Post-game Reactions

…because Ray asked him not to.

According to our buddy Forsberg over at ESPNBoston, Doc consulted with Allen and the training staff and plans on starting Ray for the foreseeable future.

“We’re good. Ray is Ray. We’re going to just keep rolling him out there and see what we can get. When we feel like he can’t give it to us, we’ll go with someone else. But I think right now, you have to give Ray a fighting chance.”

Questions: Is Ray really Ray? Are we good? And if you feel like Ray can give it to you now, what is he going to have to do to make you feel otherwise?

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  • Lam

    I think Doc should play Ray but limit his minutes . Doc has no choice but put in Sasha or Daniels. Geez throw in Moore , maybe he could give us some offense !

  • Ubuntu

    Ray is not Ray. Everyone can see he is struggling. He really needs that surgery and its hard for me to watch. I've seen heat fans tweet the same thing. I know once he gets that surgery he'll be back to his old self but right now he's not and we need to explore our other limited options. We're just not healthy. KG and Rondo can't do it alone. Paul is clearly not healthy either. Win or lose, still love the Big 4 and will feel really emotional when this all ends, inevitably. I loved the whole ride. I loved watching Rondo grow up from the little kid brother to part of the show.

  • emg

    Keep him out there. Bone spurs don't make you miss free throws, and Ray will fix the shooting because the problem is largely mental. his defense will continue to be bad but I bet he starts making shots.



  • Big 4 fan

    After Game 2…..NEVER SECOND GUESS DOCS COACHING….NEVER!!! This is why he is paid the big bucks to coach this team. 🙂 He knows his players and he knows how to coach his players.