Post-game Reactions

After a disappointing conclusion to the Celtics 2011-12 campaign, there was one thing that stood out amongst all of the C’s postgame interviews last night. This group loved each other, loved playing for Doc Rivers, loved wearing the Celtic green and  did not want this to end. Afterwards, they were all incredibly reflective, appreciating each other, what they had accomplished and the fact this team had fought so much adversity, yet made it so far together.

So do yourself a favor and watch all of these interviews. It’s worth it.

Final two videos comes via Boston Celtics Youtube channel

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Stalwart

    Keyon Dooling. 🙁

  • I_Love_Green

    Damn…Keyon made me tear up

  • CelticsBIG3

    Man, I've got to stop watching this stuff and take a couple days away from this. I don't know how old everybody is here at the HUB, but I'm 28, and was only a part of the tail-end of the Bird years and really too young to grip what is was. This is really the first time in my many years of watching the Celtics I've really embraced a group so much that it hurts tremendously to see it potentially come to an end. Many nights spent in the Garden, so many wins, so much heart and passion. I was privileged enough to be a part of the 2008 Playoff run having attended game 7 vs. Atlanta, and I cherish my Playoff towel from that run having it by my side during every game I watch on TV and attend at the Garden. When we finally clinched the NBA Championship, I followed the duckboats all throughout Boston during the parade, running along side, cutting through parks, all in an effort to celebrate with the green and white ocean of fans and the players who brought us something I will never forget. I was privileged to be in the building to see Rondo have his elbow dislocated and return to the game and put on an absolute show. And privileged to see Boston irk out a win in game 1 vs. Philly this year. If this is the last we see of this team, they have left a mark that perhaps only a Celtics fan can understand; Outsiders will see it as "Miami won", but we will see it as a gutty team that left everything they had out on the floor night in and night out.

    • 2011Maureen5

      Amen! I'm from Ohio, and there isn't any other NBA team for me.

    • Hot Sauce

      I'm from England and it's the same for me.

      It's 1.30am when most games start for me but to say these past five years have been worth it would be an embarrassing understatement.

      I always had belief that we where the best on the floor and we could win, it was the same for Game 7 vs LA in 2010 and it's the same for this one and I still believe we are if you get what I mean, it really does feel like an Era is over, I'm just grateful to have a team like this to support. If all the teams where like LA or Miami I'd probably watch more football (soccer).

  • skeeds

    Look at these guys, our roleplayers, who've been in this team for, what, 7 months? They 're talking about having to work hard next year. Bass, Pietrus, Dooling, these guys love their coach and this team, they're not even thinking about going somewhere else. Let's not look for any other reason why we almost managed to pull an impossible feat off. Their chemistry and love for this team has been a rare thing to witness. Heck, Jeff Green and Wilcox played 2 months for us and are still dying to come back!

    And the best this organization can do, is preserve this. Bring your veterans back, ease them into smaller roles. Whatever you do, keep these guys in the locker room. Give them a mission. To build the new generation of Celtics. Is there any question they can? look at Rondo. Look at Bradley.

    • Big 4 fan

      Well said! Completely agree. I would love to see what a healthy team can do next year with ALL the veterans back.

      I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

  • James Patrick

    This was a very VERY special 5 years. And as much love as I had for the glory days of Bird, McHale, DJ, Chief and Ainge… NEVER have I loved a team more than Pierce, KG, Ray, Rondo and Perk. You can't ask a man to take a pay cut when he doesn't have to, but to bring KG and Ray back and add a big piece or two would the money they'll have would be genius.

    Now let's all root for Perk and the Thunder. Screw the Heat. Hate them almost as much as I hate the Lakers. lol

  • Jeremy

    Love this team so sad to think of them not being together. Watching for the past five seasons make you feel part of it and it is hard to let go! I wish all the Celtics past and present all the best! Good luck Perk we still love you!

  • janos

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  • emg

    Thank you Celtics Hub for posting these. Good work this season as well. I appreciated it very much.

  • howardavellino

    Look at the guy with the grey hair in the left corner of the picture while Keyon Dooling is talking.

    It's clearly the end of an era, because a team built around the big 3 would not be a title contender next year. The Celtics need some more youth to go along with Rondo and Bradley next year. But I really hope KG and Ray will come back in slightly reduced roles. They can help usher in the beginning of a new era.

    Whatever they do, though, I thank them so much for five great years.

    • High Rollers

      Yup. CHub rocks. Will be back.

    • High Rollers

      "Reduced role" my foot. Being responsible for the discipline, professionalism, and very ethos of the organization… that has got to be the biggest role there is. And KG can keep holding that flame if it's in him to do so. The Big Three figured out this year more than any perhaps what it means to adapt. They know what it takes and what it means. I wish they woulddo a quid pro quo with Danny. One year deals for Ray and KG at a reasonable $ tag with built-in no-trade clauses. Now that sounds fair, doesn't it? And Doc gets to use you (i.e. playing time) as he sees fit. Per usual. At any rate, don't the jump the gun and retire, Big Ticket, just because the ride broke down on the side of the road briefly.

