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Utah Jazz 82 FinalRecap | Box Score 94 Boston Celtics

Al Jefferson talks about KG and coming back to Boston after tonight’s C’s win.

Paul Pierce, SF 36 MIN | 6-16 FG | 7-7 FT | 6 REB | 1 AST | 20 PTS | +1
Classic modern-era Pierce game: cracks 20 points, hits just under 40% of his shots, gets to the line more than anyone else in the game, makes all of them, and rebounds reasonably well for his position. Second game in a row where he’s shot 1-6 from three, but it doesn’t feel weird or anything when he puts one up yet.
Brandon Bass, PF 35 MIN | 7-17 FG | 5-6 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 19 PTS | +1
Quietly stunning to see that Bass missed ten shots in this get. Seemed like all his jumpers fell, especially down the stretch. Near the end he went up for a shot and I promised him if he made it I would give him a B+. It went in, so I was committed.
Kevin Garnett, PF 34 MIN | 10-16 FG | 3-3 FT | 10 REB | 4 AST | 23 PTS | +23
KG was the difference! He was +23 in 34 minutes and destroyed Jefferson on both ends of the court and in the emotional centers of his brain. We know what we’re getting on defense, but he was the core of the offense tonight; Stiems subbing in for him at the end of the third set off a five-minute FG drought. Also the only above-average rebounder on the team.
Rajon Rondo, PG 36 MIN | 3-7 FG | 0-1 FT | 4 REB | 14 AST | 6 PTS | +1
I like when Rondo high-steps and basically makes fun of the other team for trying to guard him. It shows he’s engaged and it’s consistent with the team-wide arrogance that I also enjoy, whether or not they deserve it. The Jazz announcers on League Pass were basically threatening physical retaliation against Rondo and Garnett for bad sportsmanship, and I encourage them to follow through on that.
Avery Bradley, SG 43 MIN | 3-10 FG | 2-2 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 9 PTS | +13
Bradley missed three gutsy drives at the rim, so that 3-10 figure is a little deceptive. If he hits 3 out of every 7 jumpers he takes for the rest of his career, I will personally lead the charge for his Hall of Fame candidacy. Nice to see him playing with confidence.
Keyon Dooling, PG 17 MIN | 3-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 3 AST | 7 PTS | +10
These numbers aren’t terrible, but I’d still prefer to see him conform to a
Ryan Hollins, C 7 MIN | 2-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 4 PTS | +4
Seven very exciting minutes! If you think those alley-oops aren’t going into a highlight gallery, you’re weird.
Sasha Pavlovic, SF 12 MIN | 2-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 5 PTS | +11
He runs around and makes but meaningful small contributions. That’s much more than I expected to get from him at this point in his Boston career.
Greg Stiemsma, C 19 MIN | 0-0 FG | 1-2 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 1 PTS | -4
Amazing that he could be on the court for 19 minutes and not attempt a shot, but STILL give the overall impression that he had a pretty decent game. He just inserts himself in the mix more aggressively these days. Straight B’s for the bench! Hosannahs!

Three Things We Saw

  1. A statement win! This is the first truly above-average team the Celtics have beaten in quite a while. Too bad they may not have the advantage for the entire playoffs, because I feel like this team has a chance against pretty much anyone at home.
  2. Yet another reminder of the change in the NBA landscape that took place on August 1st, 2007. KG toyed with Al Jefferson tonight, exposing both as a miserable defensive center with exploitable holes in his scoring game. And only five years ago, the Celtics were considering building around that very Al Jefferson. Sliding doors, y’all.
  3. The ever-building confidence of Avery Bradley and Greg Stiemsma. Neither exactly went off tonight, but there’s a swagger to their games that wasn’t there a couple months ago. They both don’t look like they’re worried about whether or not they should be there anymore.

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  • diehardceltic

    I am really enjoying seeing AB and Stiemsma play with confidence. There is hope y'all. Momentum building. 16 more to go!

  • Mark

    I think Celticshub opinion has swung a bit to far in the other direction for Bradley. Outside of a few plays tonight he was above average to slightly below average.

    • CG12

      Avery wasn't awesome, but let's not forget how far he has come in a couple of months. That he can play a team-high 43 minutes and make some nice plays, and almost no goofs, is pretty amazing. No one would have dared to dream that a Cs team with AB as starting 2-guard and the Stiemer as the first big off the bench would do anything but suck. It turns out this line-up is pretty damn good.

