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Tank Finally Runs Dry On 2011-12 Celtics


This will be short tonight because we’re going to spend a lot of time between now and the draft looking back at the season that just ended. This also won’t involve any individual grades because they’re largely meaningless at this point. The Celtics played well as a team until, eventually, they couldn’t. There wasn’t anything left. That was the story of tonight the same way it was the story of game 7 of the 2010 Finals. The two games have a lot in common. And perhaps we’ll see all of the Big Four back here in 2012-13, the same way they all returned after that loss two years ago.

It should be emphasized one last time that the Celtics had no business even playing tonight. They were completely shattered by injuries and not just to the four guys who had already been lost for the season. You know the ledger by now: Paul Pierce’s knee, Ray Allen’s ankles, Greg Stiemsma’s foot. Grit, heart, balls, whatever you want to call it, this team had it.

Later on tonight, we’ll post Doc Rivers’ post-game press conference, which was deeply sad if you care at all about this team. It’ll also make you love this group of players and this coach even more. Even in a loss, or maybe because of it, the bond between team and player seems to grow. At least with this organization, as owned by Wyc Grousbeck and company, and run by Doc and Danny Ainge.

And there’s the upside. This team is in very good hands as it heads to this pivotal offseason. For the first time in five years, Ainge will have a lot of money to spend, multiple first round draft picks and a mandate to craft the next era of Celtics greatness.

And, of course, we’ll be here all summer, criticizing and lauding his moves and making jokes about all things Celtics-related.

So stick around. It’s a long time until training camp opens.

But there’s so much to talk about.

  • Batman

    Ray breaking down on the podium broke me

    • Zee

      I saw him get chocked up, but he didn't break down. Don't want to give the wrong impression to people, as if Ray started boo-hooing at the podium. He didn't. Was emotional somewhat? Indeed. But he didn't let them see him sweat. We're still champions and warriors at the end of the day!

  • I_Love_Green

    Tears all around. Can't even believe this.

    God damn guys its really over.

  • IBleedGreen

    I'll man up and admit that I cried.

  • Jwil2100

    I am a Celtic. I am Proud. I have Pride !

  • greaterkman

    Sorry, but you guys are hacks. This team means more than you can put into words, and you know it. How was playing tonight anything other than this team's business? This is one of the greatest and most definitive TEAMs in sports history. This game was the final (5th) act of a great tragedy, a tragedy befalling a great team that played the "right" way. Miami is a comedy, a team succeeding in spite of themselves, a success that is not worth taking seriously. If you can't say anything more significant than, "I leave you all to your own meanings and emotions about this truly great team, there are too many and those countable too profound," then why say anything at all. __Most of the time sports mean nothing, but the one time it means something you fall short.

    • Batman

      give credit where credit is due man
      they outplayed us, i'll drink to that

      • greaterkman

        get drunk and toe the line, I won't blink an eye.

        • janos

          shut up

  • emg

    please post all the post game interviews you can.

    • dslack

      Yes, good call emg. Would love to see those.

      • Morpheus

        Would someone post the post game interviews already…cheers.

  • Lantrell Walker

    I hope to God that this isn't the last time we've seen this group together. We got this far on grit & balls alone being a shell of our dominant selves after being ravaged by injuries, this team is going to be even better next season. Plug in Bradley & Green, keep Ray and KG and maybe even add a guy like Javale McGee & there's no reason this team can't win it all in 2013. Mark my words people, this run was amazing, but the best is yet to come.


    • ElRoz

      I'm with you on this one!

      For the right money, you will NOT find a better free agent pick up for Celtics than KG or a better role player and shooter off the bench than Ray Allen. Pierce can start no problem, BUT how about:

      Rondo, Bradley, KG, Green, Bass as your starting five (with KG playing 24 min a game) ?

      Dooling, Allen, center signing, Pierce, Wilcox, Pietrus Stiemsma as your bench? Not bad.
      I'm not even counting Moore, J Johnson, draft-pick, and Hollins (some work CAN be done to get this guy better)

      what I'm saying is that even if Danny doesn't get creative, it could be a rather Young Starting Five with a solid bench!

  • AdelaideCelticFan

    Great run Celtics!! Thanks CelticsHub for being with us every step of the way through this weird short season. My #1 Celtics resource!!

  • High Rollers

    Special team. Special time. Unforgettable.

  • sightline

    I am very happy to be a fan of the Boston Celtics. Great season. Great team.

