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Brandon Bass has opted out of the final year of his contract and will join Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen as part of the free agent class of 2012. Bass was scheduled to receive $4.25 million in 2012-13 but after a solid year with the Celtics, will be looking for a multi-year deal and a higher annual salary.

Bass, 27, proved a solid stretch-4 for the Celtics in their post-all-star offense, which featured Garnett in the middle. His ability to hit the mid-range jumpshot (he shot 48% from 10-23 feet, a marked improvement over Glen Davis, who occupied the same role in 2010-11) opened lanes and provided options for a Boston offense that struggled to score all season.

Bass’ game has two key weaknesses: while he’s a decent one-on-one defender (except against LeBron James) he’s a weak rebounder for his position and regularly got lost in Boston’s team defense, a problem that might not carryover into a second year with the Celtics.

All indications are that Bass wants to return to Boston and is a strong fit with the Celtics culture. He’s also in the early seasons of what should be his prime and a decent option running the floor with Rajon Rondo.

His return is no sure thing though. The Celtics face a number of major decisions this offseason and Danny Ainge has been critical of signing role players to multi-year contracts before knowing which stars they’ll be supporting. Bass (14.21 PER) is ultimately replaceable should his market prove too pricy for Boston’s front office, if he doesn’t fit with the direction of the team, or if Ainge wants to preserve cap space for the summer of 2013.

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  • Cornhead

    Bass is a quality role player, though I agree with everything in this article. If I were DA, I would hesitate to overpay for his services. But he seems to have a great attitude, is a team-first guy, and meshed well with the stars. Hopefully he'd be willing to take a little less to stay in Boston, but you can't blame the guy if he wants to go get paid more elsewhere.

  • Kc

    If he does leave I hope he gives the C’s a S&T opportunity to at least acquire another player or a cap exception (assuming we won’t renounce KG or Jeff Green). Be a shame to lose him for nothing.

  • Ryan, I wonder if your choice of image had a subtle implication. Bass getting his shot blocked at the rim? You funny guy

  • John V

    I like him and I think he did a better job guarding LBJ than Ryan seems to. (If Doc thought Pierce would have done a better job, he would have used him.) Actually, I was never so impressed with what is supposed to be Bass's primary strength: mid-range shooting. He did ok, but his windup is so slow, he can't shoot unless he's wide open. Fortunately, when he's on the floor with Rondo and Pierce and KG and Ray, he was wide open a lot, but I wasn't blown away with his success rate.

    And, like Ryan says, he's a good individual defender but wasn't great at rotating.

    I don't know what this stuff about him "running the floor with Rondo" is; I don't remember much of that and he doesn't strike me as fleet of foot.

    I'd like to see him come back, at a reasonable rate and for a reasonable number of years. Undersized power forwards don't generally play very well into their 30s.

  • Anthony

    I'm a bit on the fence about Bass. He was one of my favorite additions for most of the season and while he does a lot of good things, he also has a ton of defensive lapses. I couldn't help but wonder if Big Baby would've had a bigger impact against Miami. I guess if he's willing to resign for $5-6 mil per, it would be fine. Anything above that, C's should spend a little more for a guy like Humphries and of course resign JGreen. Or maybe look for a sign and trade for Josh Smith.

    Let's not forget he posterized DWade. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdSb4xpp1qo

    • Robert

      Think about it this way:
      Would Doc even consider putting Big Baby on Lebron?
      Both Big Baby and Bass' primary weapon is the mid-range jumper, whose J is more likely to go in?
      Could Big Baby have pulled off that dunk on Wade?

      Bass is a better athlete then Baby, a better jump-shooter, and a more mobile defender. I'd say they're about even as rebounders – you feel like both should get more then they do. Really, the only thing I can think of that Big Baby has over Bass is his ability to dig in defensively against heavy, post-oriented centers like Bynum, Hibbert, and Howard. And against a team like Miami with a gigantic hole in the middle, that one advantage is not that valuable.

  • Phil

    I think the general consensus on Bass; good role player, not worth overpaying, is correct, and is what will ultimately play out. A poorly run team will overpay him (think Glen Davis to Orlando,) and you can't fault Bass for cashing in. Too bad Otis Smith is gone, but maybe Billy King's open to a horrible sign and trade deal… well, if the Nets had actual assets.

    That said, I don't think Ainge is going to lose too much sleep over letting him go. It was great watching him instead of Big Baby all year, but Bass isn't a good defender, and he's just average on offense, despite the fact that he fit pretty well in Boston. There are much better uses for the money that could go to him over the next three years.

