Post-game Reactions

Game 6
Celtics @ Sixers
8:00 PM EDT
Wells Fargo Center

Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 97.8 points per 100 possessions (10th)
Philadelphia: 97.0 points per 100 possessions (11th)

Defensive Efficiency:
 93.2 points allowed per 100 possessions (1st)
Philadelphia: 96.2 points allowed per 100 possessions (5th)

Probable Sixers Starters: Jrue Holiday (PG), Evan Turner (SG), Andre Iguodala (SF), Elton Brand (PF), Spencer Hawes (C)

View From The Opposing Bench: Philadunkia


The longer this series goes, the longer a few things become apparent:

1) Evan Turner is shooting terribly.  31% from the field (18-58) to be exact.  If he were to catch fire, the Celtics could be facing a Game 7 before they even get settled in their Philadelphia hotel room.

2) The Celtics injury situation is starting to become troublesome, sort of.  Ideally, the Celtics want everyone fully healthy and Avery Bradley and Ray Allen are big parts of what makes the C’s successful.  That said, the Celtics can and probably will get past the Sixers without those two being 100%.  It’s beyond this series that brings on the troublesome feelings.

3) Kevin Garnet is slowing down.  After starting the playoffs blazing a trail of destruction, Garnett has begun to cool off from the field and has not taken advantage of Philadelphia’s smallish (Elton Brand, Lavoy Allen) and poor defending (Spencer Hawes) front line nearly as much as he should be.  As long as the Celtics keep winning and Garnett keeps bringing his energy, no one will really notice.

But those thoughts are for another day because the Celtics take on the Sixers in a potential series clinching game.  I’d wish for a fast start by the C’s but playing with an early lead does not necessarily guarantee success. The Celtics need to keep their foot on the gas pedal and end this series tonight.


Celtics 95 – Sixers 85

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  • someguyinsac

    You need the rest, put the Sixers to bed early tonight.

  • jr9901

    Celtics and Sixers fighting hard to show who can play the worst possible playoff game.

    Refs suck too. First half just a total suckfest.

    • WTF

      Well, the Cs' suckfest continues.

  • WTF

    shit, how many TOs now in this quarter? What is Doc doing? Nothing! Call a freaking timeout and turn things around.

  • mikebass14

    Does anybody else feel surprised by how little Rondo seems to be doing? He’s needs to attack the basket, or at least make a play!

    • Aaron

      Some games Rondo looks hall of fame material and then other games he looks like he forgot how to score.

      • High Rollers

        Doc was right in the postgame. Rondo got stuck in between a lot tonight. And that's a recipe for disaster. Doc didn't sound rattled in the slightest. Dude is reaching Pop/Sloan/Jackson podium response levels. It's kind of a beautiful thing, on an ugly night.

        • High Rollers

          And "in between" referring to getting other guys going vs. trying to manufacture points on his own. We've seen it before.

  • WTF

    So fxxking frustrating to watch the Cs play with that kind of laziness and arrogance as if they can beat the Sixers whenever they want while the truth is they cannot. The Cs do not have a game closer anymore. They have to get ahead and maintain a sizable lead avoiding late game situation, or it's almost guaranteed a defeat. So far that's not happening and the Sixers start to outplay the Cs.

  • WTF

    Listen to Doc: We are going to win this game, guys, we are going to win this game. Uhh, how, Doc? Hello? Not that puzzled expression again.

  • WTF

    Alright, we are playing to lose this game. It's a lost cause.

  • someguyinsac

    This has been an ugly game and the more I drink to fix that, the uglier it gets unlike the girls when I'm at a bar.

  • I_Love_Green

    Not excited for this game 7…

  • WTF

    As if we want to play for the worst game award, unbelievable.

  • Marty Conlon

    I never thought I'd see Ray Allen play so bad. I know his ankle is limiting him, but I'd rather have Keyon in at this point.

    • WTF

      Too bad you are not Doc. What are Doc's X and Os? Have we ever heard him talking about what details of the game need attention like what Brooks and Collins do?

  • I_Love_Green

    I honestly believe this is the worst game ever played in NBA history.

  • someguyinsac

    At this point, I'm hoping Avery is available for the next game. It's not looking good for a win at all.

    BTW, no offense to Ray and I get that he's doing the best he can with his bum ankle.

  • I_Love_Green

    I'm concerned for game 7. Highly concerned.

    • High Rollers

      Picture Game 7 a 50/50 ball rolling down the court… Who pops in your head from either team being able to corral it and do something good with it? Because that's what it will come down to. Effort and execution and playing together for 48 minutes. For old and young alike.

  • WTF

    See what happens when the Cs blew game 4?

  • WTF

    Rondo is a puzzle on defense. He plays solid on his man until before the last second and suddenly gives up at all.

  • WTF

    The Cs season is about to end soon, if not in Game 7, it'll be in next round. Old tired and injured bodies just cannot keep up with the young guns, especially with the guns of Wade and LeBron's caliber.

  • High Rollers

    I saw the Philly run coming, but not the C's mental and physical collapse. What was that? How did we get so out of sync? And why do I have this piercing headache?

  • IBleedGreen

    Fuck Rondo. Can’t shoot can’t make layup can’t pass can’t defend.

    • hdavenport

      Yeah Rondo, learn to pass! Maybe get the NBA assists leader to teach you!

  • skeeds

    well was this game a pile of crap or what…

    These Sixers played their best, and where downright mediocre. And we lost.

    Disappointed by Doc's decisions. Somehow he backed himself into a corner where he had to go small (again), even if it meant playing Marquis(!) down the stretch. And good luck playing small against a bunch of super hyped, athletic kids.
    Since when does this team play according to the opponent's game plan? You're the best defensive team in basketball. Put your best players in and tighten up your defense! Dictate the freaking pace!!!

  • CelticsBIG3

    I'm the most optimistic celtic fan around, but this is not good. It makes it hard to be a fan of a team that is SOOOOOOOOO wildly inconsistent. Frankly I am pissed. I've never felt like breaking sh!t after a game, but tonight is an exception. I seriously feel like breaking a bunch of sh!t

  • CelticsBIG3

    No Brandon Bass again at all during the fourth quarter. When sh!t isn't working take a different goddam route. And why wouldn't Ray and Paul hit big threes down the stretch in meaningless fashion? GODDAM IT