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Good Job, Good Effort Heat!

As the final seconds ticked off the clock last night in Miami, with Keyon Dooling doing his best not celebrate too much by hesitantly throwing the ball in the air, before jogging back to the Celtics bench, the ESPN cameras picked up the voice of an encouraging young Heat fan, as Miami headed into the tunnel. The hilarity that ensues over the next couple minutes, thanks to our friend Royce Young over at Dailythunder is pure bliss.

  • Jason

    You sure it wasn't a sarcastic C's fan? Live that was my first thought. Hilarious either way.

  • Tudor

    He is a Boston Fan, at the end you hear him say "Ray Allen"

  • hdavenport

    The kid is absolutely a 100% sincere Heat fan. I actually think it's that kid in the hat trying to get high-fives. Don't hear a "Ray Allen."