Post-game Reactions

Game 1
Sixers @ Celtics
8:00 PM EDT
TD Garden

Playoff Offensive Efficiency
Philadelphia: 101.7 points per 100 possessions (17th)
Boston: 98.9 points per 100 possessions (24th)

Playoff Defensive Efficiency
Philadelphia: 96.6 points allowed per 100 possessions (3rd)
Boston: 95.5 points allowed per 100 possessions (2nd)

Probable Sixers Starters: Jrue Holiday (PG), Evan Turner (SG), Andre Iguodala (SF), Elton Brand (PF), Spencer Hawes (C).

View From The Opposing Bench: Philadunkia

Thumbnail: Ray Allen and Paul Pierce are in. And in case you missed them earlier today, here are our series predictions…..

Ryan DeGama: The Celtics will win this series, but with Paul Pierce unlikely to approach 100% against the hyperathletic Andre Igoudala and Ray Allen a question mark for game one, it’s going to prove tougher than many are expecting. If the Celtics can control tempo (no turnovers!) and force Philly to grind it out, the Sixers are going to struggle to score against this Boston halfcourt defense. TheRajon RondoJrue Holiday matchup is not as clear a win for the Celtics as you might think, especially if Rondo takes quarters off or plays them badly, the way he did last series. Nobody expected the Celtics to have homecourt in round two but it might prove the difference. Boston in 7.

Michael Pina:  The Celtics will move on for myriad reasons (skill, experience, etc.), but what I’m most looking forward to in this series is Avery Bradley’s true coming out party. Due to a sudden shoulder injury and an unfavorable matchup against the 6’8? Joe Johnson, Doc Rivers wasn’t able to utilize his feisty, small backcourt in the first round. Against Philadelphia, a team that likes to run on the backs of Lou WilliamsJrue Holiday, and Evan Turner, Boston’s emerging weapon will finally make his presence felt.

The Sixers have youth, overwhelming athleticism, and confidence now that they’ve made their first bit of playoff progress in about a decade. If you believe professional sports is a bottom line business, then the bottom line with Philadelphia is that they beat Chicago in six games. But if you want to break down that series as a way to learn what might happen in this one, what really happened is they squeaked past a Bulls team that was missing its two best players. It wasn’t an eighth seed defeating one of basketball’s premier contenders. This was a borderline playoff team that had its hands full with a lottery bound roster of role players. This isn’t a case of my overlooking Philadelphia in anticipation of a showdown with Miami. It’s my belief that the Sixers simply aren’t all that good. Boston in 5.

Brian Robb: Philadelphia is a tough little team to figure out. The key to this series as Doc Rivers already articulated will be the turnover game. The Sixers are the best in the league this postseason at not coughing up the ball, and like Atlanta, they have the athleticism to force turnovers at an impressive clip as well (top-10 in regular season). The issue for them is no one can score the ball with any regularity. If you thought Boston’s offense was ugly, take into account only Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen averaged above 42 percent shooting from the field against Chicago in six games of action. The Sixers also hit 24.7 percent of their 3-pointers in that series, and Boston is one of the best at defending beyond the arc.

Philadelphia survived against Chicago because they were able to get to the line at an impressive clip against an undermanned Bulls team. In the regular season however, they were the worst team in the league at getting to the charity stripe (free throws per field goal attempt), so given the small sample size, I don’t expect this getting to the line trend to continue against a superb Boston defense. Putting it all together, I don’t think Philly can score enough to win four games in this series. Boston’s injuries will play a factor and make the series longer than it should be, but if Pierce, Allen and Bradley can stay on the floor and contribute, Boston gets it done. Boston in 7.

Brendan Jackson:  This series is going to be really hard to predict.  The Sixers don’t have the individual talent the Hawks had, which leaves the Celtics without anyone around which to specifically design their defensive game plan.  What sounds like a good thing actually has a tendency to cause the Celtics to become complacent on the defensive end when they think a lesser player has the ball.  The biggest problem with this approach is that while the Sixers are a collection of less-than-stars, they’re all still pretty good, not to mention young, athletic, and defensive minded.

Against the Bulls, a few players stood out as real x-factors.  Both Jrue Holiday and Spencer Hawes showed flashes of brilliance against the Bulls and provided an offensive spark when no flint seemed available.  I’m looking forward to see if Hawes has the same success against Kevin Garnett as he did against Carlos Boozer and a hobbled Joakim Noah.  Or is Holiday can do as well with Avery Bradley checking him.

Despite being embarrassed more than once by the Sixers in the regular season, the Celtics should win this series pretty handily.  Both the Sixers and Celtics struggle to score in the half-court and are both elite defensive teams.  Luckily for the C’s, if it comes down to the Celtics or the Sixers needing to score, the easy money is on the C’s to convert.  This series could be prove to be the Sixers welcoming party into the league of really good teams or it could be evidence of how a lesser team made it past a injury-depleted Bulls team.  I’m leaning towards the latter.  Celtics in 6.

Hayes Davenport:  Game is starting so I need to be quick: I think the Sixers are uniquely equipped to challenge the Celtics based on two assets: youth and depth. Both contribute to Philly’s speed, longevity, and injury tolerance. The Celtics are clearly the better team, but as we’ve seen all season and into the playoffs, they’ll go entire games playing far under their potential, so they could play an extended series against pretty much any team. I don’t think Philly’s going to make it through, but I do think it’s going to drag on. Celtics in 7.

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  • Justanotherfan

    We just look horrible out there. PP looks soo lethargic. Painful to watch them play right now.

  • someguyinsac

    Almost seems like they're sleepwalking through this game. 🙁

  • I_Love_Green

    This has to be a historically awful shooting performance here.

    Also its the playoffs guys, not the pre season. Show a little effort would ya.

  • Justanotherfan

    Bass should just go home and sleep.

  • I_Love_Green

    See where a little energy gets you?

  • skeeds

    now THAT'S how you start a half!!!

    Ok, let's school those kids from now on!

  • I_Love_Green

    Evan Turner will be the death of this team

  • Justanotherfan

    What is Pietrus's obsession with 3's? Could have easily layed that in.

  • skeeds

    Evidently, I finally managed to travel to a parallel dimension. No other explanation that we regain the lead with 2 clutch long range jumpers from Rondo.

    Good news, KG OWNS everyone in this universe too!!!

    • janos

      i do not , support this back hand complements rondos, sir.

      • skeeds

        Come on Janos, you know I love Rondo man, don't get mad!

        Seriously though, it's great that he's found the confidence to take these kinds of shots late in games when it really matters. It's a very good sign if he's really gonna take over this team from next year.

        • janos

          ok, thank you
          Rondos dial in now, forward, permanent.

          big three -dead.

          now, only: Big FOUR , our time. titles.

  • someguyinsac

    Yay, for the win!
    Yay, for Rondo!
    Yay, let's not do it this way again!

  • celticsrayallen

    Reporter – "For an older team, with no rest, it may be tough."
    Rondo – "It may not be. (pause) Look at us. (pause) We'll be fine." Walks away.

    • janos


  • janos

    Hi Brayden, is Janos
    very hard when get old, I watch celtics win hawks as predict, have beer , fall asleep chair until mid, of night at 3am, can you believe?

    Now two round, this guys not scare me at all i dont know them just , bum after bum. Somehows they will get win i guess, celtics win at 5

    prefer celtics not go even until end of game, is to much ask just lead by 12 for entires ? i guess so. now time crack saturday whiskys , see if can stay up til midnight at least; earl ybrunch tomorrow on mother day, when celtics play this good just come site talk meat, egg, not game, play

  • High Rollers

    You know who's alive? Number 5.