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Heat Win Championship: React Here

The Miami Heat obliterated the Oklahoma City Thunder 121-106 to win their first championship with LeBron James at the helm. Dwayne Wade gets his second ring and Chris Bosh his first, but after falling short two years in a row, and enduring enormous scrutiny, scorn and pressure as a result of failings both real and imagined, James should feel vindicated. He was the best player in the biggest games and he earned this title and the Finals MVP trophy.

Of course, it was James’ otherwordly performance in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals that turned the series against the Celtics. In retrospect, the Celtics proved the toughest test for the Heat on their championship march. Had the fourth quarter of game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals gone just a little bit differently…

But there’s no point in dwelling on that.

The Thunder will be back next season and so will the reconstituted Celtics.

The Heat are champions.

Welcome to the offseason.

  • Batman

    I'm depressed
    We could have beat OKC
    Congrats to Lebron though, he deserves it
    Can't wait for our offseason and the Olympics

    • I_Love_Green

      We definitely gave Miami their biggest challenge

  • nfrench88

    I still feel like the introductory party was bigger than this celebration. Miami fans will never outdo that day haha.

  • GowGow

    I'm feeling blah.

    We were one win away from a championship. OKC was a big dissapointment.

  • WTF

    LeBron earned it and deserves it. He fought and won! Congratulations to him.
    Stop comparing Durant to LeBron right now, not even close. One dimensional with a respectable jump shot, Durant needs to work on his defense, post game and attack at the rim to get better.
    For the Cs, keep the fighting spirit, our time will come again.

  • IBleedGreen

    Fuck that

  • dasein

    LeBron earned this one. It had to come eventually. Was an entertaining finals, even though OKC were ultimately disappointing. Their time will come too. Sometimes you have to loose one before you can win one (unless you're the C's big 3 :)

    Anyone else notice Lebron had more to say to Perk than everyone else on the thunder other than Durant after the win? Respect!

    • CelticsBIG3

      I didn't find it entertaining at all. It was sloppy, streetball-esque ball. I can go down to the park and watch people play outdoors if I want to see that kind of basketball.

  • High Rollers

    Have to think Rondo was watching this one. Also have to think it got him going just watching. For a guy who's already a supernova, that's something.

    Congratulations to a team full of talent that endured and won. James is a far cry from being the NBA's G.O.A.T., but this year he was the best the player and tonight he is a champion. Glad he got over himself and just got back to the basics, as he put it. (He also mentioned not liking that people called him selfish. I never really thought he was selfish, just self-absorbed and a little clueless. Being that talented and young and lauded will do that to a person, I guess. But he did what you gotta do. Get back up.) Personally, I just like that the basketball player LeBron James exists, because he's a great foil for my favorite player, Amazing Rondo. That David and Goliath duo brings the best, most sublime basketball to the court each postseason. LeBron can have tonight, but Celtic Nation is already looking forward to 2013.

  • dimitri

    It was gonna happen eventually, would've preferred another year of LeBron doubt. All we can do is get used to it because no one in the east is stopping that train especially w/ a better center next year (C. Kaman)

  • devin

    I didnt see it, did Mike Breen run and out hug Lebron after they won?? (Throw up in my mouth).
    Also thought the Miami crowd was lame–considering they just won a title on their home floor–it was like they didn't know what to do if the jumbo-tron doesn't instruct them.

    • Anthony

      What were you expecting from their so-called "fans"?

      Is it me or is there something wrong with Miami playing "Ni**as in Paris" as their intro?

      Maybe I'm just hating or maybe it's my refusal to acknowledge that Lebron and his team of floppers are champs. Objectively, Lebron is the best player in the league but I still dislike the whole Miami team, their coaching staff, and Pat Riley.

      • Aaron

        Oh god, get over it. You Celts played tough but the Heat couldn't be denied this year. Hate to rub it in, but if Bosh plays the whole series, no way it would have gone 7. Garnett was killing us with the lob and finish before Bosh got healthy. As soon as he did, game over. As for floppers, come on, Harden is the worst by far.