      • Mark

        Avery shouldn't be judged now based on how far he's come. I agree 1000% that he has improved but it does a disservice to the readership by sugarcoating his performance game in and game out. When he has a bad game it shouldn't be excused away with "if you would have told be months ago". No, he had a bad game last night and the game before. Expectations have risen for Avery and he should be held to them.

        • CG12

          If you want to review Avery's performance devoid of context, then I'd say he has been just what he is – a superb defender, a very good spot-up shooter, and an occasionally shaky ballhandler. He is still learning the nuances of team D, but his one-on-one D is a tremendous asset. I don't understand your claim that he has had two bad games in a row. What is the basis for that claim? He has been good, but not great. Nothing wrong with that, as that is all the Cs need from him. It isn't sugarcoating or excusing, just reality. If your expectations are that he should be amazing every night, then you are setting him up for failure. I'm delighted to see good play and steady progress.

  • yordgreat

    think about this, next year w a ton of cap space we might get lucky w kaman and another big with the draft. starting 5, kaman, garnett, pierce, ray, rondo, bench mobs, peitrus, bass, jeff green, wilcox, bradley, steamsma, etc…we might be looking at a team that can deliver banner #18 here!!!!!!

    • sightline75

      Thats why they were all signed to one year contracts, so we can bring them back next season. Sorry, that was just too easy.

    • Mark

      That's nice and all but Green and Kaman, plus a rookie, are not putting this club over the top next year. This teams lacks significant talent. While the Big Three are still talented they would be another year older. You can't just skip over that as if its nothing.

      • Bradleyfan

        to be an honest i wish this is the last year for the big 3 it's time for serious changes and a new scheme for this team….next year is the year we get younger, more athletic, and faster. keeping the Big 3 around will keep Doc doing the same crap again….keeping our athletic young guys on the bench to rot. It's time to move Ray to sixth man. Do it now keep Avery in there to eat up minutes and defend and be a threat to score off slashes and fast breaks, while Ray can rest and have plenty of energy to come in run off screens and bang 3's. but that was a waste of breathe because wouldn't do that in a million years.

        • Zach

          unless we can get a talent upgrade I think it makes sense to stick with at least most of the big 3 and try to add athletic players around them. The skill level and collective b-ball IQ of this group is still very strong and there is no reason to think they can't be strong next year if they add the right peices. That being said they can't spend BIG bucks to bring back KG and Allen, and may need to let Allen go but it would be hard to replace KG's skillset

          • Bradleyfan

            you can almost guarantee Doc won't know how to not start any of the Big 3….he cant upset his Ray Ray and he'll be starting them even tho they'll be out there in wheel chairs. Good point if tho if they can keep any of them, keep KG. Ray can be replaced, i think peitrus should be a staple next year, he's a good celtic.

  • yeah

    I have no life so I just finished running the NBA Playoff Simulator with the Current Standings 300 times. I kept track of the results in Excel. Here they are:

    Thunder: 99 titles, they won their 1st one in the 1st simulation (try).
    Bulls: 58 titles, won in 2nd try.
    Pacers: 5 titles, won in 3rd try.
    Spurs: 58 titles, won in 4th try.
    Heat: 43 titles, won in 7th try.
    Knicks: 1 title, won in 23rd try.
    Mavericks: 7 titles, won in 26th try.
    Sixers: 5 titles, won in 42nd try.
    Magic: 17 titles, won in 56th try.
    Nuggets: 3 titles, won in 69th try.
    Grizzlies: 2 titles, won in 95th try.
    Lakers: 1 title, won in 294th try (SO close to going winless, darn it.)
    Clippers: 1 title, won in 300th try (I couldn't believe this)

    Despite valiant efforts, the Celtics lost in all of their finals appearances – of which there were actually a decent amount, however. Astoundingly, the Clippers won in the last simulation after not having made it to the finals once the entire time.

    The Hawks came up empty in their few finals appearances, and the Jazz never got past the 2nd round.

    The Spurs apparently have a very easy road to the finals, as things currently stand. I would not have expected them to tie for 2nd with the Bulls. It was an epic battle between the Spurs and Bulls for 2nd place the whole time. That helped keep this mildly interesting.

    The Knicks made more finals appearances than the Celtics, and overall pulled of noticeably more upsets. The Nuggets also had a noticeable amount of upsets over the Thunder in the first round in the west.

    • tbunny

      What this simulator fails to account for is things like, you know, the heart of a champion.

  • I_Love_Green

    Wasn't able to catch any of the game tonight so I recorded it. Seems like its one of those games I'll want to go watch though. Solid win for the boys tonight.

