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Rondo Suspended For Game 2


The news was first reported by Mike Dowling of WCVB in Boston, and was confirmed by Danny Ainge to A.Sherrod Blakely moments ago. Here’s the full statement from Doc Rivers on Rajon Rondo suspension:

“Obviously, from a competitive standpoint we are disappointed with the league’s decision to suspend Rondo. He plays a valuable part in our team’s success. We accept the punishment and will use it as a learning tool for our players.” 

More on the situation as it develops….

  • Ryan

    Pierce and KG will show up this time, and Paul isn't half bad at running the offense. Have faith!

  • Josh

    The league has to set a precedent with making contact to an official. 1 game is a just sentence, but the referee who botched the out-of-bounds call AND the jump ball call needs to be suspended as well. What a piece of sh.t that guy is.

    • dslack

      Except he didn't botch the "jump ball call."

      Look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_G-x4b7Zmw#t=00m4

      Bass whacks Smith in the face (pretty hard). That's a foul. I thought the official had screwed up the call in realtime too, but on replay it's clearly the right call. Plenty of other calls were botched but not that one.

      • mmTOS

        The jump ball should've been called prior to that. Like you just said, watch the video.

        • dslack

          I did watch it. Please identify for me when the held ball occurred. It's easy in youtube — just tell me the time on the youtube clock.

          NBA Rules
          "Section VII-Held Ball A held ball occurs when two opponents have one or both hands firmly on the ball. A held ball should not be called until both players have hands so firmly on the ball that neither can gain sole possession without undue roughness."

          When was the held ball, and which two players had their hands firmly on the ball?

          • emg

            Damn. Dslack just smoked Josh and mmTOS!

          • dslack

            By the way, I love that someone gave me a thumbs down, but no one simply identified where in the video the held ball occurs.

            Because it didn't occur. Bass whacked Smith in the face, and the foul that was called as a result was perfectly deserved. This doesn't fit the more fun "the world is unfairly against us" narrative, but it's the truth. And if it's not, please just point out where in the video the jump ball should have been called. I'm open to being convinced.

  • Stephen

    Agreed—- This is something we can bank on every year in the playoffs–The NBA clearly has the most incompetent officiating of any of the major sports—-Hands down–And it only took them 1 game to screw it up already!!!! — The ball that went out of bounds after Pierce missed the 3 pointer was clearly off of Josh Smith. The foul call on Bass—Gimme a break. That's a jump ball. I guarantee had that been Lebron or Wade slightly nugging an official the league would be taking those guys out to dinner. Same old deal, Stern has to give the Hawks a real chance in this series. C's still win this. I would like to see the Hawks win a game in Boston. Not gonna happen!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/michaeljavid @michaeljavid

      I'm not big on conspiracy theories. I've seen many bad calls over the last couple days, but I think it's mostly because being an NBA ref is hard. They are so much better than basketball refs at any other level. Referees are also required to review their calls that night before they go home. A lot happens below the surface to promote referee excellence. Anyway the refs did screw it up last night, but the smart people already know that you have to accept the consequences for digging such a big hole for yourself. If two bad calls means you lose your chance to win, then you already messed up.

      I do think they need to make extra focus on things like travelling (Lebron) and flopping (also Lebron) the next time the committee gets together.

  • High Rollers

    The Prodigal Son will return. There was going to be a mountain to climb either way. Grappling hooks… check.

    Meanwhile, I wonder how many people looked up videos of Voltron because of KG's latest hit analogy… I know I did. And I was entertained.

  • someguyinsac

    Now that the "What will happen to Rondo?" sideshow is over, back to the task at hand of figuring out how to win Tuesday night no matter and then getting it done.

  • skeeds

    Teams get confused when facing the C's without Rondo, as they do facing any team without their best player. We need to capitalize on this. PP's gonna draw a lot of attention, and double teams. So Pavlovic, Pietrus and Dooling are bound to get looks. They better make at least 5 3-pointers combined. And Bass better have a 20 point game.All of them were at least passive on offense yesterday, and they better wake up soon.
    I know Doc and KG will make sure of that.

  • Tommy

    Is it possible to appeal the suspension? Rondo will inevitably be suspended for 1 game this series, but maybe we can delay it until we are back home. if we can push the suspension until game 3, we could possibly have ray back in the fold by then. also I would rather be shorthanded at home than on road.

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