        • Anthony

          Have you seen the Celts' roster? AB, Wilcox, JGreen, JO had season ending injuries while Ray and Pierce were hobbled. So your Bosh injury excuse is moot. Don't even get started about the officiating.

          Either way Miami's championship still should have asterisk next too it.

    • C'sBballFan

      the Heat's fans are just bandwagon fans, as compared to the Celtics fans, who are true

  • Anthony

    I didn't bother watching the 4th quarter or the post-game interviews. I can take a little solace in that Lebron's ring comes with an asterisk.

    OKC was simply outplayed, pretty much games 1-5. It seems they didn't watch or learned anything from the Celts-Heat series. OKC is probably one of the only team that can outrun the Heat but yet they slowed the game down and played a half-court game. Also, how do you not make any adjustments when Heats are constantly beating you with the 3s?

    Anyone still upset about the Perkins trade? I'm a Perkins fan but he looked horrible in the entire series. Sad but true.

    Westbrook may have done his best Rondo impression in Game 4 but if I had to take a either to start a franchise, I would take Rondo any day of the week. CP3 is now slow and old, D-Rose is injured and probably won't return to MVP shape, Westbrook is just an ISO scorer, Tony Parker doesn't have the all-around game of Rondo. As Brad Pitt would say in Troy…"Is there no one else?" Let's all agree Rondo is the best PG in the league.

    I just hope that DA has the resilience and "grits and balls" of the 2012 team and make the appropriate draft and off-season moves to keep the Celts championship contenders. Miami know they can't beat us without the ref on their side.

    • Aaron

      Keep smoking that stuff man. There is a conspiracy in the NBA like there is a bigfoot. The Heat got more FTs because they drive strong to the basket more. In this last game, they shot less FTs and still won. Don't hate. You Celts had a good run. Sad to say, but it's officially over.

      • El Presidente


      • Anthony

        No foul on Rondo and no foul on KD when the ref is 5 ft away?
        Westbrook drove to the basket like a madman but went to the line 3 times?
        As much as I dislike DFish… a flagrant foul?
        The list goes on and on.
        Looks like Bigfoot took his talent to Miami also.

  • lakershater13

    No way the league was letting OKC with this series.

    Miami about to sign 100 million a year tv deal. That came out after they went up 3-1. All the advertising spent on Lebron to lose in the finals not 1 not 2 but 3 times… was not going to happen.

    Honestly felt like the NBA play offs were very comparable to professional wrestling. I know I am not the only one that felt this way. Tim Donaghy was probably watching the playoffs thinking… "How the heck am I the only ref to end up in prison?" Then probably thought to himself… "oh yeah i wouldn't blow Mr. Stern"

    • Aaron

      You are on crack. The Thunder shot more FTs and had several questionable calls go their way tonight (i.e. Wade called for a foul after diving first for a ball). If you don't like basketball, please stop watching. You are probably the same guy that cries at the local gym about being fouled after your weak shot rims out. BTW, the FBI and Donaghy both agree that games weren't altered by the refs, but that Donaghy made bets based on tendencies of refs. Get your story straight Oliver Stone.

      • CelticsBIG3

        That's not true, Donaghy testified that Dick Bavetta was instructed many times to make a calls against certain players to affect outcomes of games. How old were you in 2002? The West Finals were some of the most RIGGED bullshit games of ALL TIME. The Kings got JOBBED.

    • John V

      You are stupid. That is all.

  • djkels99

    Do you think Lebron asked Durant to train with him last summer as a scouting tactic for a possible finals meeting? Reasons why I think so are the following and anyone that follows the NBA knew most of these:
    1. Dallas had too many free agents and they were putting all their money in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes so they were more than likely not going to make it back to the finals.
    2. Spurs are good to play against a younger team for a couple games, but the youth and speed would take over eventually over an older team
    3. Lakers too many miles on Kobe to run with a younger team and Point Guard play too weak against elite competition.

