Post-game Reactions

Garnett followed up his season-best effort against Atlanta in Game 6 with a new season-high in points and another sensational double-double, as well 60 percent shooting (12-of-20) from the field. Over his past two contests, Garnett is averaging 28.5 points, 12.5 rebounds, two steals and four blocks a game. After the game, KG was candid as always:

On Boston’s slow first quarter: “You guys gotta understand that were playing a very good team, very young. I thought for the most part those guys hit us in the mouth in the first quarter, I’m not going to lie. But as the game went on it went good, second half was more of a defensive mind. At the same time, still punching back if you will. We put some stops together and closed the game.”

How lucky were they to be down just five points at halftime? “To be honest I didn’t even know what we were down I don’t even look at the score. No disrespect for the game or anything like that, I go off the crowd, I go off the adrenaline, the emotion. For the most part I like the feel of the game. I really feel like we have better basketball in us. I’m sure as the series goes on we will have no other choice but to get better. Whatever is asked of me is what I am going to do. I don’t really pay attention to the minutes “

Garnett on how tough it is to play these minutes on short rest: “I have no life at this point. I go home, get treatment, come back in here, study tape, film. No life at all. This is what it is.”

On Rondo’s second half performance: “Swag was aggressive man. I thought second half he did a lot better job looking for his shot. He has a lot of confidence. Hes been really really working on his game. He did a good job of balancing out trying to get Paul one, trying to get myself one.”

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Brian Robb

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    Someone please oil the door damn.

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    "Swag"!! Haven't heard that one before. It fits.

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    couldnt hear a word but i still watched