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Celtics Promise (or Don’t Promise) Royce White


ESPN’s Chad Ford just announced on Twitter that Danny Ainge has bestowed a promise ring to Iowa State forward Royce White and they’ve agreed to wait until the Celtics pick in the first round to make their nuptials official.

HOWEVER…Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick calls, “Malarkey!”

In this age-old battle of who has the better sources, it really comes down to who you want to believe.  My eyes tell me Amick because his Twitter background is him sitting in a relatively empty TD Garden looking deep in thought.  My heart, on the other hand, wants to believe Ford because White presents really good value late in the first round.

Now you may know White already if you watched the Michael Schmitz scouting video over at DraftExpress (embedded below).  If you don’t know White here are some bigger points of interest:

  • White apparently has an anxiety disorder that makes him a bad flyer
  • White got into some legal trouble at the University of Minnesota and ended up transferring to Iowa State
  • He’s got great size, handle, and fantastic rebounding and passing ability
  • He doesn’t move great laterally and isn’t the greatest defender
  • I liken him to a more-polished, higher IQ Michael Beasley

But don’t take my word for it.  Watch the DE video below:

You may have noticed that I listed him as a “forward” above and also claimed that White has “good size”.  To clarify: Royce isn’t laterally quick enough to really be a small forward but has a ton of guard skills yet the thickness to guard centers.  He’d be a beast in a small lineup.

  • nfrench88

    Look at that FT %…YUCK. I suppose he'd make Rondo feel better…

    • Batman


  • GowGow

    Is it just me or he looks more bad than good?

  • Ford

    nbadraft.net has us drafting perry jones and terrance jones, i like both of those guys better than royce.
    what do you think?

  • High Rollers

    "A beast in a small lineup" is definitely enticing.

  • Morpheus

    Charles Barkley without a jumper.

    Despite his lack of a jumper, he still shoots above 50% from the field. That would indicate he plays and knows his strengths. He doesn’t shoot 15fters all day like Baby used to when he was here.
    I think he’d be a steal at 21 if he fell into Danny’s lap.

    Strength,good size, post game, strong rebounder, passing ability….he fills a need we’ve been desperately lacking for years, rebounding and a solid post game to boot.
    I’d be very happy if we got him.

  • http://twitter.com/malhinha @malhinha

    Chad Ford is the equivalent of a gossip columnist. His "reporting" is made up of hearsay, rumors, and his daydreaming ("The Miami Heat need a PG. How about Deron Williams? That would be a great fit." Fit: Sure. Plausibility: Zero).

    It's sad that that's what passes for sports journalism these days.

    • Ryan DeGama

      Not true at all. In particular, he's had a good read on Boston in recent years.

  • KBA

    no matter who we draft, will anyone get mins from Doc? I have 2 issues with Doc's coaching – first, he never plays the young guys enough during the regular season which means he cant trust them in the post season and thereby burning out his veterans. Second issue is the isolation play for PP at the end of the game (almost) everytime. Run some other plays Doc, you're good at designing them, and the team is good at executing them!

    • c00lbeans

      I think this year showed a lot of both of those points not happening

      • Jean GR

        I agree with you KBA but I think that this year both of those habits stop happening. Especially the second was more of a pierce demand to get the ball than doc's intention. Also, he played young guys this year, even if it was a necessity due to the piled up injuries. Obviously next year he should adjust to playin the young guys a lot more.

  • Patrick

    He would take the roll similar to bass (though off the bench). He has the same body type, just not the jumper but with more ball handling skills. Guy is big and isnt afraid to drive the lane, which the Cs desperately need. Send him and JuJuan Johnson down to the D leave (smart move by the Cs to finally partne with them). Which ever does better over a month+, bring them up for some garbage time minutes with the bench. They’ll only be playing with the bench anyways for a few years. I already like Royce better than twig man JuJuan lol.

  • Anthony

    Not too worried about his offensive game as I am about his defensive game. Rondo can get him easy looks on offense but KG would absolutely give him a smack down if he misses defensive assignments and look lost the way he did on the video.

  • Zee

    If we pick him up, he looks very promising.

  • Zee

    I wouldn't trip about defense. That's what training camp is for. You don't think he'll learn? C'mon guys.

  • ozcelts

    Royce looks a tweener- not enough length for PF and not enough lateral quickness for SF

    Rather draft for NBA body even without Royce's big college numbers

  • CelticsBIG3

    Isn't this the dude that is afraid to get on an airplane? Gotta work on that to play in the NBA.
    Edit: Ah yes, I see they have noted that above.