  • Lantrell Walker

    It's been a hell of a journey with you guys on CelticsHub, writers & commentators alike. Whether it was game previews or reading Janos' awesome post, I've had nothing short of a blast coming onto this site, so let's continue this fun on through the summer and into next season & the seasons after that. Never forget: We are all Rondos.


    • janos

      hi landrel is janos
      thank you for complemet. i am sorry not reply yesterday night. i was drain. it is nice meet you season

  • someguyinsac

    Been a tough year, but in the end it ended pretty well. Green and Wilcox out with heart aorta surgeries, Pietrus with knee problems early, Pierce with knee problems late, Allen with ankle bone spurs, Steimsa with his foot issues, and Jermaine Oneill with, well never mind on JO. It's all good and they fought the good fight to the end, so what else could a fan ask for?

  • Big 4 fan

    Man….I almost cried when i saw Ray and Doc's post interviews. These guys gave EVERYTHING they had for each other, the fans and the organization. It is so funny, I just showed my brother and his wife the video of the difference between the Boston Big 3 coming together and the Miami Big 3 coming together. And now they understand why i (a person who lives 30 minutes from Miami) am a HUGE Boston Celtics Fan. These guys are one of a kind. I can't express how much respect i have for this TEAM. Even though they didnt win, MUCH RESPECT is due to this team for making it this far with all the injuries and adversities they faced this season. I hope this is not the last time we see them play together. I REALLY REALLY HOPE NOT!!!!! They are a great example of what teams should strive to become in the NBA. UBANTU!!!! UBANTU!!! UNBANTU!!!

    I will never forget this season….NEVER….

  • Miggy Migz

    I love this team, this group of players, and always will. This team will always have a special place with me. Paul will aways be the captain, I'll never forget how KG changed this whole team, never forget Ray's beautiful jumpshot, and how a young no body named Rajon Rondo quietly that morphed into our floor general and one of the best pg in the league.

    No doubt in my mind we'll be back, faster than anyone expects.. We'll be back.

    Celtic Pride till I die! Let's GO CELTICS!!! Clap, Clap, Clap-CLap-Clap!

  • JR99

    I'll say it again here…. because this is season's end….

    It was great to see how much these guys really love each other. Selfless on the court and off the court. I think Rondo felt worse for Doc than for himself.

    Way I see it… Fate hit this team hard and often this season, and over and over again they got up off the floor to fight again. In the end, they were outmatched by a fully healthy team (once Bosh got back)…. while we lost 3 guys completely, and had at least two other guys playing through pain. Winning means a lot, yes… but fighting with courage and honor is important too. Maybe more important, in the end.

    These guys will always be winners. We know it, and they will know it too.

  • I_Love_Green

    I seriously love these guys. Such a great team that played together and genuinely enjoyed it.

    I'm still chanting lets go Celtics, but its just a little harder to get out right now. This was one of my favorite teams, and I just cannot, cannot, believe its over.

    • Ryan DeGama

      It might not even be over. If PP, KG and RR are all back next year, I'm not sure that counts as a different era.

      • JR99

        PP really seemed like was done in this last series. I'd feel better if I heard him say he was injured or in pain throughout. If not, then…. he might just decide to retire. KG CLEARLY has lots left in the tank…. but he may retire as well. And who knows, Ray's a company man through and through… he might actually stick around! Lots of story lines coming up. Will be an interesting off-season, for sure.

        • henry

          one thing i think we can be sure of is that kg isn't done. as long as there are owners that talk too much and people who think he cant do at 35 36 37 38 39… what he's doing…. he'll be out there. kg's not going out until the tank is empty, for better or for worse.

      • I_Love_Green


        • Batman

          The New Big 3?
          Rondo, Ryan Hollins, Sean Williams

          • I_Love_Green

            Alright now I'm reallllyyyy crying.

  • mugi

    Sad day today. Cs lost and it might be theblast time wr see them together. Then pacquiao lost after game 7 ecf.

    Proud of the Cs, grit balls and heart.

    The boxing match, pac fell flat. It’s one thing if you see the one you root for lay it all out. Its another thing if you know he didn’t jave the game face on. END RANT

    sorry I know it’s not the place, but damn. It’s gonna be hard to sleep even after alcohol at 6am.

  • Fake

    Game 2 was a robbery. Better team goes home cause of money. I feel sacramentosnpain.

  • Fake

    @celticshub. You lie to people for money. Good job. Not everyone here is stupid. I love my celtics but I hate you.

