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Again With The Heart Stopper: C’s 93 Miami 91

Hayes will be back later with a wrap up once the medical staff at the Garden have resuscitated him but in the meantime, let’s hear your reactions to this season-saving overtime win, LeBron James’ first foul-out of his Miami Heat career, a number of missed calls on both sides, a first half offensive explosion followed by a stomach turning second half, Rondo’s halftime interview trash talk and a 2-2 series tie heading back to South Beach.

In your responses, use “grit and balls” where appropriate.

Also, “bar fight.”

  • someguyinsac

    The seeds of doubt have been sown into the minds of Miami, time to take the game there and be done with them.

  • yordgreat

    should have been up 3-1 motherfuckers!!!!!!let's go to miami get a barrrrr fight!!!!!!

  • Phil

    What a horrible time for the bad C's offense to rear its head again. And after such a flawless first half! Luckily their defense pulled them through. Don't even know what to really say, I was shaking for the last hour of the game. The defense in OT was just incredible. They scored 4 and won!

    As far as the officiating, it was terrible, but it was terrible both ways. I thought the Cs benefited more thna Miami, but I don't think it affected the outcome.

  • CelticsBIG3

    STILL can't believe they fouled Lebron out…. Wow…. That was grit and balls and a bar fight totally intense. This has easily made my weekend hands down as one of the best in ages. Listening to Brian Robb right now during Doc's presser; hi Brian

    • i-th

      "That was grit and balls and a bar fight"
      Forgot about jungle!

  • Tos

    First NBA Playoff game foul out of LeBrons career!

    What a game, I was screaming at Pietrus all game, but man did he come through at the end of the game through defense and rebounding.

    Two more baby!

  • X-RIP-X
  • UhOh!!

    I got to stop following this team so closely my heart cant take it!! missed calls and mistakes in the first half kept them in it then we got away from running our sets when they started coming back (and more bad calls) but man this team is so tough they can withstand their own horrid mistakes.. i got work in a couple hours & seeing the manner in which we got that win make not getting any rest worth it grit & balls man grit and balls.. i adore this crazy crazy arrogant flawed team win or lose the 2012 celts will always have a special place in my heart.. year 5 of a 3 year window with major injuries to key players and key players in street clothes we're fighting tooth and nail trough bad reffing trough our own mistakes and everything and making zero excuse along the way….

  • Anthony

    The one play that I was hoping wouldn't come back to haunt the Celts was the Bass/KG rebound that tipped the ball in for Miami.

    How sweet would it have been to be up 3-1 going back to Miami to close it out?

    I'll settle for the next best thing. Winning the next game in Miami and coming back to Boston to close it out.

    • i-th

      Well, what about Marquis grabbing KG's rebound and jumping out of bounds?

      Afterall, suppose it comes from big desire to grind that win out no matter what. You can't really call out tremendous efforts…

  • janos

    Hi Ryan, is Janos
    In couple more day i am look forwards read your offical retract for make bad predict on heat, 5 game?

    5 game? on heat? over celtics??

    you will soon believe inheart , then of stat, i havefaith you.

    • Anthony

      Nicely put.

      You should write to Stephen A. Smith also who predicted that Miami was going to "steamroll" through the Celts.

  • Zee

    When it went to OT I had to go take a shower. The pressure was too much. I was hoping I would just come out and see the outcome, hopefully with us having a win. But there were 21 seconds left. Ibswear, that 3 pointer by Wade looked MONEY! Whoo! Glad he missed! SO GLAD!

  • Batman

    I have no words
    Utter joy

  • someguyinsac

    "I don't foul out", what a jackwad LBJ is for dissing his luck on that over the years.

    • Anthony

      KG should respond with "I don't travel".

  • I_Love_Green

    Sooooo happy we were able to tie it 2-2 this time around…but now game 5 is going to be an absolute bar fight. All of our grit and all of our balls will need to be present so we can win the bar fight in Miami.


    • misel

      yeah… grit and balls… bar fight… health hazard. =))

  • Morpheus

    We can take this series. Miami played some brilliant ball in the 2nd half and they wanted this game as badly and desperate as the Cs did. Yet we weathered the storm and came away with the win.

    ALL grit and BALLS baby in the 2nd half because, we certainly didn’t win this one with flair and style that’s for damn sure.

    I love this team. Love them.

    The Celtics have ripped a big gaping hole in Miami’s armour now.

    Let’s put the finishing blow on em in Miami on Tuesday.

    • Phil

      Miami really did play a fantastic second half. The Celtics missed a couple open shots, but they also missed a lot of heavily contested shots that resulted from the Heat D swarming. Its a little worrisome that being home could cause them to bring that energy from the start, but I feel better at 2-2 than I did at 0-0.

      Regardless of the outcome though, we know the Celtics are gonna fight. That's nice to be able to say.

  • KY-Celts

    Bar fight, It was a bar fight Craig, you ever been in a bar fight?