  • The Green Machine

    I think what we need is a Perry Jones III & n a center like fab melo, if we can somehow grab Josh Smith would be awesome too. #iamstillaceltic #TeamCeltics

    • strips

      it looks like the mocks have the c's going for wings and bigs that can run (so far i think only wilcox and bass fit that mold on the current roster; meaning we still need a wing that can do all that and spell PP some rest). i've seen jones III, melo, harkless, white, quincy miller and ezuli even.

      there's also been talk about danny *possibly* moving up. any thoughts on which bigs or wings they might be after?

      • The Green Machine

        Well u basically said it all. They are rumored to be very interested in melo, also I heard Barnes (thats way over I think) and Sullinger. I really like Perry n think he could fit in da garden for real.Kid's 2 talented, good shooter, very fast,agile + 6,11-10 hes built like Durant but with more power cause is less skinny.

        • Ford

          Yeah i like perry too, i also heard that we could also get terrance jones…better than perryIII?

          • The Green Machine

            well both of them seem really good I just happen to like PeryIII more because the guy's game looks a lot like Durant.

          • strips

            i sure would like to see them in transition with rondo…scouts have been saying that jones III lacks heart though. then again, it might be that he's just young.

          • The Green Machine

            Absolutely, I honestly dont know what 2 think anymore… Im buying into lots of players now like, quincy miller (he lacks jump but he's just a yr removed from acl surgery + he's JUST 19 and 6'9-10 lots of room for improvement), Peryy (I personally think he'll become a monster ala Durant but with a bit more power), Royce's game look a bit like lebron's without a J, but hes built like a monster. Also he is a + Passer (Very Impressive 1) and Sullinger. Those are the type of guys I want on my team.

          • The Green Machine

            Almost forgot Roy Hibbert is out there 2!

  • Phil

    I'd be happy with the Celtics drafting White. At the end of the first round I want potential above all else. If you miss with the pick, it doesn't hurt much, and taking a safe option will earn you a ninth man at best.

    To me, the main question is how he plays off the ball. That weakness is the one that jumped out to me the most, because he won't be handling the ball at the NBA level very much, especially with that turnover percentage. If he can develop an 18 footer or find another niche, it would make me a lot more confident. After seeing Avery Bradley fit in, I'm more prone to believing Doc could find something.

    The off field stuff doesn't concern me as long as Doc and KG are there. One of the strengths of a strong locker room is being able to bring in a few question marks, and the Celtics should have that luxury. Size also seems fine, since 6'8" and thick is good enough to guard pretty much anyone he's gonna run into off the bench. We're not asking him to guard Lebron.

    I'm most interested in his rebounding. That's a skill that translates from college to the NBA more often than not, and I want rebounders above anything else.

  • LACelticFan

    Royce would be solid player, but the assuredly gonna lose weight, play small forward. Think if we can’t trade up, we could take White and Melo. Gonna be a lot of teaching happening in practice. Plus White is insurance in case Green goes down, again with any injury.

    • LACelticFan

      Adding White and Melo to Johnson and Moore, with Bradley is a young group of guys that can run and jump for years. Yes they will have a lot to learn, but Doc is good with young players, even if they don't get a ton of minutes. Practice is where the teacher in Doc and his staff improves these young players. But having vets like KG, Pierce, and Ray has helped, and hopefully will still help in the immediate future. Our young vets like Rondo, Bass, Green and Pietrus have benefited greatly.

  • Morpheus

    I wanna see more JJJ next year too

  • yeah

    I would laugh if he was 5'9"

  • Mike

    Is he really a poor man's Lebron?

  • Jeremy

    i'd prefer the celtics to take Orlando Johnson or Will Barton at 21. I think the celtics should go small after that but Tyshawn Taylor and Marquis Teague seem like a bit of a stretch at 22 , so i would go after Royce White or Draymond Green both stretch 4s both could be better passing Ryan Gomes or something a bit better Ryan Anderson crossed with Boris Diaw . With the second round pick i would go after Darius johnson odom, Tomas Satoransky or Scott Machado . Satoransky is a 6 7 combo guard who spent the last 3 years playing in the acb in spain the second best league in the world the other two have had extremely productive college careers with steady improvement from year to year , which seems to be under appreciated but there a several undrafted and late second round picks who have had similar careers in college and become rotation players right away , like wes mathews landry fields reggie williams jeremy lin anthony morrow kelena azabukie and this year guys like lavoy allen and chandler parsons . seem like good picks

  • Jeremy

    or try and get jared sullinger , i think he is and will be the best player to some out of this draft best back to the basket scorer in college basketball by a long way

  • Morpheus

    White has to be our guy at 21, if i were Danny i would even trade up to get him if i knew there were other teams interested in him.

    White at 21, Melo at 22. Homerun.

    Drew Gordon looks to be a 2nd round steal, another solid rebounder with a good stroke, motor and solid defensively. Although i'm not sure he'll get the opportunity here with KG, JJJ, White, Melo.

  • Morpheus

    Also Perry Jones won't survive in the NBA playing PF, he's suited to SF.

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