Post-game Reactions

Welcome back to basketball after four months, Al Horford! Now guard this 7-foot superathletic lunatic.

IMPORTANT: Watch KG barking at the end of the play, like 0:12. He’s repeating something over and over, and while I’m not 100% positive what it is, I’m 95% positive it’s…”I’m so excited.”

Yes. In an NBA basketball playoff game. Kevin Garnett. Screamed. That he was so excited. Several times.

I defy you to tell me that’s not what he’s saying. Defy you.

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  • W2.

    Me too Kevin, me too! Roll Celts.

  • Lkk83

    Yep that’s what he said. Me and my mom were watching it and got a good laugh out if it 🙂

  • He just can't hide it, I guess. Whoaaaa whoa whoa whoa.

  • sethesq

    It's exactly what he said…right after he said "Whoooo! Let's blow these (KG's favorite adjective) out!" lol

  • Josh

    This play reminded me of the scene in Jurassic Park where they lower the cow (Al Horford) into the cage with the T-Rex (KG). We all know what happens.

    • noche


      • Brian

        It's actually a cow, but they lower it into the Velociraptor cage. Which seems more appropriate to me…KG as a Velociraptor. All wiry, strong, and brutally efficient at gutting you.

        • noche

          So we are both right depending on the scene.

  • jpmist

    I caught that too, but being hard of hearing I do a little lip reading and after replaying it a few times I thought he was saying "I'm psyched! I'm so psyched! I'm so psyched!"

    I loved it! I felt a little bad though for Steamboat, seeing how Kevin yelled it in his ear. . .

    • hdavenport

      That's awesome. "I'm so psyched" is even better.

  • Anon

    i thought it was "im a strong N****a"

    • Ray Ray for 3

      Anon, I think you're right. I watched this a few times. He did say that. ha ha

    • hdavenport

      This is also credible:
      1) It's bleeped.
      2) It's crazy.