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Doc Showing Concern With Avery’s Shoulder

After taking a day off Saturday upon returning from Philadelphia, the Celtics were back at it Sunday in Waltham, making some preparations and adjustments for the pivotal Game 5 Monday night against the Sixers. The biggest development of the day however may have been the level of concern Doc Rivers showed about Avery Bradley’s shoulder and yet another dislocation he suffered during Game 4.

“It came out. It went right back in, which is crazy,” Rivers said. “It’s a tough thing, what he’s going through. A lot of players would not be playing.”

Doc also acknowledged that due to the injury, Bradley’s postseason play had been rollercoaster ride production wise, although his defensive value has continued to shine through, as evidenced by the Game 4 comeback Philadelphia mounted with Bradley in foul trouble in the third quarter during Game 4.

“He’s been up and down. Defensively, he’s been very effective, but offensively, he’s been on and off. The Sixers are absolutely making him score,” Rivers said. “They are leaving him, they are sagging the paint. They understand what’s going on with his shoulder too, and their thought is, if guy’s got a bad shoulder, he’s got to make shots, he’s got to finish in the paint.  I think that’s the one thing we see with his shoulder, he doesn’t want to drive as much. You don’t see him in the paint as much. Because that’s the two or three times that (the shoulder has) gone out, when he’s taken the hit. And you don’t blame him. But we do need to try to get him cutting again.”

With Rivers wanting to get him more active, he also made clear it’s a fine line for Bradley to walk to continue to be out there with the injury, something Doc admires:

“It’s his first playoffs and he’s dealing with stuff. It’s just tough. It really is,” explained Rivers. “I swear, a lot of people would not be playing and the only reason that he is is because he wants to. But I am concerned at some point that he may not be able to any more. We don’t know what game that is, we don’t know if he can finish it , we could go all the way and he could play. Or tomorrow could be his last game. You really don’t know.”

In a series where Bradley is just averaging six points per game, on 36 percent shooting, including 25 percent from downtown, the team could use more offensively from their starting shooting guard. Whether he has the means to give it to them is a whole other question. Either way, keeping Avery on the floor looks to be the best move against Philadelphia’s crafty backcourt as the series pushes deeper.


  • High Rollers

    I think it's time to whip out the Daniels and dust off the Pavlovic. Although he's no AB, 'Quis knows cutting, and baseline cuts are there for the taking against the Sixers. Pav's D is more than solid and he can make timely baskets (although it seems to surprise everybody when it happens) just as well as anybody off the Celtic bench. Having Ray and AB out there at the same time is nice in theory, but the predicate to that is that they are healthy, which they certainly are not. We're thin as can be, walking an even thinner tightrope, but if you don't use what you've got, you might regret it. These moments of Doc trusting guys to step up are too few and far between lately. Like Doc always says, you're paying fifteen guys. Let them help out a little around the house.

    • ElRoz

      Ok with Daniels…please no Sasha. I didn't like the Sasha bashing and still feel he can play good defense…but if Sasha is going to have less confidence in himself than I do in him – he should not play right now. Marquis cutting inside might be a good move – and he plays defense. Pietrus doesn't go inside apparently, but his 3-point shot has showed some life lately.

      It might be that starting Marquis (though Doc won't do it) with the KG-Rondo-Pierce group could help him.

      • High Rollers

        I have no problem with AB starting — he helped create that fantastic first quarter in G4 — unless he truly needs to be shut down for that shoulder. Just please no Ray/AB combo for any long stretch in the fourth. If the defense lulls or the offense sticks, find a group with MD (or Pavs… I think he'll play his heart out if he gets a chance) to get in there and create some positive havoc. It doesn't have to be forever… just long enough to refresh the stars' minds and legs. And don't forget Brandon, especially if he's looking good in the early going.

  • Mike

    This blog has got really lazy. Not trying to be a jerk but its the playoffs and you went 3 days between posts, and the posts that you guys do are generally 65% copy and paste and 35% actual writing. Moving on to a better blog, sorry

    • CelticsBIG3

      A lot of the posts are insightful, but this one is pretty much copy and paste. We could have easily continued responding to the first post.

      EDIT: In terms of copy and paste, I was referring to the fact that the article just rehashes qoutes.

    • brobb7


      Where do you see copy and paste on this post? I was at practice, got the audio, transcribed the quotes and put together the piece. We always bold and italicize quotes taken from somewhere else on CelticsHub so not sure about your complaint here. As for your other criticism, the players had a day or two off, hope you don't mind if we took one too over a weekend. We posted 11pm on Friday and then 8am on Monday. That's two days. We write during our "time off" so we hope you would respect that as well.

  • Tommie

    Don't sweat Mike's criticism. This is a terrific sports blog, with excellent analysis and writing. Some of us appreciate the work you guys do between games.