Post-game Reactions

Game 4
Hawks @ Celtics
7:00 PM EST
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency:
101.0 points per 100 possessions (24th)
Atlanta: 104.9 points per 100 possessions (16th)

Defensive Efficiency:
98.2 points allowed per 100 possessions (2nd)
Atlanta: 101.2 poitns allowed per 100 possessions (6th)


This is the throat stomp game.  If the Celtics can come up with a win tonight, then it’ll be nearly impossible for the Hawks to come back and take this series.  And they shouldn’t, really.  The Hawks have been feeling the effects of the injury bug all series long.  Yet, even without Al Horford, Zaza Pachulia, and Josh Smith and Tracy McGrady for stretches, the Hawks have been able to hang with the C’s.  There’s no logical explanation for this given the forced reconstruction of their lineups.  In Friday night’s overtime loss, Larry Drew played Erick Dampier’s corpse 22 minutes.  22 minutes for “Damp Damp, what it do?” and the Celtics still didn’t completely dominate.  Despite the close games, the general feeling is that the Hawks are not going to get back in this series but hey, it’s why they play the games.

Tonight, Smith is a game-time decision and Drew thinks he’ll play even if he’s only 60-70%.  Fortunately for the C’s, a 60-70% Smith may be worse than no Smith at all.  If Smith isn’t exploding by people and hitting the glass hard, he’s probably taking a lot of long contested jumpers- which is exactly what the C’s want him to do.

While the Hawks try to rally together and not let injuries defeat them, the Celtics are getting better and healthier.  Avery Bradley went down with a “shoulder stinger” in Game 3 but is a go tonight and will be in the starting lineup.  Ray Allen is also available and will be expected to play big minutes.  With everything going in the Celtics’ favor, it’s just really hard to see how the Hawks can snag a win tonight on the road.


Celtics 95, Hawks 87


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  • I_Love_Green

    We need this game! Lets go Celtics!!

  • CelticsBIG3

    Can't take another heartattack game tonight. They need to go out and crush them early. It was also a pleasure to see the Knicks take a game against the Heat today.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Update: so far no heartattack other than Pierce going down.

  • hansgruber

    Looks like Rondo wants another triple double tonight and Paul Pierce is channeling Larry Bird in the first quarter.

  • mikebass14

    where’s AB?

  • Lantrell Walker

    Awesome group start out of the gate, loving the energy being displayed in the early going, keep it up guys.


  • mugi


  • janos

    I thought i was love team before, but love more now, before.

  • hansgruber

    Someone get Paul a fire extinguisher fast because this man is on FIRE!

  • Switcharoo

    Nice shot of Paul on a stationary bike. Lol

  • JCP


  • I_Love_Green

    God damn this was a fun game.

    My love for Pierce grows stronger every game!

  • someguyinsac

    Hopefully they pack this effort and intensity in their suitcases for use in Atlanta and get this series over with.

    Love the finely tuned motor running on all cylinders games like this one was.

  • High Rollers

    Stops and ball movement. Rondo's favorite kind of game.

  • Robert

    At this point, I'm actually mildly surprised when Rondo DOESN'T get a triple double in the playoffs.

  • skeeds

    FINALLY a win I can feel comfortable about.

    Bass been reading the forums, it seems. He was ON those offensive boards tonight. Even drove to the basket 2-3 times and had a dunk! Keep it up man!!!

  • yeah


  • ElRoz

    Hope Pierce is all healed and ready…..same for Avery and Ray…..

    glad to see Daniels, Hollins, Stiemsma, and Dooling get some minutes…these guys are helpful and useful for the team.

    Rondo was 6 for 8 on outside jumpers tonight…6 for 8!

  • cezsays

    The Bulls are on the brink, the Heat tasted a loss, the champs are gone, and the boys in green just CRUSHED the Hawks.

    No big deal, really.

    • janos

      Hi caesar,, is janos
      is fairy tale play.