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Boston Celtics 75 Final

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82 Philadelphia 76ers
Paul Pierce, SF 42 MIN | 5-11 FG | 13-13 FT | 10 REB | 3 AST | 24 PTS | -5Depressing waste of a solid Pierce game on offense, especially the 13 made free throws. Pierce was a total masochist in this one. He went straight up Fifty Shades of Grey. But his teammates let him down, and when they look at his bruises it should remind them of their own failures.
Brandon Bass, PF 27 MIN | 2-12 FG | 4-4 FT | 5 REB | 0 AST | 8 PTS | -9Oh, right. Regression to the mean.
Kevin Garnett, PF 41 MIN | 9-20 FG | 2-2 FT | 11 REB | 0 AST | 20 PTS | -7KG decided the offensive paint was hot lava tonight and didn’t set foot in it. 20 shots, not a single one closer than 10 feet. You’re a center now, Kevin. I know Spencer Hawes gets to shoot only jumpers, but his parents both work so he gets away with more than you do. Go inside.
Ray Allen, SG 26 MIN | 4-11 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 9 PTS | -4Ray Allen has a tiny little knife in his ankle. That’s basically what a bone spur is. Every time he goes up to shoot, he gets stabbed with it. Every lateral step he takes to stay in front of Lou Williams: stabbed. He needs to sit more and shoot less, because he’s just not reliable on either end. On the bright side, at this point I could see Mike Breen fixing a Celtics-Spurs Finals just for the jokes he could make.
Rajon Rondo, PG 43 MIN | 4-14 FG | 1-2 FT | 9 REB | 6 AST | 9 PTS | -4That’ll show the coaches who voted him second team All-Defense. Nobody tells Rajon Rondo what he can and can’t do. NOBODY.

Rondo’s alter-ego Rojan Rando dressed tonight, bringing with him all the classic elements of a Rando game (poor shooting, gambling on the perimeter, sloppy turnovers, avoiding contact, becoming sleepy) as well as a new one in the form of not finding his teammates. Rando, you crazy freak! What are we gonna do with you?!

Ryan Hollins, C 11 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-2 FT | 5 REB | 3 AST | 0 PTS | -6Ryan Hollins brings the valuable skill set of having six personal fouls. You can’t teach that.
Mickael Pietrus, SF 35 MIN | 2-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 5 PTS | 0Pietrus needs to take over Ray’s role so he can defend either Evan Turner, Jrue Holiday, or Lou Williams at all times. The game’s been over for a half-hour and Ray is still trying to catch up to Lou Williams on the drive. I wouldn’t even hate putting Pietrus on Iggy and switching Pierce over to Turner. But before the next game, Doc needs to call Pietrus into his office (along with the candle from Beauty and the Beast to serve as interpreter) and order him to stop chucking and start cutting.
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  • CelticsBIG3

    Repost: I am angry. This sucks; stop playing like f&cking turds when it counts goddam it.

    • Anthony

      I think that pretty much sums up how every Celts fan feel.

      How can a team with championship pedigree (supposedly) play with such lack of effort. The entire 2nd half, I was looking for that passion to win but everyone outside of the captain looked sleepy. It was theirs for the taking and they just did not want it… at all.

      Just hope that complacency and thoughts of being ale to turn it on and off at their command, won't hinder Game 7.

      • CelticsBIG3

        It looked to me that they had the same gameplan that lost them game two in the series… Garnett, instead of being agressive in the post, waiting for the double team to come and kicking the ball to a shooter; Orlando Magic offense. I can't count how many times last night Garnett got the ball in good post position, and hindered away matchups in his favor while he farted around waiting to get double teamed. UGH.

    • spencer1233

      Agreed. And more so, I'm sick of hearing the Big Three/Four say, and I'm paraphrasing, "This could be our last year together, we need to make it count." – yet we continue to see performances like games 4 and 6. I saw absolutely NO will or desire to win that game last night outside of Pierce.

      Are we really THAT tired, injured, slow, listless, impotent? If so, series over. If not, then Doc needs to light a fire under their asses and let's kick some ass on Saturday!

      • CelticsBIG3

        The worst part is we have to wait until Saturday to find out. The anxiety of the playoffs kills me.

    • Dan

      Me too! But Philly deserved the win for that game.

  • ElRoz

    f not for Rose, Noah, and Deng injuries the Sixers would not even be here…if not for Bradley and Ray Allen injuries, they would not even be in this series. The Sixers really have NO Business being here…and yet injuries to other teams get this team its chances.

    The Sixers are basically scavengers.

    WHY DOES BASS GE5T A "C" ? There is no C- or D+ ? Bass was a total let-down tonight…but that's ok Bass, because Bradley and Ray Allen are all good to go and pick up the slack for your incompetent arse. This is what happens when you play next to Dwight – you get used to having the big guys do all the work. Bass, you are a horrid let-down when the ream needs you.

  • I_Love_Green

    Seriously why do they think they can coast in the playoffs?


