Post-game Reactions

3. Kevin Garnett is 7-feet-tall. Doc on KG in game 6: “He made his first post shot and didn’t get one for ten touches.

The Celtics’ refusal to get Garnett regular post touches in game six stands as one of the more bizarre things that’s happened in this series. Garnett’s proven to be murder when he’s down on the block and the Celtics should be looking to commit multiple homicides tonight. Ideally, Garnett gets 20 shots, with 75% of them being in the paint.

Planting Garnett down low will lead to some swarming blocks for Miami but it will also open up the offense for everyone else and turn attention away from Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce, the other two key shot creators in the halfcourt. And in a game where easy points are going to be at a premium, edging Miami towards the penalty will be important.

When they’re locked in, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James are experts at defending drives without fouling, which is why Pierce and Ray Allen can expect to struggle to get good looks in the lane. The C’s have no such problem with Garnett. Even Chris Bosh can’t stop KG if he’s locked in. He can hinder him, maybe.

One concern: to me, Garnett looked tight in game six, and out of rhythm before the C’s tactical approach kept him out of the post. He has to be willing to be the offensive focal point tonight and go pull down the three offensive rebounds he’s averaged in Boston’s three wins.

Garnett’s been magisterial since the all-star break and they wouldn’t be here without him but the Celtics need a dominant performance from him tonight.

2. Don’t Do Like Wade Do. Anti-Dwayne Wade rumblings seem to be gaining volume as the series draws to a close. I’m not sure they’re fair, considering the Celtics have consistently trapped him and we don’t know the true state of his health. But one area where he’s consistently fallen down is failing to draw fouls on offense and then losing his defensive assignments because he’s too busy yapping to the referees.

The C’s have a history of falling victim to this kind of distraction but also games where they’re able to play through unfavorable calls.

Which team is going to be able to lock in and forget about the officials tonight?

1. It Might Just Come Down To Jumpshots. Pierce played poorly in game 5 and then hit a spectacular shot to ice the game. Wade missed an open three pointer that would have stolen a game for Miami in overtime. LeBron hit all sorts of shots in game 6 no matter the angle or coverage. Rondo hit more jumpers in game two than he did his entire rookie year.

Tonight might just be about who hits what shots.

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  • JR99

    "Which team is going to be able to lock in and forget about the officials tonight?" — I'd have said: "Which team is going to NEED TO lock in and forget about the officials tonight?" Which is the same as "Which team will get screwed by the refs tonight?"

    Have the Heat ever been screwed by the refs? Here's hoping for a level playing field.

  • janos

    hi haynes, is janos
    i am emplore you have team meet today befores make post pregame predict game 7 celtics nba on heat for east WIN. i will ask , official, all team look atpast, not number, on heart, not paper, for game.

    Tomorrow wins or lose, nba very differnent look us. for finals, or for thank you team. either way, give them send of PRIDE. Choose heart for your predict. we all good fan, cherr on team when lose, not all fan does ;. Do not betry us bad choosings heat. this players already have enough worry about, not team web manger pick against becase on road? on les star? on ref?

    do right thing hanyes.

    join me on this trip ok

    Boston 97 Heat 92

    i am wish all fan safe night parties for time when EAST OURS and I am chat all tomorrow, for talk all about win and great game rondos, beyond. i cannot wait this.

    We need all tonight for us ok
    I believe. Fan believe. batman, big threes, all , freind believes.

    DO you believe us too when need most?

    thanks you haynes and team

    • Kivanc

      janos for persidente

  • skeeds

    The Heat have huge gaping wholes in their armor. Their success relies so heavily on variables, like Lebron getting hot from mid range, or the refs calling the game tightly on his and Wade's drives. Their strategy is too loose, and their coach frankly is just mediocre. Spoelstra hasn't figured out a plan for how to rotate his bigs in a whole month since Bosh went out, and he doesn't know what to really do now that he's back either. The Heat still have no answer for Garnett. They sure as hell have no answer for Rondo either.

    Bottom line is, I think, if we execute correctly, we win. As with the Mavs last year, if you put the Celtics and Heat gameplans next to each other, the Celtics win on paper. It's a matter of focusing, and executing. That last game of the Finals last year, was the blueprint of how to destroy this team. Execute, play smart, don't lose focus, and soon they'll get frustrated and scared. This game is ours to lose, even if Lebron puts up the same numbers as he did in game 6.

  • Kafel

    Lets go Celtics!!!
    Show them Celtic basketball and win!