Miller, Nicholson) and free agency (KG, maybe Bass, Chris Kaman, Goran Dragic, Jamal Crawford, and Jason Kapono.

        • High Rollers

          Danny definitely has to earn his money this off-season and make good moves, I agree. But as for the 82 game regular season ahead, it will technically be longer than this last campaign but it will have more normal rests and rhythms to it. It's a grind with real breaks, real practices, real flexibility for Doc and Co., instead of just a grind.

  • Ford

    What about a wing man to spell paul pierce, like perry jones (who also has size ) or terrance jones (who agian has size for the 3)
    both are definently likely to fall to us, i like us going sullinger and then pj III. but most likely sully wont fall this far

  • ElRoz

    Are any of them going to make any impact worthy of note in 2012-2013?

    Neither Bradley, J. Johnson, nor E. Moore made any impact their first years with the team.

    Dare I bring up Bill Walker, J.R. Giddens, and Lester Hudson? It's funny how some people count J. Johnson today as some sort of viable option off the bench in 2012-2013. He s a big question right now; potential – yes, but mostly uncertain.

    I just don't buy the claim that "this or that player fills a need for Boston" – they are unlikely to play any significant minutes. It doesn't matter what need they "could" or "would" fill – if the past 4 years are any indication, they will sit on the bench their first year.

    • High Rollers

      That's why this draft has all the smell of an Operation Ainge to it. Nobody's prying Bradley's newly laminated Celtic I.D. card any time soon, and it's very unlikely two rookies join two sophomores on the Celtics' roster. I can't wait to see what happens Thursday!

  • Beantown Rich

    Elroz, Normally I would agree with you, but 2 things you need to keep in mind. One, these guys don't have to come in and play 40 mins a game. Spelling KG and Pierce does plenty in saving their legs for the long haul. Two, players like Quincy Miller and even Moe Harkless would've been potential lottery picks if they stay in school one more year and for Miller if he doesn't injury his knee. With that said, those guys have a better chance of helping right away than a D3 Lester Hudson or J.R Giddens,

  • bigblack1954

    Celtics bring back Gerald Green. go in get Chris Kaman,bring K.G. back if he like to come back.we did take Mai. to 7 games. prehap take a look at Carl Landry try to bring him in to help with the brench scoreing.

  • mike

    What about this "promise" to White? Do you think it is the C's that told him, maybe just some smoke and mirrors?

  • Morpheus

    I really like Harkless, ltrue grit and balls player,but what about Jeff Green.

    And what about Bass. I doubt either rookie can contribute 12 points,6 rebounds under Doc, in their first year. So it’ll make sense to keep Bass around for a while, which negates our youth development.

    This is where it gets interesting. Will Danny keep both picks or will he trade them for a vet.

  • Phil

    I've thought all along that Sullinger was gonna be a bust, but that was when he was being drafted in the top ten. I like the risk/reward for him in the early twenties, though I still doubt he drops that far. Sullinger needs brought up whenever people talk about the whole returning to college vs going pro though; he's went from top five pick to the fringe of even having an NBA career. He's not my top choice, but I wouldn't be upset with the C's landing him.

    I don't know much about Harkless, but I really like Quincy Miller. Either one would be fine, but any projected lottery pick who falls would probably work. They're projected lottery picks for a reason.