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Grades will be coming a bit later tonight, but for now, we have some fun numbers.

  • Two points for Celtics bench
  • Triple-double for the man in the helmet
  • 43 points for Paul Pierce
  • 15/20 shooting from downtown for Steve Novak and J.R. Smith

Ray Allen and Mickael Pietrus (knee) were certainly missed, but for now the reality that you aren’t going to beat any team that shoots 56 percent from the field and 59 percent from downtown.

The bigger concern for now has to be health for Pietrus, Allen, and Rajon Rondo (bruised back) and Paul Pierce (sore toe and thigh). Is it time to get healthy and not worry about home court?

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Anthony

    OMG… as soon as I saw Rondo's switch on Novak, I already knew what was coming. Obviously the fall slowed him down but, seriously, WTF was Rondo cheating and leaving the league's best 3pt shooter open??!! on back-to-back possessions no less!!

    With the Knicks shooting a ridiculous % in the 1st half, then lapses in defense on Chandler (I think he had 5 dunks in a span of 2-3 mins), then 3 consecutive stupid foul calls by the ref on Sasha (It's so damn blatant and obvious!!!), the Celt still manage to be down only 6pts with 3 minutes to play. Also, Melo should've got T'd up when he bitched about a foul against Bass, and then talking trash to Stiemsma when he fouled JR Smith. Chandler also tried to bully Stiemsma but nice to see that Stiemboat didnt back down to either of them.

    Couldn't have asked to be in a better position but Rondo decides to cheat on defense and leave Novak for 2 open 3s'. It was definitely a win-able game but Celts didn't want it and let the Knicks pull away.

    • Hew

      Hey enough about Rondo dude!

      • Anthony

        I'm been all positives on Rondo but those 2 defensive lapses are pretty typical Rondo-esque defenses.
        Why am I getting minus points for pointing out criticisms and frustrations with the game is beyond me?

        The Highlights Mix on the left hand side of the page made me feel better though. Everyone should check it out!

  • someguyinsac

    Guess they're feeling like Miami did a week or so ago.

    Man, this game sucked in so many ways and it's tough to see the bright sides of it.

    • someguyinsac

      And BTW, I'm rather go with health and not home court.

  • High Rollers

    Definitely time to recharge those batteries a little bit.

  • GowGow

    Give the guys a break. They've already showed us what they can do taking in consideration the numbers after the All-Star weekend. It's time to relax.

  • NICK33

    Health is wealth!

  • Lakershater13

    Tough game to watch. Would have been great if they could have pulled it off late. I’m not going to stress over this one too much. It won’t be every game that two guys combine 15/20 from the 3pt territory.

  • yeah

    Orlando and Atlanta coming up. Rest after that.
    Wouldn't at all mind blowing the season-finale Bucks game if it could mean Philly or NY missing the playoffs for a MIL birth

    • lakershater13

      Moore and JJJ in the starting lineup for that game?

  • emg

    I attended the game tonight. and sat near the bench.

    there was lot of focus was on Bass by Rondo and Doc and KG. Much of the time they were upset with him and Bass was avoiding eye contact and turning away while being spoken to. Doc in particular was riding Bass and shaking his head and on one occasion Bass barked back. (When Rondo fell, Doc continued to talk to Bass.)

    Pierce was absolutely limping due to his toe – and on the play where he finally went up against Chandler, he grabbed his leg (his quad) and limped for the rest of the game. It was not the usual Pierce grimace. He looked genuinely worried and kept looking at his quad during pauses in the game.

    Then Rondo's back. If I had to guess I believe that this injury will be a turning point for Rondo this season. With back muscles (and groins, like D. Rose's) once the body thinks these muscles should be tight, they stay too tight and spasm. Rondo's way of running has all the telltale signs of protecting his back – the upright gate of someone not moving the lower back at all. Recall that when they lost to the Heat last year that it wasn't his broken arm that collapsed under the strain of the series – it was his back that seized up and required nonstop attention on the sideline.

    Tonight Rondo came out of the locker room after half time in a massive back brace; he spent the whole half time in a back brace. Then he fell and killed his back on top of all this; he was virtually trembling on the sidelines during breaks. When backs start really spasming it takes more than a few days (or weeks) to get them to stop.

    Add Allen's ankle, which like a back injury will re-swell after every game. Pietrus has a swollen knee. etc. And even though he scored lots of jumpers, I think Pierce is hobbled. I was looking at a different team than the one that played the Heat weeks ago. It breaks my heart to say that but I think it's true.

  • ElRoz

    screw homecourt – Boston had homecourt in 2009 playoffs and lost games at home to the Bulls and Orlando. Get healthy – no 4 seed w/o homecourt is the same as #5 and #6…no point there.

    Save Pierce, KG, Rondo, Ray, Pietrus, Bass, and Bradley (yes, keep Bradley off so that we don't risk anything).

    Play Dooling, Moore, Daniels, Pavlovic, Hollins, Johnson and a little of Stiemsma (12 min a game to save from injuries)…that's it. Need to heal. They need to consider that this is Boston and anybody looking at Boston sports over the last 4 years will see a very unlucky town injury wise (KG, Perk in the finals, Youk, Pedroia, Ellsbury, Welker last game of the season in 2010, Gronkowsky last year, Brady 2008, KG 2009, Shaq 2011 and Delonte 2011)…that's why after tonight I say keep even A. Bradley safe.

  • Josh

    What a bull$hit game. This loss is 1,000x times worse than the Raptors loss, because this was flat out a lazy, no effort game. The Celtics "supposedly" pride them selves on defense? What was that?! Homecourt is pointless now as we are a game back with 3 to play and all playoff opponents. Gotta just go for the rest now.