Post-game Reactions

On the back of a horrific game six performance, Gary Washburn of the Globe piled on with more bad news: Avery Bradley is almost certainly done for the season. Washburn:

A source close to Bradley told the Globe that it’s in the “high 90s” percentile that Bradley will be shut down and will perhaps need surgery. Bradley has missed the past two games with soreness in both shoulders and the team’s brass along with Bradley’s representatives have decided it’s too risky to play him for the remainder of the playoffs.

The Celtics are probably smart to shut him down. This year’s playoffs aren’t worth the accumulated effects of multiple shoulder dislocations, particularly for a player who figures prominently in Boston’s future plans. It’s a major problem for the C’s weak perimeter defense and should they escape game 7 with a win on Saturday, eliminates one of their key weapons to neutralize Dwayne Wade.

On the upside, at least Ray Allen is looking healthy and spry.

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  • Tristan

    all i'm hoping for is a win in game 7, advance to the ECF, lose in 5, "successful" season with the injuries we have faced
    rest Bradley for next season, convince Garnett to come back for vetmin (not sure about Allen yet), get Green and Wilcox back for a bargin price and hopefully pick up some good picks and also grab a max style free agent and come back next season with some depth, length and speed…

    • greenman

      No chance we bring ray back. He is only going to get worse at his age.

  • Mark

    Might want to take back that last line. Gotta wonder how bad those bone spurs really are.

  • Melb Aus Vik

    Man oh Man we were so close this year, wish it didnt end with inuries. What a shame we could have destroyed philly healthy and even beaten miami and made it to the finals, I have had faith all year but this is a big blow expecially with how ray is playing and how good avery's defence is.

    Meln Aus Vik

    • Hype

      Continue having faith, we're not done yet. We've still got this game against the Sixers bro, who knows what'll happen.

      I don't care if we get swept in 4 games by Miami; nobody in their right minds really expected us to get to the eastern finals. But we still have to get there. Lets go guys.

  • Justanotherfan

    His shoulder dislocations are called subluxations where you dislocate your joint temporarily. Once it happens, the nerves get weak and he has already subluxated 3 times in 3 weeks which could potentially kill his career itself if he doesn't strengthen his shoulders. Also, if this happens too many times, he will have to get surgery done like it said above where you re-connect the nerves. Also, subluxating your shoulder is excruciating and leaves the whole hand numb for a few days. You shouldn't even be able to lift your hand properly for a few days. I know all of this cause, I, personally had to go through all of this, unfortunately.

    Also, AB was deeply missed last night. His defense was required to shut down Holiday who killed us last night.

    • Greenman

      It has nothing to do with nerves doctor. Its called ligaments and once they are stretched or in his case probably torn, surgery is required to tighten it back up. I had this same injury to my shoulder. Painful.

  • Tyakack

    It always ends this way. Every single year since winning it all we have ended the season because of a key injury it never fails. Doc needs to put MP in the starting lineup because rays defense is killing us. How does doc not see that.

  • Zee

    Had this always been an issue for Bradley, or is this a recent issue? I don't remember hearing about any of this last year.

    • NHBluesMan

      Bradley barely played last year. I'm pretty sure it was an injury part-way through the year, and it got re-aggrevated during the playoffs

  • Celtic fan

    On CSNE Celtics PreGame Live before game 6 with Philadelphia they reported Bradley had surgery on both shoulders. This is a brave young man trying to get it all done to be ready to play in the fall. Since both shoulders were done its a given this was laparoscopic surgery, but two at a time isn't all that common. It's painful, and the arm isn't useable right away. Almost a week after the surgery now, and Bradley's probably wondering if he traded two damaged arms for two useless arms. Of course he made the right choice, the subluxing shoulders gradually scrape the cartilege off the end of the arm bones, which would be career ending. It was irresponsible to let him play at all with the shoulders in that condition, but the Celtics tend to "ride that horse 'till it drops". The PT for a shoulder after the surgery usually relies in part on a good hand assisting to regain range of motion. Hope they have a really good rehab setup.