  • Miguel

    Rondo really p!ssed me off tonight. One of the few Celtics that's not injured and he's young so fatigue shouldn't be much of an issue, yet he's walking around the court as if he doesn't give a crap about this game. How can your best player be this completely disengaged tonight?! He played this game as if it was a pre season game. No excuse for his performance tonight. Honestly, wouldn't mind trading him. I can't picture someone who won't give it their all in PLAYOFF game being the leader of this team once Paul and KG are gone.

    • The Cardinal

      How do you know he isn't injured? I mean really, really know? I'm not gonna make excuses for any multimillionaire athlete but as a fan, I appreciate the fact that Rondo – bad back, wrist, shoulder, etc… and all – continues to play 40+ minutes a game when he takes more consistent punishment bouncing off screens and being hammered in the lane than anyone since Allen Iverson. Does anyone really believe that the media B.S. about any player "not bringing it" during a playoff game? I absolutely believe every player on each team is doing the best he can each game, but sometimes like in real life, their best may not be good enough.

      As a fan, I'm always disappointed when we lose, but we have no idea just how hurt any particular player may be unless the team makes some kind of announcement. Rondo, Pierce, Allen, Steimsma, Pietrus, and Bradley are all tough S.O.B's in my book because they continue to play through the pain as well as anyone in the league.

      • CG12

        I'm sure Rondo is dinged up, but I don't think that excuses the disengagement you get from him in games like this. I'm reasonable certain he doesn't have leg injuries preventing him from running hard, so why does he periodically just decide he isn't going to do it? For Rondo playing with high energy and at a fast pace is the way he brings value to the team. When he is playing lethargically, it contaminates the whole offense because the ball still goes through him. We saw earlier in the playoffs when Rondo was suspended that the Cs can successfully run a very different, non-Rondocentric offense, but there is no way that is going to happen if Rondo is on the floor.

        • The Cardinal

          My real point is maybe – just maybe – he can't make his body move and perform the way that he/we would want to every game, and sometimes what looks to us like disengagement (which I admit also viscerally reacting to as "WTF, Rondo?!!") is really just stoic grit and determination with a prayer that someone else can step up when he is unable.

          On the other hand, he COULD be malingering for no good reason, but that just doesn't have the feel of truth to me.

          • Anthony

            You make good points and I'm also one to believe in Rondo. When he really plays and is focused, he's the best player on the court.

            But if you watched the game, there was an instance where Pierce was talking to him and he just looked tuned out and had the STFU look on his face. That should not happen in a potential series closer in the playoffs. Pierce had to smack him upside the head to tell him to wake up.

          • High Rollers

            Those guys slap each other upside the head in good times and in bad so it's hard to tell what the sentiment was in that apparently one-sided exchange. I'll go with familial encouragement with an edge.

          • Anthony

            Agree that it was the ubuntu/ brotherhood/ family type encouragement but Rondo's facial expression is not something you should see even in preseason. Rondo has hall of fame type abilities but still needs to work on a hall of fame attitude.

          • Anthony

            And what adds to the frustration roller coaster is Rondo will probably get a triple-double in game 7.

          • High Rollers

            Eh. It's probably like a manager talking to his boxer in the corner. If you're the boxer, you don't turn around to look at your coach, but that doesn't mean you're not listening. I think the players see a difference between a stone cold expression on the bench in a tense moment and the otherwise infinite trust Rondo's been showing on the floor, finding his guys for shots and plays no matter how long their cold streaks and no matter how emphatic some of their moments of ineptitude. He's there for his guys, and I think they know that. As for last night, it seemed like RR was trying to herd cats. Cats can't be herded. It became a "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" situation. Then it was just a lot of cats. And then, a lot of hairballs. Everybody was throwing the rock away, making ill-advised passes and decisions, bricking jumpers, not finishing at the rim, not finding the extra man for the extra passes but just playing hot potato between two or three guys until the possession got turned over. Being Black Lion and all, I'm not surprised Swag got graded harshly. But he'll come to play on Saturday and along with his other guys will do everything he can to give us one more ticket on the coaster. I wouldn't be surprised at all if we see P slapping him some more, keeping his point guard out of the in between no man's land of last night (do I drive to finish? do I drive to dish? do I pretend to drive and pull the okydoke? do I float the teardrop? do I attempt threading the needle? but that couldn't possibly work again… but I'll try anyway… etc.). But hopefully he won't need that. Hopefully it will all just fall into place. Picture Matt Damon's character at the end of Rounders.

          • CG12

            It is possible that Rondo is simply physically unable to do the things he usually does and would like to do, but I doubt it. He has played too well too recently for me to think that it is entirely or largely a physical issue. Rondo is known to be incredibly hard-headed and will definitely sulk on occasion. The stubbornness is widely regarded as a double-edged sword (I agree with that), and I think we saw the bad side last game. Who knows what it was, but he wasn't using his abilities to make a meaningful, positive, impact on the game. I certainly wouldn't call it malingering, more a combination of 1. I'm hurt, 2. I'm tired, 3. I'm sick of Doc riding me all the time, 4. I wish my old-ass teammates would run with me, 5. I'm Rajon Effing Rondo, and when it really matters I will come up with the goods.