  • Jimmy

    if he leaves……..JJJ!!!!!!!

  • High Rollers

    @John V Umm, rightly or not, Charles Barkley would seriously disagree with you, I think.

    C’mon back, Bass. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders, and you come back and dunk on Wade when he’s embarrassed you. C’mon back.

  • chrisindanvers

    Totally agree with the sentiment here. Bass is a solid contributor who has seemed to find a home and a purpose. He is part of the young guns (with Rondo, Bradley, Johnson, and hopefully Green) and I think his role will expand.

    I do think his defense is underrated…he did a solid job on LeBron (he got beat a few times, but a lot of people did) and Doc Rivers has stated that he could be the best defender on the team because of his footwork.

    He would be ideal to bring back….at the right price. My estimate is 3 years (Celtics rarely do 4) 19.5 million.

  • ElRoz

    Well, it might be too much to expect this from a basketball player like Bass, but he would be smart to check out how Tony Allen and Big Baby did after they left the Celtics.
    If he thinks he can be as good on another team – or if another team thinks he will be as good as he was on the Celtics with KG and Rondo doing a lot of work, I'm sure Danny Ainge will find a better rebounding player.

    However, I'd like to keep Bass.

    If – IF – they are letting Ray Allen go and will start Bradley and back him up with some minutes from E. Moore, that would save them additional money to go and sign more players.

    • Kevin

      you know Tony Allen got better after he left right?

      • IBleedGreen

        I think he meant Perkins

    • Rav

      Their bank accounts are doing fine. I'm sure they would have stayed in Boston if they were offered the same money they eventually got.

      Except TA actually, who said he wanted a bigger role. So scratch that; Big Baby would have stayed if he got paid. Perkins, too.

    • John V

      Tony Allen made first-team all-defense, and has a starting job that the Cs wouldn't give him, even though it made sense to start him, because Ray's ego wouldn't allow it. (BTW, hilarious that some people are saying Ray might end up in Memphis next year — how would that work with TA?)

      Davis played well in Orlando, particularly at center. He mostly played center for the Cs in 2008 before KGs injury. Even though he's about 6'6", he's better at the 5 than the 4.

      Perkins is playing for a NBA championship, again, as a starter, and his coach and teammates seem to love him. And he's earning $8mm/year.

      Maybe a better comparison would be Posey. Except, Posey earned probably 6 or 7 million more than the Celtics would have paid him. And it's not like he was going into the HOF or getting his jersey retired if he stayed here. I think he's probably at peace with his decision.

      Obviously I'm a Celtics fan, but it's crazy to think they offer some magical intangible which makes your career better just because you wear green. Doc runs things in a particular way, and we fans can be harsh. That's why it's important to find the players who actually _would_ do well in our environment.

    • CelticsBIG3

      I think the point he is making is that they ARE DOING BETTER since leaving.

  • skeeds

    Let's not forget that Bass got this year what other roleplayers didn't and left. He got to start. Being established as a starter on a top tier team, is no little thing.

    When the C's sign anyone, we need to speak firstly in Rondo terms. Bass is as good a pick n pop guy as you'll get, other than KG and Bosh. He showed a very promising improvement in placing himself correctly on the secondary break, and cutting to the basket from the weak side.
    It took him a bit to get used to Rondo's impossible passes, but especially in the playoffs, he was rewarded with tons of open 2 handed dunks or pump fake/foul plays.
    More importantly, he picked up on another thing. Celtics rotation defense. Again, there was a learning curve, but he got it down.

    For these reasons, going for anyone else in his price range/talent level is unnecessary to say the least. Unless Ainge manages to pull a blockbuster PF signing, like Gasol or Stoudemire, Bass should stay.

    • dasein

      For the love of pete! Stoudemire? Nooooooooooooooo!

  • Miggy_Miggz

    Definitely keep Bass. Played great for us with no training camp and time to work with Rondo. He had to learn everything on the fly so I see him improving if he were to stay.

    Just don't drastically overpay, not just him, but any role player.

  • Batman

    I like him for 2-3 years at maybe 5 million each
    It can't be understated how well he played for us last season

  • Anthony

    OMG… Miami gets bailed out by the ref again!! How do the ref missed a foul call right in front of their face? Oh wait, Rondo got hit on the face right in front of the ref also. SMH.

    Jim Rome needs to have a serious talk with David Stern.