    So that leaves one serious threat for the Heat in a possible matchup in the NBA finals, The Oklahoma City Thunder. Why not practice against your main threat to figure out his weaknesses and strengths. I know it goes both ways when practicing and training, unless one of the individuals pure intention is to train and the other's is to scout the other. Durant may have made one of the biggest mistakes ever training with the guy you'll face in the Finals. Jordan didn't call Bryon Russell to train over the summer, Bird was not calling Magic, Russell and Wilt was not training. The best thing Durant can do is train on his own or with teammates this summer, then maybe you won’t give away the blueprint for newly developed skills for next season. I said a few weeks ago on a friend's sports page that the league would ensure OKC played MIA and that OKC is the biggest threat to the league with 3/5 starters (Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka) and best 2 reserve players(Harden & Maynor) being 25 and younger. None of them at their full potential yet so the league will ensure all 50/50 calls and close fouls go against the Thunder. Take nothing away from what the Heat have accomplished this series and the playoffs, but game film and the simple fact that never before an official had to explain calls after games like this year's finals. Why is this being done unless there's some form of guilt in question with the calls during the games. Great games to try and rekindle the Bird vs. Magic type rivalry, but fans of basketball we knew the outcome prior to the start of the finals with OKC being given the odds prior to the finals….How much money can be made by the league if it bets against the favorite? How much build up will there be for next season if the young guns fall short this season? Just questions after watch most other sports (NBA just Google Tim Donaghy) be fixed through judges and officials it makes us wonder some? Fans of The NBA are starting to question the purity of the NBA after critical calls being missed at key points of a couple games during the finals. I just hope it’s cleaned up before fans migrate back to watching College, NHL, NFL and MLB sports during the NBA season.

    • GoCelts

      Funny how a Celtic fan dont even know, that Wilt and Russell were pretty close off the court, with Wilt sleeping at Russell's house, and TRAINING MULTIPLE TIMES during offseason. Huh.

  • Pablo

    As a fan with loyalties split between the Celtics and the Spurs I hate Derek Fisher as much as one can hate a mediocre point guard and union leader that somehow smuggles his way into good teams, but as soon as they called the flagrant foul on him I turned the game off. That was ridiculous.

    • John V

      I think it was a bad call. I also think it would have been ridiculous in isolation. But I do understand the refs trying to keep the game under control. That one call surely had nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

  • Morpheus

    Still hate Miami, Wade and his BS whining.

    Now, Danny, let's build around Rondo.

  • Paulo

    im not being bitter here, but the heat have to be grateful to the celtics. if they didnt take it all the way to game 7, the heat wouldnt have won the title. the heat learned how to play through tough, tough defense, (celtics were #2 in points allowed this season), thats why taking care of OKC was easy for lebron and co. so whatever, after years of hating lebron, and overflowing with anger when the miami big 3 was assembled, now i have respect for lebron. he changed his game in all aspects of his game this year, and he even deflated his ego. (dallas taught him that last june). well, this off-season, i can feel that KG will be back, so will bass, mp, green and dooling. screw allen, that ungrateful person. how dare he even consider leaving boston after what the celtics organization has done for him! whatever. next year, after drafting a bigman (and hopefully austin rivers) we're coming back stronger than ever. celtic pride!

    • BrowardBoy

      oh get over yourselves, the only reason that series went 7 was because of the Bosh injury. OKC would have destroyed the C's in the finals if for some godforsaken reason y'all made it.

      • CelticsBIG3

        Your out of your mind. Why are you posting here anyway? All of the Heat "fans" have nothing intelligent to say? What a surprise 50% of them have only been watching basketball for two years now.

  • Kafel

    This is making me even more angry beacuse we could have won it against okc…
    Lebron deserved it and should get credit for bringing championship to miami but it makes me sick watching Wade with another ring, this whiner and flopper.. From next year NBA should punish flops with technicals and fines.
    Oh and next year this post will be about Celtics with 18 banner :)

    • El Presidente

      Dreamer? Celts won't even get by Pacers, much less Bulls, next year. Pierce even knows that's the Truth!

      • Kafel

        Not dreamer but Celtics fan! This year people were talking about not getting to postseason and Boston pushed ECF to 7 games. So yes, I believe that Celtics have great chance to win it all next season especially if Ainge will add some good pieces in FA.

