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Windhorst: Heat Expect Chris Bosh Back For Game 5

It took just minutes from the moment the Celtics tied up the Eastern Conference finals at 2-2 for there to be some added intrigue to what is now a best-of-three series between Boston and Miami. According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN’s Heat Index, Chris Bosh could be back in action as soon as Game 5 Tuesday night after missing the past nine games with a sprained abdominal muscle.

According to multiple sources, the Heat are hoping to activate Chris Bosh for Tuesday’s Game 5 if he doesn’t suffer a setback in workouts over the next two days. Bosh declined to discuss his status following the Heat’s 93-91 overtime loss to the Boston Celtics on Sunday, which tied the series at 2-2.

He has been doing on-court workouts for the past week and got on the floor with teammates during practices while the Heat were in Boston. Typically players who return from abdominal strains take awhile to return to full strength and Bosh could be playing on a minute restriction when he comes back.

CH’s Take: This should not come as major surprise to the C’s, as Bosh traveled with his teammates to Boston for the series and players don’t usually do that unless they are nearing a return from their injury. While Bosh will undoubtedly help Miami’s undermanned front line against Kevin Garnett and company, it’s important to keep Bosh’s potential contributions in perspective. He’s not going to be near full strength and could be close to what Udonis Haslem was (almost a non-factor) during the last year’s playoff series between the two teams.

The best hope for Boston right now is that Bosh does not force them to change their gameplan too much. Garnett has been sensationial with his help defense all series and if Bosh shows himself to be an offensive threat when he’s back on the floor, that changes the equation quite a bit in defending LeBron and Wade.

On the other hand, there’s probably not a tougher place to shake off one’s rust then in a primetime Game 5 that the world will be watching. Bosh will get his chances, but it won’t be easy for him to be a major factor.

No matter how this plays out though, it will added another level of intrigue to a pivotal Game 5.

  • Zee

    It could also throw off the Heats chemistry, so it doesn’t really matter. Bosh may also play hesitantly, not wanting to aggravate his injury.

  • Switcharoo

    Duh duh duhhhhhhhhnnnn

  • Tudor

    I'm curious if this isn't just Chris Bosh pulling a "Joakim Noah" thing. Maybe he couldn't stand his team to lose and told Spoelstra he is going in. Either way, Celts have had a nice way of dealing with him so it remains to be seen. I can't wait for game 5. Write that history!

  • IBleedGreen

    Bring on whoever you got C’s will still fuck you up.

    • janos

      Hi green is Janos
      I am not to normal support language post but after game 2 I am also say some interest words at my tv.

  • CelticsBIG3

    BRING IT MIAMI! If you all remember when KG suffered the same injury in 2008 after he dove on the floor to steal the ball from Sebastian Telfair vs. the T'Wolves, he missed significant time and even when he came back, took him a while to warm up to playing again (thankfully for us, before the 2008 Playoffs started).

  • skeeds

    Barring an Al Horford kind of comeback, Bosh isn't very likely to help the Heat's chemistry. It's too late into the series for him to pick up the intensity, and let's not forget, it's KG he's coming in to defend. If he manages to come in and be a factor, well, fair play to him.
    Those kinds of core muscle injuries are sneaky as hell. I don't think he'll be anywhere near 100%, even if he feels fine. He'll be afraid to aggravate the injury, naturally.
    What this means, though, is that as with Ray Allen, Bosh is a player you need to keep a body on at all times, since he's an excellent shooter. Doc will (should) probably put Bass or Hollins on him for stretches, to keep KG available to roam.

    Let's just pray this throws Miami off balance and we take advantage of their confusion to get the win.
    Sweep them the rest of the way. Let's do this!

  • New English

    Favorite Pierce dunk. Thanks.

  • The Cardinal

    Strangely enough, it seems to me the Celtics actually match up better with Miami when Bosh is in the lineup. That's not a knock on Bosh or the Heat's level of talent, but more a commentary on the C's ability to prepare for a somewhat more predictable opponent

  • CG12

    Count me among those not really worried about Bosh's return. KG has historically owned Bosh. The Heat now need to worry about getting Bosh involved. Bosh will likely be at least a little out of synch. It seems like his return could throw off the rhythm of James and Wade. Haslem has been playing well and might actually be more of a thorn in the C's side by providing the kinds of intangibles and toughness that Bosh does not.