          • The Cardinal

            Yeah, I actually agree with your combination of reasons. I just happen to give more weight to your reasons number 1 and number 4. Despite his "attitude face," I'd really like to believe that if Rondo could have upped his game, he would have.

            The tip-off that he wasn't physically right (IMHO) was when he took a couple of second half jumpers out of frustration because: 1) No one else could hit the side of a barn with a bb; and 2) he DIDN'T try to drive and break down Philly's interior defense during the entire 2nd half. I really believe the mean mugging was Rondo being Rondo (i.e., frustrated that the whole team was stinkin' it up and not being able to do a dang thing about it) and incidental to his sub par performance.

  • Lantrell Walker

    This expression pretty much sums it all up for me
    Still believe in this team, but they’ve gotta be more cold-blooded & locked in than that.

  • High Rollers

    Lumiere? Nice. MP was trying to get into cutting mode tonight at least. We need a five course meal of that, not just sprinkled into Random like a package of expired bacon bits. By the way, when did Random becoming an official talking point on offense? Does it have its own page in the playbook? Chapter? Novella?

    Our guys are super creative, but we don't need another Jackson Pollock on display Saturday. Please, for love of all that is holy, keep it simple.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Well said. Jackson Pollock says it all. The offense looked like a bunch of street ballers playing together for the first time. F*CKING joke.

  • I_Love_Green

    Avery's done, Stiemer's got foot problems bad, Ray is sad to watch, and Rondo is maddening.

    I would've never thought the Sixers would be the team to beat us this year, but right now I'm nervous as hell for game 7.

  • IBleedGreen

    I love Ray but he should sit on the bench. When he’s on the court he should not be allowed to dribble because it is a turnover waiting to happen.
    Rondo on defensive 2nd team is a complete joke/crime. He is terrible all season including the playoffs except for a couple games.
    KG did not have any space in the low post tonight. He was double teamed before he even touches the ball because whoever defending Rondo is 5 feet away from him.

  • janos

    Haynes, is Janos
    Once again, recur ;team decide take our rest away, but watch party our house – Gam 7 come and go, victory but this words ROndos, stay online – permanent. B- ok maybe debate, C+ true – on C? COme on Haynes, this playoffs. Not time do joke post Rondos, than other player real post?

    After next, I come here, tell you ON PRIDE – we did, Game 7 – confirm. Win. Heat. . You will see. Bad Rondos, sure but not extent this – , ; Bad post, team, grade, night. ?

    i understood, ther is commit get game score, talk up quick on game finish, but emotion post hurt all.

  • someguyinsac

    Speaking of Rojan Rando, where's Batman been? Hope it's nothing more than not knowing about the lockout ending, but it would be nice to hear from him if it's not. He's in my thoughts every time I come here to read or comment, but don't see him. Hope all is well on his end.

    • janos

      Hi Sac, is Janos
      I am also like know, where is Batman?

  • tbunny

    BLEGGGHHH. This was about the ugliest game of the season, on both sides. Felt like Iguodala bricked about 10 free throws. This game makes me not even want to watch basketball.

  • Jim

    With all our injuries I am almost hoping we get beat the next game. Why? Because I do not want to see us humiliated by Miami or Indiana. Healthy we can win but the way we are huring we can not. Sad but true.

  • Josh

    I want to throw a 500 word rant on this board, but I will restrain myself:

    Kevin – Post like you fricken want the ball deep on the block and attack the basket BEFORE the double gets there. Quit waiting for it like a puss and be the aggressor!
    Ray – Sit down before you hurt yourself
    Pierce – Please bring this effort every night
    Bass – Its all mental dude, your J is pure so quit freakin out and shoot with confidence
    Pietrus – What Hayes said
    Rondo – You are a mental ninja, please stop the pain.
    Bradley – We need your defense and effort so please play in game 7

  • High Rollers

    This season has afforded us a single Game 7 in Boston, perhaps the last for this All-Star/HOFer group. How they ended up there was kinda painful to watch in recent days, but now that it's here, gotta be excited. I'll be feeling chills, and I won't be anywhere near TD. Just talking about it…. Revved. Up.

  • felix

    Boston Celtics 2011-12: OmG, they're great! Omg,this is horrible. Omg, they're great! Omg, this is horrible. Omg…you get it.

  • zach

    I think this team is doing the best it can with what it has and actually overacheiving. They are old and can't create shots. If you watch closley Rondo did well distributing in the 1st half but Ray/Bass etc. just missed shots. Rondo is just not a Tony Parker/Chris Paul guy who can score 20 at will – he has to work so hard to score given his limited shooting and finishing ability. I LOVE this team but w/out AB I don't even know if I want to see them play the heat. If their young reserves did not get hurt they would have been fierce at this point. Seriously there are missing like 5 key players due to injuries (and Ray and Pietrus are playing but missnig due to injuries)

  • Mr.Rogers

    GO SIXERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!