  • CG12

    My feelings on Bass are very mixed. He has some very nice features – great jumper, good athlete, good attitude, strong one-on-one defender. He also has some huge holes – no post game at all, very weak team defense, unable to pass. It would be nice if the C's could find somebody who "thinks the game" better than Bass does. He seems like one of those guys who doesn't read the game well and doesn't do the little things, but still has the physical tools to be an impact player by making plays for himself. Ultimately, I don't mind Bass at the 4 spot, but if the Celts gave up some athleticism to get someone who is a better rebounder (bigger) and does more to make his teammates better, I'd be very happy.

  • Stephe

    I think having a starting PF who can't rbound is KILLING the Cs. The Cs gave up an extra 10 shots to opponents (many of these are 2nd shots, not in a defensive set-close to the rim shots) that's like spotting every team you play 10 points.
    The Cs need a PF who can run w Avery and Rondo. How about a sign and trade for RA and BB and JJJ for Josh Smith? As Sports guy mentioned yesterday, try to sign Camby, keep Steamer and Wilcox.

  • janos

    I am not have problem this guy, he can stay fine me. When time do extend rondos 10 years ?

    • High Rollers

      janos, I was just about to comment on Rondo also, even though this post is about Bass. I thought Rondo's year was so special, even though he would say it is pretty much irrelevant because of the Game Seven loss. The first part of the year was kind of crazy for the whole team, but from the All Star Break on, Rondo was so good it's almost unbelievable.

  • High Rollers

    Looked over at Red’s and saw that Bob Ryan says C’s high on Harrison Barnes, a pick that would require more than a swap for the Celtics’ 21st and/or 22nd. My question, how in the world do the Celtics trade up in the draft with only four guys under contract? And they aren’t just any guys, being P, RR, AB and JJJ. The only not improbable package would be pick(s) plus JJJ, right? I really can’t see trading any of the other three and expecting KG to return.

  • High Rollers

    I still want Ray back, but if he chooses to move on, Jamal Crawford is the guy.

    I also still want DA to take a good look at Dragic. I've seen him play a few times. Explosive, can finish, can dish. A better off-the-bench guy or pinch starter than full-time starter. Can fill in for both guard spots. Pesky defender.

    I still want Reverend Dooling on the roster as well. Ray, Crawford, Rondo, Dragic, and Dooling? Hoowa! I'm sure even our ample cap space wouldn't be enough, but you never know. Maybe Wyc and company will be feeling generous for the right group.

    Consider Humphries for his rebounding, McGee for his length, or Landry for his low post abilities (what a novel concept that would be for the C's!). But if the options for the front-court transformation don't turn out to be that juicy after all, then we are going to need one heck of a back-court. Well, we already have that behind AB and Rondo, but they need strong back-up. Which brings us right back to my favorite options, Dragic and Crawford… It all depends on how many teams will be overspending on role players this year, I guess. Having just passed a more stringent CBA, though, i can't imagine too many teams will be going crazy that way.

    • John V

      Why Jamal Crawford??? He is _awful_ at defense, and literally the worst rebounder in the league. He's not efficient on offense, either, except at the free throw line. And he's old. I don't see him as a fit.

      As for Dragic, I am fairly sure he's going to get a better offer than backing up Rondo and Bradley. Likely Houston will trade Lowry and re-sign Dragic for several years at mid-level or better, with at least an implied promise to be their starting PG.

      Likewise, someone will throw big money at McGee. And I'm not sure he could get off the bench on a Doc Rivers team. Amazing talent, but I don't see him as a fit here, either.

      • W2.

        No to Jamal Crawford. Ray is much better and more coachable. I would rather lose and give E Moore the time. What about Sweet Lou Williams? Now that dude can ball.

  • High Rollers

    My bad in that third paragraph… should be AB, Ray or Crawford, Rondo, Dragic or Crawford, and Reverend Dooling.

    • High Rollers

      And perhaps a healthy MP.

  • High Rollers

    @John V The Celtics have brought in both disciplined vets and true “projects” over the last few years. I imagine you’ll continue to see a little bit of both next season.

  • High Rollers

    @John V About JC, I didn’t think so either until reading a piece today about a possible fit, by Gary Washburn, I think.

  • red

    Listen I like Johnson as an athlete, but I have seen nothing from him that will make me think he can play in this league, even when Bradley was struggling I could see his talent and pleaded on these boards for him to get more time with johnson I just don't see it.

  • High Rollers

    Sweet Lou would be a fantastic grab in the event Ray hangs it up as a Celtic.

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