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Highlight Gallery: Celtics-Sixers

Words suck so let’s catch up with a few choice highlights from games two and three.

Here, Brandon Bass engages in some reputational counter-programming, not only rotating to cut off a drive but rising up to reject a Spencer Hawes dunk.

One of the great things about Paul Pierce is the audible yelp he emits when dunking, being fouled or pretending to be fouled. Here are the two game three dunks that – alone – raised expectations for banner number 18 across New England.

Including Kevin Garnett, the C’s suddenly find themselves with three centers. Here Rondo finds both of KG’s backups for alley-oops. The first, to Greg Stiemsma, is pretty but the second, to Ryan Hollins, has a nice bit of misdirection and perfect, measured timing from RR.

  • mugi

    nope hawes certainly won't bass. genius line.

  • Hype


    At this point, which team would we rather see in the eastern finals; the Pacers, or the depleted Heat?
    Assuming Bosh doesn't return. I don't know the extent of his injury but for the sake of the question, assume he doesn't come back.

    • GowGow

      I think Pacers are still a good match up for the Cs. Heats are losing because they just can't win without Bosh.

    • NHBluesMan

      I feel like the Heat would be an easier series (assuming Bosh doesn't return, if Hibbert can have close to a 20/20 night, KG would have a fieldday with the Heat's frontline). We match up well with IND, and i think our veteran experience and know-how would help, but it would be a tougher series since the Pacers are overall younger.

      My big question is, if Hibbert continues to play as good as he has been, do the C's consider him as an option in free-agency next year?

      • yeah

        Pretty sure we were *already* considering him as an option in free-agency next year. This has just made him even more enticing.

  • JR99

    We can beat either Pacers or Heat, imo, but I'd rather face the Bosh-less Heat. Hibbert at 7'2" is a potential problem, and the Pacers are fierce rebounders overall. Plus we're 3-1 vs. Heat this season, 2-2 vs. Indy. But I think we can take either one, IF we continue playing with the seriousness and intensity shown in Philly game 3.

  • Ira Barrows

    Haven't beaten Philly yet. An(expected) loss tonight ties the series. I think C's win but it's not death or taxes.

    • JR99

      I expect a win, and an end to the series in game 5. I think the Cs have finally flipped their switch and we won't be seeing their uber-cool version anymore. Game 4 should tell us a lot about whether that's true or not.

  • CG12

    The Pacers are a tough match-up for the Cs (or anyone). They have great size, play really hard, and are very deep. A bench of Collison-Barbosa-D.Jones-Hansbrough-Amundson is pretty nasty. Their starting 2 and 3 are both bigger than their starting PF (screw you, David West!).

    The Heat are a real mess right now. I can't see them coming back against the Pacers. It will take some major heroics from DWade and LeBron, and they just don't look up to it right now. LeBron is tired of taking on entire teams by himself and starting to show signs of wear. Their role players suck – plain and simple.

    • NHBluesMan

      i'm amazed that it took Bosh going down for the Heat fans to FINALLY REALIZE how much their bench sucks… even some ESPN "analysts" seem to just be realizing this now… i mean seriously?

      Things don't look good for them… when Spo is starting Dexter Pittman (who hasn't played yet in the playoffs) that's nothing short of a cry for help… Miami is basically done. At the very LEAST Spo gets fired, and at the most, i think they amnesty Miller and trade Bosh for some decent role-players… all of a sudden, with Irving the ROY and some solid role-players, Gilberts prediction of CLE winning a championship before MIA doesn't look that far-fetched, haha

      • Jzm

        Trade Bosh? Skilled two-way big men like him don't come easily in this league. Wade's production is much more replaceable, even if he is the face of the franchise. They'd be making a big mistake if they traded Bosh, IMO.

        In reality, they'll probably leave their Big 3 intact, amnesty Miller and try to get some good role players on the cheap.

  • Anthony

    Regular season aside, I still would prefer to face the Pacers. Anytime you have Lebron and Dwade, especially in playoff time, it's still a tall order to beat them. Despite Hibbert's height, he plays rather soft and KG would still have his way.

    Ideally, Celts need to close out the Sixers in 5 so Pierce, Ray, and AB can get back to full strength.