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Rajon Rondo on Jimmy Kimmel


Boston’s All-Star point guard is not exactly the friendliest guy with the media, but he’s beginning to show a bit more personality as the years progress at this point, which is refreshing to see. Last night, he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live along with Tyson Chandler in an entertaining segment. Watch and enjoy.

  • High Rollers

    Thanks for posting that. That’s fantastic.

  • wildcat96

    Great book choice by Rondo I read "The other Wes Moore" fantastic book.

    • Anonymous

      yo when I saw that I was like well that's awesome man, me n Rajon r on the same page cos see we're read the same book!..it's a great book

  • GowGow

    Hilarious! That was nice.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Good to see some personality from the kid

  • Tos

    Love Rondo

  • ripsonics

    Haha that was awesome… JK is a pretty funny dude

  • Batman

    Rondo in a shower cap made my day

  • CelticsBIG3

    Wow, I just looked at celticslife.com and they had some stupid shit up, i went to say something but "this site has blocked you from making comments". This is after I gave them 15$ for a GrandTheftRondo tshirt. Assholes

  • yeah

    Hey CelticsHub, have any of the *actual Finals* games so far beaten the ratings for game seven of the eastern conference finals? What about the other ECF game(s) that set ratings records? Seems like more people cared about Celtics/Heat than Thunder/Heat

  • Kafel

    I know that this is not realated to this post but check this out:
    C: Brook Lopez, Stiemsma,
    PF: KG, Bass
    SF: Pierce, Green
    SG: Bradley, E. Gordon ( if Ray won' t resign or want too much and )
    PG: Rondo, Dragic
    Plus bring back Pietrus, Pavlovic, Wilcox and sign A.Gray or maybe Oden for reasonable price because we need big bodies.
    If this bunch could be bring together in my opinion Celtics would be ligimite contender right away.

    • sightline

      You have been drinking.

      • Anonymous

        LMAO..this clown talkin bout bringin back steisma and pavlovic and pietrus! not gonna happen if anyone in C's management is wise…keep Bass but if his greedy ass doesn't wanna accept what they offering then F him. Meanwhile J Green is back and maybe Jason Terry and maybe KG could maybe move back to FG position (cos he really doesn't like that centre position and it ain't hard 2 tell) while Fab melo / Sean williams / someone fresh that they acquire can play centre

    • siddd

      where do you suggest we get the money to sign brook lopez, eric gordon, bass, green, KG, and dragic…brook is going to be the max along with gordon, kg is gunna get 8-12, greens gunna get 7-9, bassis gunna get 5-7, dragic is going to get 4-6… you think we can have that?

      • skeeds

        this has about 0% chance of happening. I LOVE it.
        Landing Brook Lopez would be awesome. I'm definitely ok with cutting down on the expenses by not getting Eric Gordon and Dragic. Both are starter material, both will command good contracts, and we really don't need them. Bradley and Rondo are 35 and upwards minute guys.
        Dooling and a speedster like Shannon Brown should be enough.

        • Kafel

          Hey, I didn't say it's gonna happen but that it would be great to have them on board. You are right that both dragic and gordon aren't essential but I think one of them ( or this kond of
          player ) is because of offensive boost that this them needs and a player that can create something by himself. I admire Bradley on D but on O it's another story…

          And about money I think that some of these players in FA would and should sacrafice some cash to play for a great team, contender and big chance for rings. If not, well it means that they weren't even worth our attention.

  • Chris Nordenlöw

    Only me that just ordered "The other Wes Moore"? I guess nobody ordered Jerry West…

    • Morena

      I ordered "the other wes moore" too!! :)

  • skeeds

    That is one FUGLY chair.

  • NHBluesMan

    i wonder if they planned it to have both of them wearing Nike t-shirts

  • Anonymous

    nope they get most of them shirts free cos well they promote em so they prolly got a couple 9as in tons) of em…

  • Huliof

    nope they get most of them shirts free cos well they promote em so they prolly got a couple 9as in tons) of em…
    What do you mean? top weird essays

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