Post-game Reactions

The 5-on-5 war machine moves inevitably across the landscape, destroying everything in its path.

This week, we’re tackling the following questions and we need your responses:

1. With Ray Allen presumably back in the lineup this week, how much will Avery Bradley’s production/minutes drop?

Last 10 Games 10 26.8 .507    2.1    0.6    0.2         0.8      1.9       9.3

2. The Celtics are ankle deep in the toughest part of their schedule. Between April 1st and April 13th they will play Miami (x2), San Antonio, Chicago, Indiana, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. How many wins would the Celtics have to get in order for you to believe they are legitimate title contenders?

3. Outside of a few alley oops, Ryan Hollins has done little to show that he’ll be in Doc River’s playoff rotation. If that is true, how comfortable are you with Kevin Garnett, Brandon Bass, Greg Stiemsma, and Paul Pierce as your playoff front court?

4. With the Celtics playing better as of late, has your opinion changed about Danny Ainge’s non-moves at the trade deadline?

5. What will you be watching for in Bulls vs. Celtics?

Send your answers to celticshub@gmail.com by 11 a.m. Thursday morning and we’ll publish a selection Thursday afternoon along with our answers. You can answer some or all.

Please keep your answers to our standard length. Here’s a good example of appropriate word count.

Note: if you respond, we’ll use your real name unless you’d prefer the name you use to comment. Just let us know your preference.

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