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Paul Pierce Tebows (Video)

Over the top? Perhaps. Premature move with 1:15 left? Probably. Chances any Celtics fan will complain about it after a 36 point, 14 rebound and four assist performance? 0.0 percent

Here’s Pierce after the game to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports on what inspired the move:

“I’ve seen it on TV,” Pierce said later. “I don’t know what inspired it. I don’t know why. I wasn’t thinking about it. It was instinctive. It’s just like I don’t know when I’m going to shoot a three or jumper. It was instincts.”

And to cap things off, Paul delivered with a couple money tweets to finish out the night

followed by this at around 3am this morning

The Captain and The Truth ladies and gentlemen!

  • IBleedGreen

    Paul Pierce can do whatever he wants if he plays like that every night. Pierce >>>>> Tebow.

  • tbunny

    I swear to you, I saw the look on Pierce's face coming out of the huddle before the game and I knew the Celtics were only going to get beat by championship performance, which the Hawks don't appear to have.

  • C'sBballFan

    "Did he just hit em with a tebow!" Lol