Post-game Reactions

It’s shy the first question, which was about Rondo’s performance, but otherwise it’s intact. Doc keeps his composure but you can see it doesn’t come without effort.

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Ryan DeGama

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  • Joe Jonart

    Gotta love Doc Rivers! he won't say it, but I will…those refs absolutely sucked…I can't help but think too many people want to see Miami in the finals…but no one has more heart than these Celtics…I grew up hating the celtics as a Portland Trailblazer fan…but I can't help but absolutely love this beat up, bang up, veteran team. Lebron shot 24 free throws and the entire Boston Celtic team shot 29 free throws…that is bogus…Mark Cuban wouldn't put up with this crap and neither should the Celtics organization…There needs to be some accountability for the refs in the NBA…they have it for other sports…why not the NBA…People just want the calls to be right.

  • Anthony.B

    You are so right Joe

  • Anthony.B

    Just be fair that is all let the players play I don't think the fan want Miami to win I think the NBA big heads do