      • High Rollers

        If DA has another vision in mind, though, and KG, P and Ray decide they've had enough, the ethos runs deep in Doc and Nine. I'll follow Doc and Nine.

        • High Rollers

          LOL. Doc… I thought we had nothing left. Rondo… This team overachieved, my foot. Perfect pair.

      • skeeds

        That's my biggest fear for this summer. That KG will decide to retire. Unfortunately he's very likely to do so. He's an all or nothing kind of guy…

        Damn it. I almost prefer that he signs with a contender and at least gets some rings, rather than quit…
        I mean, I'm a Celtic fan to the core, but if there is such thing as a KG bandwagon, I'm riding it no matter what. (except if he signs with the Lakers. I can't stomach that. not even for KG).

      • howardavellino

        That's cool but Rondo is going to need to take on more of the responsibility for the ethos, and KG and Ray would, if they return, play fewer minutes. I didn't say a "small" role, just smallER. It would have to be that way.

    • ElRoz

      Not around big 3, but with big three in a limited role – Rondo, Bradley, KG (24 min a game) Green, Bass as your starting five; Dolling, Allen, Wilcox, Pierce, a big man signing off season, Pietrus off the bench. That is a fairly young starting 5..and a deep bench.

      • DesertSnowman

        That would once again be a very poor rebounding team.

  • Tamme V

    For whatever it's worth, Celtic's captured most of America's hearts. We were rooting for them despite what garbage the media was feeding everyone. They play with such passion! That has always impressed me the most. COuldn't even hate them when they beat cleveland cavs (Lebron era) a couple of years ago. I became an instant fan since.

  • ElRoz

    "After disappointing conclusion to the 2011-2012 season…"

    I am not disappointed. I feel fortunate to be a Celtics fan with this group' 5 year stint.

    I think all 3 of these guys – KG, Pierce, Ray Allen – should be back next year and will contribute in a bench or limited starting role. Pierce can be a starter no problem, but if they sign Jeff Green, he needs to start to boost his confidence (Pierce is still better, but that's why Green needs to grow). I would have Rondo, Bradley, KG, Green, Bass line-up, with KG limited to about 24 minutes per game.
    My bench would be Dooling, Ray Allen, a big-man signing in the off-season, Pierce, and Wilcox
    as well as Pietrus, Moore, J. Johnson, Stiemsma, Hollins (if they can do some work to improve him) plus whoever they draft. This means 4 young players starting along with KG. And strong bench. In other words, if Danny does not want to get creative and just works to bring back last year's team it can be a good one if Doc makes the switch to starting Bradley, Bass, and Green.

    • howardavellino

      Brian only wrote that the _conclusion_ was disappointing, not the season.

  • Miggy_Miggz

    I really hope we bring back most of this team. The veteran leadership was outstanding and as the above videos show there really was something here more than just a team, it was a true family of guys that genuinely cared trying to achieve a common goal. I honestly don't expect Ray to come back, but I hope he does. If we put a good roster together with a good bench I think KG would come back for one more run and that seems very possible. If Bradley can come back from his injury we have a promising backcourt combo in him in Rondo. Green and Wilcox can also spell Paul and KG if they manage to come back from their heart conditions.

    Throw in some good draft picks and if everything goes according to plan we could very well be in contention for #18. Proud of how these guys fought through everything this year, but hopefully this isn't the last time we see them all wearing that white and celtic green.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Bill Simmons take on the pain of losing. http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/8026268/the-c

  • Tos

    I loved how pissed Rondo was when asked of this team overachieved. He showed serious restraint from snapping at the guy.


  • GowGow

    Hey C's, why so sad? We got this. We will come back next year.

  • ryan

    I'm a Piston's fan but given how terrible our squad has been for years I've been a Celtics (and Spurs) fan come playoff time. I remember when y'all beat us and went on to the title that was the end of our run and while it hurt like hell I'm glad we lost to y'all because I respect the heart, the hustle, the teamwork. Not every team brings that and very few teams bring it consistently.

    I was really pulling for a Boston-San Antonio finals because either way I would've seen a team I respect win a title. Now we've got to watch those brats from OKC with their stolen franchise play against Miami a franchise that should've been contracted the day they were born. It's a sad day for the whole sport.

    I hope this isn't the end of the run but if it is hold your heads high. This team was assembled to win a championship but it did more than that it won people's respect, it inspired people as much in hard fought loses as it did in victory.

  • Anti

    Not around big 3, but WITH big 3. nothing good ever come from blow out rebuilding. i only fear that when one of them say: "this summer i retire" all are gone (PP too) ;(

  • CG12

    I do not believe that either KG or Ray will retire after this year. KG showed he can still play at a very, very high level. Two more years with the C's, I predict. Ray played well for much of the year, until his ankles took him out. Most any team in the league would like to bring him in as a 25-30 minute/game gunslinger. I'd guess Ray is going elsewhere.