Post-game Reactions

Paul Pierce made his intentions for last night’s game clear in the opening second. KG lost the tip to Josh Smith, but Pierce still managed to grab it from two Hawks, then spin past three of them for to score with 11:56 remaining in the first quarter.

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  • lucidsportsfan

    Yup. Set the tone 4 seconds in. He wasn't going to let the C's lose under any circumstances.

  • michaelmarlow

    Whenever Pierce steals a tip like that (and he's done it quite often, relatively speaking), I always think of game 7 versus the Cavs in the 2008 playoffs. That guy is the best.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Pierce stole several tips this season alone. Actually if you watch him closely on tips, he is always calculating which way its going and how to go get it from the competition if the tip is lost by the green.

  • Rav

    Yeah I've noticed him do this a lot actually. Are there any other players who do this regularly. It seems an easy way to get that first bucket, if you're locked-in while everyone else is dawdling.