      • CelticsBIG3

        Go post on the Heat message board. Oh right, not much fun talking to 12 year olds who know nothing about basketball.

        • Anthony

          Agreed. Actually they're 9 year olds that say "Good job, Good effort"

          Very weird for Miami fans to come to Celts message board to gloat about the league and the refs handing them the championship.

  • BC

    For the first time in 5 years I couldnt be bothered with the finals. Bear in mind I do live in England so games start at 2am. Yay. I still dont like the Heat so Im hoping for an embarrising defeat in next years playoffs for thm. Who’s with me

  • skeeds

    It's sad that such an awful excuse for a team, from their roster to the coaches to the horrible, HORRIBLE fans, got to win. Even worse that Wade got to win another ring.
    But, I think this was the first time in Lebron's 9 years that I'd have no problem with him winning. It's his first playoff run that was up to the level of the all time greats he's constantly compared to. He's not even top 20 yet in my books, but at least he made a case for himself. First time in his career all the praise he's getting is 100% deserving.

    Oh, and since the experiment succeeded, I can tip my hat to both him and Bosh for deciding to do something that financially and career wise made no sense whatsoever, just because they wanted to win.

    And remember guys, things could've been worse. He could've gone to the Knicks. I'd rather the Heat 3-peat than the Knicks winning a championship.

    • Tony

      nt top 20…you are crazy in the had to say that. You have hall of famers like Barkley and Magic putting LBJ in the top 10…and im pretty sure they have better credentials to make that call than you pal. The comments C's fans are making only show your jealousy and envy of one of th greatest of all time…LBJ! Check the stats…they dont lie buddy!

      • skeeds

        I'm crazy for not having a guy you like on MY top 20 all time list? And I'm sure the "expert hall of famers", you talk about, can easily be objective about players they're too young to have seen, like Sam Jones. Who's that, right? A guy that won 10 rings in 12 seasons.
        There is no objective status about these things dude. We could check numbers all day. If we go by personal accolades, yeah, he's right in there. But this isn't tennis. It's basketball. What counts for me, is leading your team to success. My list, my rules.

        I have no doubt that if he stays healthy and continues to play like he's playing, he'll go down as the best forward to ever play the game. But for now, I am not impressed. I grew up watching Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and MJ.

  • jack

    The whole thing was a fucking fraud. The flagrant on fisher was the epitome of blatant bias. Fuck the nba. Boston won.

  • El Presidente

    You are right. Pat Riley had no idea how to build his team.

  • rupaulpierce
  • GreenM&M

    Very disappointed with OKC. Brooks in game moves were just horrible. And their guys came up pretty green in the finals. However, I think that they are still growing and will be back again next year.

    They need better offense and to figure out a way to make Westbrooke and Durant play better together. maybe try the triangle? Bring in Jackson to run it?

    • NHBluesMan

      the Triangle revolves around having solid big men in the post… and as much as i love Perk, and for as great a deffensive big as Ibaka is, neither is really an offensive threat down low

  • Handsome

    Heat trolls out in full force.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Thats because all the 12 year olds in the Heat message boards have nothing intelligent to say. I'm a school teacher and for real the only people I know in CT that are Heat fans are in middle school. No joke.

  • Cornhead

    The way Lebron played in the postseason, yes, he deserves this ring.

    But I still can't get over G2 ECF, you know, when they stole it from us (series over in 5)

    Agree with everyone regarding Wade…….he certainly didn't deserve this one (hell, he was gifted his first one, too).

    Bring em on next year if KG is back and the rest of the crew. We were within a whisker of raising #18 in 2012, we'll just have to do it in 2013!

    And, oh yeah, Heat "fans" (and I use that term very loosely) coming on a Celtics blog after your team won a Championship? Yep, it just proves what kind of "fans" Miami has.

  • Joobie

    Our veterans who were called "old" "Slow" & "one step away from the nursing home" was able to take Miami to a Game 7, while the young guns of OKC only made it to 5. I guess the C's proved that veteran leadership & knowing how to play together was a HUGE asset. I hope Danny Ainge looks at it that way when he's deciding to keep the geriatric bunch together!