    • janos

      shut up ass

  • yeah

    Great way to go out. We had no business being here, but we made this into a 7 game series that arguably could/should have been over in our favor after just five (facepalm…literally). All that sans Avery Bradley; meaning this was a "classic" big-4-plus-supporting-cast team in the series. We also got to have the whole world root for us for a brief, shining moment. We cast so much doubt in the Miami Heat after game 5 that it made almost every "expert" look like an idiot. This was all so much fun; thank goodness we got past those pesky Sixers. Everyone said Miami had a clear path to the finals once Rose went down; we responded and proved everyone that the Celtics mean business, and are never to be counted out. What a heroic effort from this team. And remember, we did /everything but/ advance past Miami to the finals.

  • Zee

    I'm ready…

  • jonathan

    Fucking Happy to be a Celtics Fan! We got this far on Grit and Balls, imagine next year with a healthy big 4, Green, AB and a good free agent (Mcgee) or a good pick in the draft (Rivers???).

  • CelticsBIG3

    What a run; just fell short. I will never forget this team. What a painful night; all we can remember is what this team brought us. It made the Celtics relevant again after the Eric Montrosses, the Kenny Andersons, the Dana Barros, the Rick Pitinos…. I could go on. Gritty hard fighters; the most impressive team I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Those tough Bulls teams of the 90s would have never had the heart to compete at such a high level when their stars were 34, 36, and 36. Now please excuse me while I let the tears fall.

  • James Patrick

    2008 – Champs
    2009 – KG hurt – lost for rest of season
    2010 – Perk hurt game 6 in finals
    2011 – Perk traded… destroyed team chemistry
    2012 – Bradley hurt, among others… But we fought and fought hard Just like we do because we're Celtics.

    I hope Ray and KG come back for less money. Otherwise, it was a fun ride.

  • CelticsBIG3

    If you haven't lost your shit yet, this will do it. What a ride. This is going to impact me for a long time to come. This is hands down more painful than 2010

  • Chris Nordenlöw

    Great ride on a up-and-down season. Miami played great – Battier and Bosh made a big difference today. Can´t understand why they didn´t back off Lebron and let him shoot instead of going to the rim tonight though. But well, a great run! Too bad they could´t get one more title to cement themself in history.

  • janos

    no no no nono nonononononononononono no
    i am say before times ok lose pride run but when happens is sick, me.
    we are try all effort but 9 men cannot make baby one month?
    is not fair us.
    but fair, othewise, we are not go on so what point complain. is set game, without us play, or play, does not matter.
    get home from job, middle night, alone, dark, just hope and pray for good news but computer show lebron main page, not rondos. was hard decide come here make post or not. am read two page posted all friend with sad story, so upset us.
    now i sit alone, on 415am, computer, cry. grown man, grown son daughter . am sit here cry in dark. is not joke to me. is not how supposebe for janos.

  • janos

    if they lose, go beach on sun beer, forget by moring. welose, is matter long time , deeper.
    maybe tomorrows hold head up high, but for now celtics more then game. is life.
    promise to try looking half fulllater not now, maybe on next better for tonight is sorrow. is make reflect good times and bad. what could been and what lost. not trade memory for nothing, but wondering on night tonight, is hurting worth? yes, make tough night , love do that. love this guys. better later ok, but now dark.

  • ElRoz

    For the right money, you will NOT find a better free agent pick up than KG; a better role player and shooter off the bench than Ray Allen. Pierce can start, but how about:

    Rondo, Bradley, KG, Green, Bass as your starting five (with KG playing 24 min a game)

    Dooling, Allen, center signing, Pierce, Wilcox
    Pietrus Stiemsma as your bench?

    I'm not even counting Moore, J Johnson, draft-pick, and Hollins (some work CAN be done to get this guy better)

    what I'm saying is that even if Danny doesn't get creative, it could be a rather young starting five with a solid bench!

  • tbunny

    Thank you Celtics for a great season. Your pride and passion were a joy to watch.

  • Morpheus

    Janos. Been waiting for your comment.

    Just wanna say myself, thankyou to the awesome hub writers for covering an unforgettable season and team this year. Respect.

    Most of all, thankyou to the Big 3 for enduring,persevering through the good and bad, especially this season. The Celtic fighting spirit prevailed, lives on through them and no doubt will be carried on with Rondos…thankyou, thankyou,thankyou.

    Celtic fans,hub posters except for a few, have been all class.

    I’m a Celtic for life and my seeds will be also, i feel privileged to have been a part of theBig 3 era as a fan. This ride holds a special place in my heart.

    Now, let’s build around Rondo and get that #18.

    • janos

      hi morpheus is janos
      thank you for say hello me. it was nice meet you season

      • Morpheus

        Likewise Janos my friend…likewise

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