Post-game Reactions

San Antonio @ Boston
TD Garden
7:30 ET

Offensive Efficiency
Boston: 98.6 points/100 possessions (25th)
San Antonio: 107.1 points/100 possessions (2nd)

Defensive Efficiency
Boston: 95.8 points allowed/100 possessions (2nd)
San Antonio: 101.3 points allowed/100 possessions (13th)

Probable San Antonio starters: Tony Parker (PG), Daniel Green (SG), Kawhi Leonard (SF), Tim Duncan (PF), and DeJuan Blair (C)

Injury Report: Ray Allen is shooting around before the game. No word yet on whether he’ll play.

View From The Opposing Bench: 48 Minutes of Hell

This Spurs team is good.  Damn good.  Frustratingly good.

Nearly every move the Spurs front office makes is a slam dunk.  The Spurs were 29-13 at the trade deadline and have added two solid rotation players since then (Boris Diaw and Stephen Jackson).  Even their no-names are producing.  Before last season, did anyone have Gary Neal on their radar?  Danny Green couldn’t get PT on the worst team in the league last season.  The Spurs just picked up Patty Mills, a solid player but no world-beater, and the dude dropped 20 points on the Cavaliers.

To put the Spurs in prospective for those who don’t get out of the Eastern Conference, San Antonio has leapfrogged the Heat in offensive efficiency since the Sunday.

Luckily, the C’s have a few things going for them tonight:

  • They are home
  • The Spurs are on a SEGABABA
  • The Spurs aren’t nearly as good as Miami (or Boston for that matter) on defensive
  • Ray Allen is back
  • The C’s have had two days to rest up and practice

It’ll take everything the C’s have to hang with the Spurs but I’d say they’re up for the challenge.

Prediction: Celtics 98, Spurs 93

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  • Anthony

    Here we go… Ray's in the starting line-up.

    Hoping the Celts win and PHI, IND, and ATL all loses.

  • I_Love_Green

    Rondo is very active tonight, but that's expected against the spurs.

  • I_Love_Green

    Please miss!

  • Puneet

    wow; we are trying to outplay them on offense which is not going to happen. We need to get some stops and grind it out.

  • hansgruber

    Don't tell me Ray has created a Carmelo effect with the C's…

    • tomrod

      Would buy that if we were playing a lesser team.

  • WASF

    That's really stupid of Doc to put Ray in the starting line up. For one, you don't tweak what's been working so well with Braidley; For two Ray is not in his best condition with long lay off period. As a result, the Cs got your pants beat off by the Spurs. Tells you the difference between a great coach in Pop and a good coach in Doc.

  • BTRob

    where would C be without Braidley's scoring in the second quarter?

  • skeeds

    Yeeeeah, starting Ray is why we're down… Give some credit to the Spurs guys, their bench starts with Ginobili and is 5 players deep. Not to mention Pop has them playing some tiiiiight basketball.

    I Like the small lineup with Rondo-Bradley-Ray-PP-Bass. Seems like it could be useful. Avery's playing like a true 6th man. I doubt Ray could have that kind of impact coming off the bench…

  • James Patrick

    AUGHHHH…. perfect excuse to start Ray off the bench. Still recovering.

  • tomrod

    here's were we need ray ray

  • skeeds

    that was one WEIRD ass game…

  • I_Love_Green

    Poor execution at the end. And of course we play the bulls on a back to back and OF COURSE Rose would return that game!

  • Hoyiyako

    Well, Philly lost also. So we are still the 4th.

  • hansgruber

    Ray 2/6….Doc sure was right to put him back in the starting line up…

  • onecowboytoo

    Ray Ray was pathetic.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Ray came up big when we needed a big shot dude, obviously his defense was bad, but he still keyed in a huge shot.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Unfortunate, but I consider San Antonio the best team in the league right now.

  • BTRob

    KG was terrible tonight. Missed multiple defensive assignments, got out rebounded by Duncan, key turn over at the last moment, botched offensive plays on consecutive possessions while trying to have two man game with Rondo…

  • BTRob

    Stick to Rondo, Braidley, Pierce, Bass and KG starting 5 and have Braidley cover Rose. Rose may get his points, but shut down everyone else. Ray comes off bench for now.

    • CelticsBIG3

      I thought you spelled Bradley wrong in just your first post man! J/K

  • Anthony

    * Couldn't watch the game but looked like a heartbreaker.
    * Did something happen to Stiemsma? Why did he only play 5 mins?
    * Bonner and Capt Jack should not be able to grab 19 boards between them. SMH
    * Those missed free throws always come back to haunt you.
    * Luckily PHI lost too but can't expect them to lose all those easy games.

    Wonder if Doc will put AB back in the starting line-up. Celts got off to bad start with Ray in the starting line-up and was down by as much as 15pts. Don't remember who said it but 67% of the teams leading after the 1st quarter end up winning the game.

  • CelticsBIG3

    C's got off to a good start, then cooled off. Stiemsma didn't play because Doc ran a highly successful small lineup most of the game. Missed free throws is no good.

    100% of teams who score the most points by the end of the fourth quarter win the game.