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Game 50/66: Jazz (27-23)@ Celtics (27-22) Open Thread

Utah at Boston
7:30 P.M.
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency:

Boston: 98.4 points/100 possessions (25th)
Utah: 103.1 points/100 possessions (8th)

Defensive Efficiency:

Boston: 96.5 points allowed/100 possessions (3rd)
Utah: 103.5 points allowed/100 possessions (22nd)


  • CG12

    What a 2nd quarter. The Cs look really good. This team is coming together and people are sleeping on them. Perfect.

    • Lantrell Walker

      Gotta love life under the radar

  • CG12

    If I never see Rondo’s pointless “let the ball roll as far as possible” move again, it will be too soon. So stupid.

  • yeah

    I like it when he lets it roll lol. He overdid it that time though.
    In other news, C's young guys are playing awesomely tonight. Ray + Michael's injuries have really been a blessing for Avery Bradley.

    • CG12

      It literally serves no purpose. He doesn't pick it up and race up court. He just stands or walks, which raises the question of what exactly he is accomplishing. The answer – nothing (except annoying me). But once or twice. A year that move results in an entirely unnecessary turnover, with no offsetting gain from taking that risk. I guess I'm just crotchety.

  • ElRoz

    Bass has 1 rebound in 28 minutes/through 3 qt ?
    That's a power forward folks!

    and he really has made up for it on offense: 5-15 from the field.
    He has got to be one of the more underwhelming PF out there…not meant to be a starter.

  • CG12

    The second team has bailed out the starters with some good D and timely 3s. Nice to see them stepping up. Stiemer still gets no respect but his left arm gets him in trouble. I don’t know why Pavlovic doesn’t play more. He is tough and can shoot.

  • The Cardinal

    Life is good…Atlanta and Indy loss, so they are now tied with the Hawks in the loss column, and only two behind the Pacers in the loss column. If the subs can continues to play defense, bring hustle and energy, and take care of the ball, the C's can compete with any team in the league. Go Hollins! <I couldn't resist>

  • guest

    Why the hell isn't KG being mentioned even in the lower half of the MVP debate?