  • Luke Walker

    Not trying to be critical because you guys do a great job here at the CH, and I give you huge props, but you can literally buy a small little mic that will plug into most point and shoot devices for dirt cheap that will make that audio 100 times better. You literally can only hear maybe 20% of anything that was said. Super cheap and easy fix. Otherwise keep up the good work.

    • Hey Luke put up a link to one so the boys can see what you're talking about. It sure would be nice to hear these soft-spoken guys

    • jacksobd

      I know I know! I'm sorry! I've been meaning to grab one because I know the audio is terrible. Plus, guys like Rondo and Jefferson and Bradley just mumble. It sucks. Rest assured I'll be snagging one soon!

      • Luke Walker

        I will later, I have to head out…. but bhphotovideo.com has pretty much everything under the sun. Like I said not critical, but I know it will help you guys tremendously. Just like a little shotgun at the player speaking would do wonders even. I agree with players like Rondo – there's just no way to hear them without a mic… guy barely makes a sound!

        • Luke Walker

          Actually here is a link for some stuff for like $50 or $60, what the hell – http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/Microphones-Acc…. Without knowing the camera you are using it's hard to make a solid recommendation. Email me though if you want with the camera you are doing and I'll have our head of cinema give you some recommendations if you prefer. Happy to help.

          • noche

            Luke – at first you were trolled pretty hard when you started posting. But you're an okay guy.

  • Luke Walker

    As for the game – good win for the Cs tonight. I thought the Jazz would give them more trouble than they did, they fought hard but the Cs just looked like the better team tonight. Did this game remind anyone else of most games 2 years ago against solid teams? They fought hard but the Cs just looked like the better team? Tonight felt the same way, and it's fun when it's like that!

  • felix

    i watched it nba.tv…..what a shame. i don't want games at the garden commented by matt harpring!
    as for the game, i am glad they survived another huge meltdown in the third.

  • CG12

    This game was so nice to see. It was a workman-like effort against a tough team, with key contributions coming from the whole roster. Dooling seems to actually be rounding into form, much to my surprise. Pavlovic looked very solid in limited minutes, as he always seems to do of late. Stiemsma is developing a nice KG-inspired edge on D.

    Rondo remains the biggest wild card, as you just don't know what he is going to bring. No-shooting Rondo actually seems to work pretty well for this team. But other teams tend to go on runs when Rondo plays loose and lazy, which he will do for stretches. But he tends to turn it up several notches when it matters, so I am optimistic that we will see beast mode Rondo as the season winds down and in the playoffs.

    Believe me, no one wants to draw this team in the playoffs.

    • Mark

      For 98% of the time Rondo was in this game he was in complete control. He had the game in the palm of his hand and the Jazz couldn't do a damn thing about it. I don't think you watched the game because the Jazz went on their run while Rondo was on the bench. The 2nd unit made the game close and KG bailed them out.

      People need to stop making Rondo the go to excuse when a team makes a run or the C's lose because a majority of the time it isn't really Rondo.

      • CG12

        I watched the game. I watched the starters choke away an 18-point lead in the third quarter, with Rondo out there the entire time. An 11 point halftime lead was down to 5 at the end of Q3. check the game log. The bench guys opened the game back up when Dooling and Pavlovic hit big 3s and Avery hit a couple of free throws. KG also played a big role.

        I don't know that Rondo was particularly at fault last night. It was more of a general observation.

  • The Cardinal

    It seems like Doc has simplified the offense centering on the pick and roll toward the basket, and the pick, drive and pop. This has done wonders for offense efficiency, Rondo's assist numbers, KG's increased scoring in the lane, and Bass' increased shot attempts from 12 – 16 feet.

  • Ryan

    I don't know about you guys but Bass struggled on defense once again.

  • janos

    Ok friends, now see the real CEltics NBA come through. Time roll through playoffs, I can feel . All true fan know day one, is better record team than.

  • CelticsBIG3

    I love watching Rondo hop and skip up the court "playfully" so to speak. Says nothing more than that he is having a blast out there playing ball. This, is a good thing.

  • Morpheus

    I was on the Jazz commentary feed as well, unfortunately. They be saying some dumb shit…lol. One of the commentators was getting really pissed off at KG and calling him out for being a "fake tough guy", he even expressed how he would like to have a word with KG himself or something like that…HAHAHAHAAA what a bunch of clowns.

    KG just pussified Big Al that night. Did anyone see when KG walked straight into Al's face with his elbow, Al just stood there and sorta laughed, didn't do nothin. KG got under his skin fo sho.