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Kevin Garnett: What a hero. What an actual hero. While his teammates were hoisting bricks and hucking turnovers everywhere, he quietly sucked it up and won the game on his own. There was only one set of footprints on the floor tonight…for that was when KG was carrying them. A+, y’all.

Brandon Bass: At long last, Bass quietly turned in a pretty solid game on defense and on the boards: there were some moments when he got up in Josh Smith’s unfriendly mug and really threw him off. He was rewarded by being subbed out for Ryan Hollins in crunch time. Hang in there, kiddo. Maybe Elton Brand will let you take a couple of shots at the rim. A solid B.

Paul Pierce: His decent line belies a mostly disappointing game from Pierce, up until the last minute or so. I’m going to blame the knee, because I don’t want to think it’s a crisis of motivation. He was deathly slow on rotations for the second game in a row, he settled for some horrific jumpers, and he slogged back on defense like the mighty Aquitania crossing the Atlantic. But that bucket inside and that massive block (after pretty much everyone thought Johnson was by him) fully redeems him for the evening. B+ feels right.

Rajon Rondo: Frustrating but mostly inoffensive game for Rondo. Lots of weird turnovers. Much too comfortable with his jumper (I know he’s been hitting them, that’s the problem). And he completely abdicated his playmaking responsibilities to Pierce and Garnett for much of the fourth. But he shot 50 percent and his defense was mostly good. Goodbye, assists streak! You were never actually important. B is for Belowexpectations.

Avery Bradley: Questionable minutes allocation for Doc tonight. He probably thinks having Ray in the game instead of Bradley gives him a superior offensive lineup, but that’s usually an illusion. Neither really did much scoring, but Bradley was predictably better on defense. He was +12 tonight, Ray was -9. Would be nice if they had a jumper between them, though. B it is.

Ray Allen: Didn’t have it tonight. As far as three-pointers and free throws are concerned, he hasn’t had it all series. Might have been smart to take some of the 15-footers he’s been able to make more reliably. A generous C+.

Ryan Hollins: I understand he’s shown flashes of competence in this series, but Doc: take it easy. 18 minutes? Almost the entire fourth quarter? I don’t mind a glimpse of him when KG’s sitting, but in all other circumstances I’d still rather have Bass in the game, just so they’re not totally running 4-on-5 on offense. B- for playing too long.

Marquis Daniels: I like that Marquis officially has 0 minutes even though he committed two of the most crucial fouls in the game. Should Atlanta have gotten shots after Marquis fouled on that OOB play? My theory is yes, they should’ve, but Bill Kennedy didn’t realize it would lead to shots when he called it, freaked out, and made up some rule on the fly to give Atlanta a side out. Anyway, great move by Quisy to force Horford to the line. Potential game-saver. B+ in five seconds.

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  • someguyinsac

    Many Thanks to YOU KG, you put the team on your back and dragged them to the win tonight.

  • CelticsBIG3

    LETS GO GREEN!! MANY KUDOS TO OUR GUY KKKKKKKKKKGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was determined tonightl Already bought tickets to game 1 vs. philly. Man my typing abilities are rough after 10 shots of YUKON JACK!!! The official shot of Celtic playoff runs

  • I_Love_Green




  • High Rollers

    Yeah, Rondo had one of those throwback, I don't know whether to shoot or dish games where way too many possessions ended up somewhere in between–in between being code for as a turnover. Sometimes these guys just get too hyped for their own good. Thankfully, KG found his zen (zen being code for Atlanta owner thinks he knows me?) and saved the day. Loved seeing both of them at the podium after the game. I think they showered and got massaged for about two days before ambling up there for a bar fight with the pencil pushers of sorts. KG was on his soapbox. He's earned it. Keep calling him old, everybody.

  • jpbl1976

    I hope the Truth is alright. It'll be a long series with Philly if Pierce is only at 70%. If we somehow go up 2-0, Doc should think about resting him for one game. We need Pierce as close to healthy as possible to beat Miami.

  • yeah


    • Hype


  • Guy

    Just to show how great KG was in comparison to the team, you should have given it a scale.

    On the KG scale Pierce's B+ would be a relative D.

    On the comparison to everyone else on the team but KG, Pierce deserved a B+.

    • Anthony

      Was going to say the same thing cuz Pierce's back-to-back turnovers almost gave me a heart attack. It's hard to get a sense of how bad that left knee is when he makes those lazy passes and doesn't play with energy but then comes back with the monster block on Joe Johnson in the final minutes.

      Can the writers, reporters, owners, players, or what have you keep calling KG old till we win Banner #18? Vintage KG tonight and for most of the series.

      Depending on Pierce, Ray, and AB's health, I think we can get through Philly in 5.

  • T.J.


  • Phil

    It was shots and the ball for Daniels' off ball foul with three seconds left if they didn't change it. If it was just shots, I think he probably goes to the line. Just something to remember when fans are complaining about the refs hating the Celtics next time they lose.

    Overall, a bad and sloppy game that should be expected every time the Celtics and Hawks face off. Luckily KG was there to put the C's on his back and drag them into the next round. The defense broke down when he left the court, he hit shots all game, and he even hit the game winner. You can't ask for more. Hopefully the others can step up against Philly though.

    • Anthony

      Are you sure it's 2 shot and possession for that play? If you see the replay, it actually should've been an offensive foul on Horford. Not sure how Quis got called for the foul when Horford wrapped his arm around Quis' neck.

      • Phil

        A foul before the ball is inbounded is definitely two shots and the ball, otherwise teams who need to foul would always foul the other team's worst FT shooter before the inbounds. No time off the clock that way.

    • CG12

      I could not figure out how that wasn't an obvious off-the-ball foul. The Cs got away with one on that play. Maybe Doc and Bill Kennedy hugged and made up.

    • Rav

      Yeah usually I feel it's the Cs who get the short end of the stick on the calls, but this game the referees were definitely on our side, and not just on that late call.

  • Zain

    You forgot Pietrus! 8 minutes. 2 points 1 rebound 1 TO. 8 minutes is what worries me for Philly series.

    • W2.

      Not hard to forget Pietrus in this series…..I mostly want to block him out of my mind.

  • Man all series I watched Josh Smith make those long jumpers and I was silently waiting for that fool's gold to pay off. Jackpot!

  • -jp

    KG was the only one who played even ok. Grades were too generous, glad we got the win though

  • W2.

    If we are to win any kind of serious hardware Ryan Hollins length and energy will play a factor. I like that Doc gave this kid run when it mattered. His rotations have been improving. His foot speed is superiour to Steamer and I still think Bass has a low way to go to improving his ability to defend one on one at a high level.

  • CG12

    I would really have liked to see more Bradley and less Ray. Ray didn't have it last night. Avery plays with much more confidence, and more effectively, when he gets more minutes.

  • The Cardinal

    2nd round home court advantage – whoda thunk it after the debate about health vs. trying for the highest seed?

  • Josh

    KG was a freaken MEAST (man+beast) last nite! What a dirty throwback game, good Lord! Hes my fav player and now you all know why………Cuz he plays like that!