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This Is the Celtics Highlight Mix You Were Looking For


A guy named Jon Liauw made it for you. I discovered it on my Facebook feed fortuitously. It documents a pretty good chunk of the recent surge and it fa-reakin’ rules. The track is Lloyd Banks: “Start It Up” ft. Swizz Beatz, Kanye etc.


    It was said that we will win the championship…… its a lovely thing when you hear doubt coming from the oppositions mouth make a transformation into fear in the enemies eyes, and believe me….. i"m a DIE-HARD CELTICS FAN THAT LIVES IN CHICAGO . Being a barber with a workstation that doubles as celtics shrine, its a constant fight with the whole city. Win or lose, i truly love my team, and i will represent them till death !!! ITS ALL ABOUT EIGHTEEN IN 2012 AAAHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jay

      finally… another Chicagoan for the perpetual advancement of the great Boston Celtics! All Hail!

  • NHBluesMan

    Vandell- i'm in Chicago too man! well, technically the northwest suburbs of it, but i know what you mean.

    I love the KG clip to end the video, great closing note

    • Jay

      again, Chicago… whoooo.. ran out of energy from the first reply, my apologies.

      • Rav

        I'm in Chicago too!

  • -jp

    My 3 takeaways 1) I miss Wilcox, ran so well with RR 2) we have to be excited for the future with Bradley and Rondo 3) it seems insane we were about to trade Rondo, we are witnessing one of the best point guard seasons in a long time from Rondo. He is really special and is getting better, seems like in 2 years he will be at his peak of his game and we will be treated to something incredible, but you have to appreciate it right now

    • Michael

      Me too!

  • ripsonics

    the pass… at 5:20

    oh my god.

  • Josh

    Rondo's pass at 5:19 made me puke everywhere…I mean everywhere.

    • Michael

      I like Rondo too!

  • Sean

    SO agreed with missing Wilcox. Man there were some awesome finishes between him and Rondo. And I'm sitting in a coffee shop trying not to jump and laugh every time I see a crazy Rondo pass, or an AVERY BRADLEY dunk. Holy crap some of those were/are awesome.

    This has been an awesome highlight reel… for once I actually feel like the Celts are crazy-good this season. I'm going to now watch the second half. I'll probably have to add more later.

    • Sean

      Okay. Another thing. One of my favorite things to watch is Ray Ray upfake for a three, see his defender FLY by him, and just with all the poise and cool in the world re-set his shot, take his time, and nail it. It's a thing of beauty, and if I were his defender and watching the replay, I'd feel punk'd every single time.

      • Michael

        Ray Allen's awesome!

  • High Rollers

    You weren't kidding. Wow. Thanks for putting that up, Hayes!

  • AussieCeltic

    THANKS HAYES!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!

    • Josh

      I need a cigarette after that.

  • I_Love_Green

    Chris Wilcox ):

    But phenomenal mix though, really enjoyed that!

  • Zee

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Morpheus

    OMFG, Rondo's pass @5:20…UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!!

    • janos

      Is #1 pass, on NBA.

  • CFW

    Pietrus looks like Jay Electronica.

  • Anthony

    Wish Ryan Hollins can develop into better player and play more minutes. Those 3 alleys between him and Rondo were sick with it.

    AB's crossover on Farmar, and coast-to-coast dunk on Durant is pretty sick too.

    Quick votes guys – which AB block is the best?
    A) 1st block on Westbrook (0:31)
    B) 2nd block on Westbrook (3:25)
    C) Block on DWade (5:47)

    My favorite is the 2nd block on Westbrook.

  • Michael

    Go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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