Post-game Reactions

I’m not interested in Paul Pierce’s huge game last night, or all the blown assignments that led to open New York dunks and three-pointers. I don’t care about the lack of bench scoring or the prospect of games against Orlando and Atlanta before the weekend arrives. If you really need a grade for last night’s game, I’d propose an F, simply for the fact that two more Celtics came up lame ten days before the start of the playoffs.

It’s time to put a halt to this shortened-but-still-too-long regular season and rest the core players on this team, all of who have been overworked since the all-star break. And before it. Run JaJuan Johnson out there for 40 minutes. Free E’Twaun. Hell, go sign Antoine Walker if you think he can give you 15 minutes.

Doc Rivers had the right idea resting Pierce and Kevin Garnett Sunday in Charlotte but he needs to go further because no matter the seed or the opponent, a healthy Celtics team can win four times in seven. But shorn even one of its top six players (not counting the already departed Jeff Green, Jermaine O’Neal and Chris Wilcox) Boston is going to check out of these playoffs quickly.

Anyone disagree?

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  • Kafel

    I think that this was important game and next two are also big because of home court in 1st round at stake. Agree that resting starters is important but home court in 1st round is also. If they win next two they can rest whole last two games of the season, which should be quite enough.

  • The Cardinal

    I agree with Ryan – get healthy. Home court advantage for the first round this year is overrated – the better team, be it the C's or their opponent – is going to prevail. There is less than a dime worth of difference between the potential opponents in the 3 – 6 spots unless a team is suffering from some significant injuries.

  • ozcelts

    The math says:
    – the home court advantage (if C's get it) is likely only relevant to the first round (can't see Bulls or 2.5 men gettting dusted first round)
    – if C's can't win the first round without home court they ain't winning against tougher opponents in later rounds
    – ergo: home court doesn't matter- if we need it we're not winning #18 this year anyway
    Suggest far better to have healthy bodies- that's our only chance

  • Stefano

    Totally agree on this.
    Get the Big three healthy and run a bench team for these remaining games. And I mean, NO TITOLAR PLAYERS, neither for a minute.
    It's not about winning rigth now, it's all about get some rest to do big things during playoff.

  • Josh

    Pierce,Ray and Rondo should be shutdown till the playoffs. KG shouldn't play till Miami. Health is more important now that they gift wrapped last night's game to the Knicks.

  • ElRoz

    I agree – rest the starting five along with Allen and Pietrus (save Bradley from any late season chance injuries)…BUT try to win tonight at home against Orlando.

  • Morpheus

    Agreed, rest the Big 4 play the rooks and bench major minutes.