    • sightline

      Bosh could loose the series for then heat. If they go to him and he shoots poorly, thats a win for us.

  • NHBluesMan

    i don't know much about this kind of injury, but the fact that Bosh was definitely out for Game 4 and all of a sudden will play Game 5 (which was rescinded to say he's day to day and 'might' play) smells like a desperation action from the Heat… We already withstood one team getting a big man back (ATL) but that didn't help them, and i suspect this won't help the Heat how they want it to…. here's hoping he throws off their rhythm (for lack of a better word) and the C's wrap this up in 6!

  • OKCeltic

    I know it was regular season, but weren't the Cs 2 and 1 (i dont count the end of season game where the starters rested) against the Heat with Bosh at full strength? Bring it on and let KG pound on him long enough to put him out again.

    • Anthony

      The Truth was out in the 1st game that the Celts lost also. Pitreus didn't play in that game either.

      I don't think anybody in the Celts organization or the fans are worried about Bosh playing. The way Lebron is playing, I prefer someone else, whether that be Bosh or not, to take away some of the shots.

      Go Celts!!

  • Tom

    The only way this is a bad thing is if bosh is not 100 percent otherwise this is death for the celts who will def lose game 5! i wrote all about why that is and how to bet it right here on my site so if u wanna check it out just google nbawagers or click here! http://nbawagers.com/2012/06/how-about-we-do-best

    • Ryan DeGama

      Thanks for the spam, Tom!

    • CG12

      Thanks, but I don't wanna check it out, so shut the eff up and go away.

  • jpbl1976

    I am not worried about Bosh at all. What the C's really need to do is keep a big lead and not lose it. In the past 3 games, they've had 15, 24 and 18 point leads evaporate. They should be up 3-1 instead of tied at 2-2.

    Of course, I'll take it but it does none of our nerves any favors.

    Seriously, when the C's have been on their game, they have really owned the Heat. They're 5-3 against them this season and 9-7 overall since the Heat had their South Beach party. I can't check right now but I think the C's probably have the best record against them since they joined together.

    I know Doc says that he'll take fresh legs over smarts — but it's the intelligence and mental toughness of the C's that has allowed them to take it to the Heat — which is why it's frustrating that they've lost the leads. Too many bone-headed plays.

    Also, watching these past 4 games, it's clear that Wade and James have never learned to play together; it's like Simmons keeps saying: dueling banjos. Now, it'll be bad for the league once they do but right now, our guys are the smarter bunch.

    So, let's hope the Celtics use their smarts and stop making the boneheaded plays that have lost them big leads in this series.

    Also, I think there's room for Stiemsma to get more playing time. Yes, he sucks at pick-and-roll defense but it's not as though the Heat run it like the Jerry Sloan-era Jazz. At the very least, his shot blocking will deter Chalmers from making those drives of his.

  • janos

    Hi bryanis Janos
    Today night I am do more scout for you on thunder spur and am not have great news. Thunder win game and set s up win on home, to play celtics. This very good team, do not listen on expert manger talk spur ; thunder heart team, like celtics. they will be sad when lose by us on final.

    • Batman

      great anaylsis Janos
      i like the end comment- always gotta keep up the Celtics smack talk

      • janos

        Hi Batman, is Janos
        Nice seen you back on web, where did you go my friend. I did not seen you for long time.

  • Morpheus

    Is that the panic button i hear being slammed profusely.

  • Vincent

    Great dunk by Pierce, but there was another one on Bosh, that's even better: http://youtu.be/Fr-fq6P_DE8

    Probably my favorite dunk of all time.

  • Cro2pac


    For all my Celtics fans, the mix I made, enjoy…

  • sightline

    Does anyone get the feeling that the NBA wants a Thunder/Heat series to raise the sports profile and set up a new rivalry to carry them through the next decade? _I believe that the Celtics have to stop getting comfortable when they have a lead, and think like they are 2 points behind. They will have no help from the officials.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Time to do what the Thunder did last night and grab a game 5!!!

