Post-game Reactions

Avery Bradley brought bad news for the Hawks in his right hand last night. Bradley notched three leaping blocks in the game, equaling the rest of his teammates combined. Here they are:

Tragically, that’s the only one of the three blocks that earned a slow-motion replay from the NBATV production crew. The art of the slow-mo replay was set back generations by that decision.

Bradley is behind Hinrich when he goes up for that shot. How he recovers is beyond our science. Watch this last one a hundred times:

NBATV announcer on the play: “Teague with a runner…that won’t go.” He completely ignores Bradley’s block…because hedidn’t understand what he saw. How does Bradley get up and redirect that ball with his back hand?? NOBODY does that. He doesn’t even get a towel wave from his own bench: Stiemsma gets up and lurches a couple steps forward and then sits back down. Bradley was about five years ahead of his time on that block.

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  • MShrek

    perfect description of that last block

    • janos

      Haynes perfect, usual.

  • srb

    I'm pretty sure Mike Gorman's in-game call was that Teague's shot in #3 went off the side of the backboard. I was so confused because I had just started celebrating the block.

    • Handsome

      So that IS what happened! I remember watching the play and I swore that AB had gotten a hand on it but I heard Mike's call and just assumed I was imagining things.

      Whew. Good to see I'm not going completely insane.

  • commercial

    I'm getting really excited about this kids potential. What do you think he is ceiling is? Quality bench player, solid starter, top tier, all-star? I have no idea. But i do love to watch him play defense.

    • commercial

      *his ceiling is, ha

      • Jzm

        He's already a solid starter (provided he doesn't regress). I honestly think he can be an all-star in this league, but we just have to wait and see.

  • zach

    have to think AB can be an unconventional all star right? Great defense and 15 PPG? Seems to have amazing athleticism, even by NBA standards, and a great sense of unselfishness/team play. He is also a PURE shooter. On the other hand he is 6'2" with poor passing and ballhandling skills, even by college PG standards. No reason to think that will improve significantly at this piont. There really is no comp for him, but he is turning into a very good potential all star player at only 21

    • CelticsBIG3

      How high is his vertical leap is what I want to know. He has springs man holy sh!t

      Edit: A little research reveals a 40 inch vertical leap and a 4 second 40 yard dash. Christ

      • Well 4 point what? 4 flat would mean he was the fastest human ever born. There's a big difference between 4.3 which is Deion Sanders, 4.5 which is an average NFL WR, and 4.8 which a couple LBers ran and 4.9 which a 340 pound lineman ran.

        • CelticsBIG3


          • It looks like it too – when he gets in the open court everyone else looks like they are standing still

      • High Rollers

        That's how you get to be high school number one, I guess. Good thing he has a head on his shoulders and is proving quite comfortable eating at the big kids' table.

  • High Rollers

    Interesting that both Doc and KG finished fifth in their respective seasonal awards categories… COY and DPOY.

    Which reminds me, we need everyone's favorite DECOY back… That means you, Jesus Shuttlesworth! At the same time, I'm glad you were there on that bench to bring MP down a fraction. He and his intensity were walking the plank for a minute there. You talked him back. Still doin' work.

  • zach

    AB = a rich man's Leandro Barbosa (but a much better defender)???

  • janos

    Hi haynes, is janos
    Are enjoy playoff so far? Game three big one us, but will not problem at all. Celtic win by 11, if you note offical predict mine on game preview that will be appreciate.

  • JR99

    On #3, sorry I don't see AB redirecting the ball with his back hand. He goes up with his right hand, which is in front of his man. I mean, it was awesome and all, but to me #1 is the most incredible of all because there he's running HALF-SIDEWAYS, matching his man stride for stride, then leaps like over a friggin building to touch the ball with his fingertips. Just amazing. That one had be SMHing when it happened.

    • Jzm

      #1 was the most impressive, but his right hand *IS* his back hand. His left hand is on Teague, his right hand is farther away. That means he would have to reach higher to get to the ball (since it's had more time to rise). That's what made block #3 impressive as well.

  • felix

    what about KG's huge block in the last minute against Ivan Johnson? Aside from PP and Bradley i think KG was just as important. He is really a monster on D!

  • Los.

    Grit and balls man grit and balls

  • yeah

    And grit.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Don't forget about balls

  • High Rollers

    And more grit.