Post-game Reactions

I love this decision-making from Rajon Rondo. While leading the break, you can see him eyeballing Ray Allen, who runs the wing and spots up on the arc. The Sixers have a 1-2 disadvantage but are mostly concerned about Allen’s three balls, which allows Mickael Pietrus to make an unmolested baseline cut behind the defense. As the play materializes, Rondo looks off his target and appears to be on the verge of hitting Allen when he whips a pass underneath for the layup.

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  • sk35

    The Sixers are concerned with Allen's 3 balls? I would be concerned too – especially if I were Ray Allen! Great game though and a great find by Rondo on the break. Go C's – win it in 6!

    • Rav

      That's the thing with Ray though, isn't it? He's a future Hall-of-Famer and the best three-point shooter ever, so even when he's obviously playing poorly (and hurt, I must add), the defense still gives him as much respect as they usually do – thereby spacing the floor for the rest of the team.

  • nanamarilyn

    You BETTER respect RAY RAY….you can NEVER count him out….three balls and all….[how do you KNOW that btw]…anyway…just when you think he's tanking….just when you REALLY need it…..WHOOSH….there he goes with his mighty three balls…..and he's so ADORABLE to boot…I can say that….I'm OLD….[now just you DON'T say a WORD now or nana will send you to your room and you will MISS the finals….LOL]