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Game 59/66: Celtics (34-24) @ Raptors (20-39) Open Thread

Boston at Toronto
7:00 PM
Air Canada Centre

Offensive Efficiency
Boston: 95.3 points/100 possessions (25th)
Toronto: 98.9 points/100 possessions (24th)

Defensive Efficiency
Boston: 95.3 points/100 possessions (1st)
Toronto: 101.9 points/100 possessions (14th)

Probable Toronto Starters: Jose Calderon(PG), DeMar DeRozan(SG), Alan Anderson (SF), Amir Johnson (PF), Aaron Gray (C)

View from the Opposing Bench: Raptors Republic

I vaguely, vaguely remember when the Celtics lost to the Raptors back in February. It seemed like a pretty dark sign on the season at the time. Then they lost to the Pistons twice in four days and we all realized what a dark sign looked like. Ugh.

Today, the Raptors have a guy named Alan Anderson starting at small forward. Full disclosure: I am not sure I have ever heard of that person before in my life. I’m looking at this name and it’s not registering at all. I don’t know if that is a reflection on me or this terrible basketball team.

Tonight is, of course, the first of three consecutive games for Boston. Eyes should be on minutes and reduction of injury risk. Maybe we’ll see a split-squad format to tonight’s roster. Maybe we’ll see Marquis Daniels. All will be revealed…tonight…AT THE AIR CANADA CENTRE!

C’s 95, Raptors 84

  • Switcharoo

    GO CELTICS!!!!!!

  • onecowboytoo

    This should be a very easy game, and the starters should get plenty of rest provided they play hard and execute while on the floor.

  • I_Love_Green

    Was that really a first half of an NBA game

  • tomrod

    this game is slipping away

  • IBleedGreen

    I don’t recognize what I am watching. Am I watching the Celtics?

  • someguyinsac

    Drives me up the wall when they play down to the other teams abilities, Ugh.

  • Switcharoo

    Friday the 13th or opposite day, I can figure out which. What do see right now is the Raptors up on the C’s in double digits at the 4th and its making me sick. I heard Doc wanted to play the JV players to give the vets some rest but that doesn’t mean to the point of losing to the freakin Raptors; without Calderon or Bargnani even! SMH

  • someguyinsac

    Getting murdered on the boards. :(

  • ElRoz

    Very good that they lost to a crappy Toronto team even without Bargniani: hopefully this will cool the "Boston can win it this year" hotheads. Remember that Boston just lost to a bad team w/o its best player right in the middle of a division race – this go to mean something.

    Everybody should relax and be happy with a 2nd round elimination in 6-7 games. Period.

    • Anthony

      ElRoz – Dooling played 8 mins, are you happy now?

      A horrible Raptors team also beat the 72-10 Bulls during the the 95-96 season but don't recall MJ being overly concerned about not contending for a championship.

      Yes, it's a bad lost tonight but it happens. Let's just agree that as long as the Celts don't face the Raptors in any round of the playoffs, we'll have a fighting chance at Banner 18.

  • Robbo

    With 76's losing and Pacers winning the result is a non factor in the race for position 3.
    Ugly game – too many min for the starters – hoping this is that loss they had to have before going on another run.

  • john

    but it matters for home court Atlanta now holds the edge. Terrible player management form doc.

  • Switcharoo

    Or maybe they can lose the swagger and take EVERY game seriously,we all know they came out tonight thinking this was gonna be a cakewalk. But hey,at least Rondo made his 10+ assists so the streak grows. SMMFHO

  • Lantrell Walker

    So just because we lost one game to a non-playoff team, we're not capable of winning a title?
    The Wizards beat the Lakers earlier this season, so by your logic, the Lakers are not a contender.
    The Nets beat Chicago in February, so I guess the Bulls have no business in the title picture.
    OKC lost to the Kings on the road, so i guess it'd be foolish to put them into any championship talks.
    No one win or loss in the regular season defines whether a team is a contender or not, that's why there's something called the postseason to truly test what teams are made of.


  • strips

    Wasn't it just yesterday when we were talking about steamrolling both the bulls and the heat in the playoffs ? The c's lose one game and suddenly it's "they're going down in the second round".

    I know it's very disheartening that they lose to crappy teams like the raptors when we know they could easily win the game, but let's cut them some slack. We know they won't win every game that's coming.

    I'm just saying let's not be too negative about this.

  • Anthony

    Sighhh…such a let down especially since this is probably the easiest games of the 4 game road trip. I know they have Bobcats Sunday but that's the third game of the back-to-back-to-back on the road. NJ has been playing decent lately too so it's not exactly a give-me.

    Why did Doc feel the need to change the rotation? Celts were up 10points, Toronto shooting something like 25% FG and he brings in Marquis, Dooling, and Hollins? Why not just put the clamps down and try to blow them out and then rest the starters with a comfortable lead? The rotation forced the starters to play extended minutes to make a comeback.

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