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Avery Bradley Is Undergoing Shoulder Surgery Today

Doc Rivers opened his media availability session on Friday, confirming reports over the last few days that Avery Bradley is out for the playoffs with his shoulder injury.

“He’s having surgery today, so he’s out for the playoffs,” Rivers acknowledged.  “It’s disappointing. Obviously, when a player goes down it’s disappointing, especially on what Avery has given us this year. His growth this year has been terrific. It’s been great. He’s become a very valuable piece to our basketball team.”

With Bradley out in the interim, Rivers talked about the chain effect missing his guard will have on his team’s lineup, especially against Philadelphia in particular.

“His ability to guard the best guard at the 1 or 2 has really taken so much pressure off [Rajon] Rondo in particular,” Rivers explained. “Without him, Rondo has to go back to that role and run the team, and that’s hard. That’s hard to do, especially against the team we are playing, who has two guards that attack. Rondo doesn’t have a lot of breaks [now]. That’s the way it is.”

Despite it all, Rivers is offering no excuses for this team heading into Game 7 tomorrow, who are dealing with their fourth season-ending injury of the season.

“We’ve been a team all year, stuff happens, you deal with it and you just move forward,” Rivers said. “That’s who we’ve been, and that’s who we need to be tomorrow.”

CH’s Take: The only new news out of the story is the fact Bradley is undergoing surgery so soon, which again signals just how severe the shoulder injury had become for Avery. For now though, the onus stay on Rondo, Ray Allen, Mickael Pietrus and Keyon Dooling (who is missing practice today home sick) to contain Philadelphia’s explosive backcourt. Doc made adjustments in pick and roll coverage in Game 3 which helped a lot, but the Sixers have countered, bringing themselves back to tie the series at three games a piece.

I guess my biggest question here is whether Doc will go deeper into his bench for Game 7 to look for a defensive spark, if his regular rotation aren’t able to contain Holiday, Williams, and Turner themselves. We saw a couple minutes of Marquis Daniels in Game 6, and both he and Sasha Pavlovic are big and able defenders on the bench who should be able to guard the likes of Evan Turner while out there. On his home floor, especially if Keyon is not at full strength, I’m curious to see whether Daniels (the most likely candidate) gets another shot. Either way though, Allen, Rondo and company are going to have to do a better job  than they did in Game 6 of keeping Holiday and Williams out of the paint.

  • someguyinsac

    Best wishes to Avery for a successful surgery and quick recovery from it.

    And here's to seeing Doc pull some rabbits out of his hat while being shorthanded again, to beat the Sixers.

  • jr9901

    It's about impossible to beat the Heat without Avery to stop Wade. I think the Celtics are going to accept the the better part of valor. Too many injuries this year.

  • skeeds

    One more man down, no problem. We got this. Bring on the Heat. We got them too. Spurs or OKC? not so much. But hey, who the f. cares?

    Best of luck to Bradley, let's hope it's a one and done kind of operation, and he never has to deal with this throughout his career.

  • lucidsportsfan

    This Bradley injury is devastating. I think it's a much bigger deal for Boston than the Bosh injury for Miami http://www.lucidsportsfan.com/2012_05_20_archive….

  • Edward Gutierrez

    The Celtics the last few years are UNDERACHIEVERS! I have no doubt they will once again force us to "wait until next year". Unfortunately, there is no next year as the "C's" have to start over which I figure will take at least 7 years to bear fruit. It was fun while it lasted. Ed

    • skeeds

      Whatever you think, you have no right to insult this team. We get enough grief from "reporters" and "analysts" who have been labeling the C's "done" for 3 years now. How can you call them underachievers? You know what, it's not even worth arguing about this.

      So hop off the bandwagon, dude, we ain't gonna miss you!

  • guest

    Old Shmeltics are done
    come back to the reality stupid motherfuckers take off your green glasses

  • janos

    Hi Bryan, is Janos
    I am not happy overall news, this. Plus coment today, fan and guestboth, most sad for team then i think for get final 4? Tomorrow win, I suspect but am feel more shakey this news then before news hurt.
    saturday night, my friend ask me go eat supper him , does not know Game 7? I'm going say yes supper??? on playof? i dont thinks so.

  • Lam

    Ed , why don’t you hide under a big rock you loser! The Celtics are not underachievers! What kind of fan are you ?!? Obviously not a good one. I bleed green forever. Whether they win or lose Saturday, I respect these guys : ” Grit and balls” got them as far as they could this year. Bye Bye Ed

  • High Rollers

    Janos, Celtics still can win it all this year. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen. Just a few guys with a few tricks in their bag.

    • janos

      Celtics NBA #1 and #18, simultate

  • High Rollers

    P. S. Best wishes to AB for a good recovery this summer. But even with that, today is not a sad day. We’ve got ballers.

    • felix

      that's the spirit!

  • felix

    best wishes to AB for a speedy recovery! Wonder what kind of player he is going to be next season. Fantastic improvement this season, but still not a classic generator at the 1. I hope he does not turn into a undersized 2. I could envision him as a very very good sixth man. His movement without the ball is a joy to watch (so are KG's passes to him).

  • ElRoz

    As in 2009, 2010, and 2011…injuries hurt the Celtics playoff chances – this must be assumed now every year.

    Also, Doc should have done a better job integrating and using Dooling instead of now lamenting that AB is out.