    On the downside, I was hoping ANYONE but Miami would win the Finals. The reason I HATE LeBron isn't because of his lack of titles, it's because he's an ARROGANT JERK. No amount of rings is going to fix that (& in face may just exaggerate that problem)!

    • GarnettsGrl

      I could not agree more. LB will always be a self absorbed Jerk….me me me that's all he knows. And as far as D.Wade goes your the real jack azz bringing someone in that clearly better than you to take your team from you, I'm sure LB laughing at you right now…..lol

  • High Rollers

    Maybe it’s already been said but Shane Battier was the difference for Miami this year. Yes, LeBron got his stuff together. Yes, the Heat got better just by being together another year. But they didn’t have the Batt last year, a guy who’s known for his D and professionalism and a guy who basically couldn’t miss from three in the ECF and F.

    • High Rollers

      Last thing I gotta add about the Heat, though. They really didn't get that much better, which is kinda surprising and kinda not at the same time. Outside of schooling the Thunder, they didn't run away with anything or prove that they're far and away the best team in basketball. C's fans can confidently assert that we nearly handed them their rear ends, and we did it running on injury-induced gas and fumes nonetheless! Getting better is the hardest thing in this world to do. And the C's keep doing it.

  • High Rollers

    We need a Battier type glue guy role player next year. Or just all our regular guys healthy. Or both. Both would be nice.

  • High Rollers

    Maybe a big man version of Battier. Does that exist?

  • John V

    I will lose all respect for Ray Allen (or Steve Nash) if he goes to the Heat this summer.

    If OKC had won the finals, that would be different. I could see the appeal of being the guy who puts Miami over the top, who finally delivers a ring to LBJ, etc. But now we know this team can win it all without him. Anyone who goes just to be a hanger-on is pathetic.

  • High Rollers

    If it’s all about the rings–and how could it not be when we’re talking greatest of all time?–then only two guys really qualify and that ain’t likely to change for a long, long time. There’s the guy who not only has more rings than fingers but was the undisputed leader of that run. Mr. Bill. Russell. Of course. And then there’s the guy with just one more than half that total, but who ran the table with six titles and six finals most valuable player awards in six appearances. Again, no one has matched that and no one will any time soon. LeBron can’t because he’s already played in three and is only one for three. Now, if things really get crazy and he ends up somehow going eleven for thirteen with four FMVP pickups or even seven of nine with seven nods… well, now that would be an argument.

  • High Rollers

    Almost forgot to identify MJ. Again, six rings, six tries, undisputed best player on the floor all six times. Zeus to LJ’s Hercules. And the only guy who puts Zeus in his place is Russell.

    • howardavellino

      So… Robert Horry is better than KG?

      • High Rollers

        I get your point here, but what I would say about Ring Theory is that it only applies to a very specific debate. Robert Horry was never the undisputed leader (or co-leader) of his team, much less the league as a whole. He would never be included in an all time greatest discussion. He was one of the best role players ever, for sure, because he came through in the biggest of moments presented to him. That's nothing to sneeze at but it also has nothing to do with greatest ever talk. When it comes down to a handful of guys, I just personally don't see how you can leave out success in the biggest moments on the biggest stage under the biggest microscope and the most pressure of expectation. No other metric puts anybody over the top, no numbers give us a greatest because they can be canceled out by other numbers. So maybe there is no greatest or ever will be. Maybe there are just unforgettable names that go with great stories of both triumph and loss. And that's okay with me.

  • A-ROD

    I kno Celtic fans dont wnna hear this but we gtta get rid of Pierce so he hit a game winning shot once but where was he for the rest of the playoffs u bring back KG trade Pierce create cap cuz Rondo needs help if not when his contract is up hes gone cuz no 1 likes to lose and that would b the biggest mistake Boston could make is not keeping hiim happy we need speed

  • archie

    celtics are better than the thunder..at least we gave Miami a hard time

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