  • tbunny

    The coaches will probably draw up some scenarios for covering Bosh. It's very hard to say what he will be able to offer. I have marginally more trust in Bosh than I have in say Joe Johnson, but it seems likely it will take him at least a game or two to really get into playoff mode.

  • High Rollers

    Welcome back, Bosh. The more the merrier in the bar fight. We're ready.

    Now, I have something to rant about just a little. Since I'm not the blogger and only the bloggee, I'll try to keep it brief.

    Over on the ever faithful Red's Army, they have up a simultaneously intriguing, irritating, and inspiring piece entitled "Celtics pride returns….how I was so wrong about this team." (And in terms of adjectives you couldn't be any more faithful to the cloth of this team, this core. But I digress.)

    I've been waiting–it seems like an eternity… as most things do–for someone to write this piece. Because I just knew a line like this was coming: "Just because you 'believed' in a team when they played basketball as poorly as one can imagine doesn't somehow make you a super fan, it just means you are oblivious to reality."

    I can understand the desire to shut up anybody yapping at this point about how they knew all along this team would stand the test of true Celtic-ness. "I told you so" is never, ever, the way to go, at least in words and earnestness (a laugh of reminiscence far down the road or a public mocking of a boaster who needs to be brought down a peg… that's different). One is pretty much guaranteed to incur the wrath of fellow fan comrades or the basketball gods or both. "I told you so" is nails on a chalkboard, not to mention generally premature. (As the Zen Master said, "We'll see." See Charlie Wilson's War the movie, not Montana Phil of the many rings and much free time.)

    Anyway, all I know is I believed in this team in January, February and March for a lot of reasons… a lot of real reasons. First of all, it was January, February, and March. You're looking for a work in progress during that time in a season, truncated or marathon-regular, big strides, big stretches or the infinitesimally incremental. You're on the lookout for individual maturation (Rondo), guys adapting to new and different roles (KG, Paul, Ray, AB, etc.), a coach saying positive things (Doc in Rondo's corner like never before), I really could go on and on about the real reasons to have believed in this team all along, all season. An oblivious homer would have been blindly hoping for heart and success to show up despite their eyes and brains telling them otherwise. But it is ENTIRELY realistic to believe in a team fabric when you see all materials they're working with, when you absolutely do see what's possible and what's real are being woven toegether on and off the court. It may be like gauging the progress of a turtle for this particular squad. How do you know when a turtle has moved? Has it moved forward or backward? Why in the world would you have almost trade your longest tenured turtle, Danny Ainge? How can we believe in anything with all these turtles taking their time like they have all the time in the world to become who they need to be? Meanwhile, as Red's pointed out among so many other execellent points, the hares were doing laps around us, threatening Celtic fandom with irrelevance. I'm sure all these strident voices in the Celtic Web were (and still are to some degree) feeling drawn and quartered daily.

    "While it is still very likely that Banner 18 won't be in the rafters anytime soon, this team has already cemented its legacy within the history of the most historic team in the NBA." And here's the rub. Look at the first part of that sentence. Then consider the balance of good vs. bad that this season, that these guys, have produced. Don't look at Miami or OKC or San Antonio. Just for a minute take the time to do the math about THIS team, fully and completely.

    Then tell me if it is still right, if it has ever been right, to sell them short.

    I'll tell you one thing. The players themselves, if they believed in the first part of that quote, they would have been on vacation a long time already. What's more, if DA fully believed in the first part of that quote, today's true Celtics would be on vacation, awaiting new seasons with new jerseys on their backs. Assume all you want that Danny just didn't find a big enough payload for his core, thus holding back on the trigger. Even for that to happen, as cynical as it is and the logic can be twisted to make it infinitely cynical, he had to have believed in their true value. Bottom line. As KG would say, Period, point blank.

    Now let's go avoid hero-ball and assumptions for a solid 48(+) tonight.