    By the way quickly becoming my favorite team maybe outside of '08, just because of the heart and not letting what people say bother them, which most players cant do… *cough*Lebron*cough*

  • JR99

    The officiating WAS mostly bad both ways. But that does not apply to individual refs. Bill Kennedy was GROSSLY BIASED against the Cs. He called ALL THREE of the really bad whistles against Boston:

    – KG travel @ 4:36 4th qtr: KG's pivot foot clearly did not move.

    – KG offensive foul @ 0:21 4th qtr: Replay showed Lebron pulling KG to the ground on top of him.

    – Paul Pierce 6th foul @ 4:22 in OT — Crawford was closest to the play and did not whistle it at all. Thankfully, Crawford has the balls to call Lebron on his 6th later on.

    But Kennedy is a clear Celtics-hater, and a piece of crap.

    • Phil

      Kennedy called a couple bad ones against the Heat throughout the game. Enough to earn sarcastic tweets from the basketball tweeting community. He had a horrible night, but to say he's biased against the Celtics after the Hawks blown call (in the Celtics favor,) and a lot tonight is just confirmation bias. He called a few big charge/blocks in the Cs favor.

      Why are you breaking down the officiating though? These have been some of the most entertaining Celtic games of the entire Big 3 era. Don't waste time hating officiating you could spend loving the team!

      • JR99

        We shouldn't have to suffer through a guy like Kennedy, that's all. (What calls did he make the Cs' way?) And remember that when it counted most, all his calls went to the Heat. That's pretty indicative of how dishonest he is.

        Let's not forget what Kennedy did in Philly game 4, which was blatant and pervasive from mid-1st through the 3rd quarter.

        One last thing: The Celtics are the better team, and the ONLY WAY they will lose this series is if the refs make it happen, as they have before. So it's a pretty important issue, imo.

  • Shane

    Grit and balls are everywhere in this bar fight! But in all honestly, I love how hard the Celtics are playing right now.

  • High Rollers

    Their length bothers us, but our length bothers them.

    Defense wins championships because it wears out guys who normally put the ball in the hole. Forsberg joked that it wouldn't be a 'Quis at the podium night. But the man avoided three free throws. Little things. And Red did the rest.

    Two things that won't change: KG, tallest, longest man on the floor (and then some). With patience and self-assertion, that man can get what he wants, when he wants. Rondo, they have no real answer. That's why his half-time trash with Doris, while entertaining, makes no difference. It is what it is. LJ laughed at KG end of Game 1. 48 hours later nobody cared. There was new business to attend to.

    Peaches saved the cream for dessert. MP put us on his rebounding and defensive back multiple times in OT.

    This was no mere bar fight. This was two beasts locking horns on the Discovery Channel.

  • IBleedGreen

    I was at the game tonight. It is definitely one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life. Thank you Celtics!!

    • CelticsBIG3

      awesome dude that was a great one. i was at game one vs. phily another narrow escape

  • NZNICK33

    I'm actually glad the Heat made their adjustments in the 2nd half and stormed back. If we had blown them out, we wouldn't know what their adjustments would be until the beginning of game 5. Now, it's the Celtics turn to make adjustments and come out strong in game 5.

    Let's get it done!

    • ElRoz

      That does make sense…and I hope it pays benefits in game 5. The last 3 games Boston has shown that it can take double digits leads on Miami, and Miami can come back from them.

  • ElRoz

    My request: that Dooling, Daniels, and Pietrus keep playing well and contributing, but that Stiemsma and Hollins PLEASE GIVE SOME VALUABLE MINUTES AND CONTRIBUTIONS: let's say 14 total minutes for both, with 8 points and 6 rebounds and a few blocked shots. Now THAT would be good.

  • Anthony

    How good does it feel when Ray shoots and you jump out your seat expecting it to go in? Just hope he can keep it up.

  • JR99

    But why did the Cs disappear in the 3rd and first half of the 4th? That was bad, scary bad.

    • ElRoz

      Yes it was…now I don't believe that tiredness/exhaustion was a factor in the 3rd because they just came out of half-time break. In the 4th you could say that Boston got tired – but not in the 3rd: So it is fixable I hope!

  • bbelichickisgod


  • Switcharoo


  • jack

    This may be the worst officiated series ever but tonight at least it was a little more balanced, and it shows. Miami wont recover from this ego blow. And i hope bosh does come back so he can get trounced too. Boston takes the next two with the last game a blowout. Heat are exposed. Without clear referee favoritism backing them, they are a shell. And now where are all the bandwagon ray detractors now? Quiet as f@ck eh? And the Peaches haters? Anyone gonna bash marquis?

  • liberty or death

    i just got in a fight at a bar and my balls won

  • jpmist

    "Get your ass in the paint, Pierce, you ain't taking no 3 . . ."

    I loved, loved, loved it when Rondo scowled at Paul trailing him on the break, waving him to go to the basket, refusing to pass Pierce the ball at the 3 point line. Laughed my ass off at that one. Go Rondo. . .

  • Tom

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