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Game 48/66: Wizards (11-35) @ Celtics (25-22) Open Thread

Washington at Boston
6:00 P.M. ET
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 100.3 points/100 possessions (27th)
Washington: 100.5 points/100 possessions (26th)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 99.8 points allowed/100 possessions (3rd)
Washington: 108.5 points allowed/100 possessions (28th)

Probable Washington Starters: John Wall, Jr. (PG), Jordan Crawford (SG), Chris Singleton (SF), Trevor Booker (PF), Kevin Seraphin(C)

Injury Update: Nene is out tonight with back spasms.

View From The Opposing Bench: Truth About It

Thumbnail: Friday night was terrible for a lot of reasons.  Right when it seemed as though Boston was finally going to take it to the Sixers, Mickael Pietrus went down with that near-horrific closed head (whatever that means) injury and the Celtics were right back in their comfort zone: getting crushed by Philadelphia.  To make matters worse, Avery Bradley had been key to slowing down Lou Williams until he tweaked his ankle and couldn’t return to the game.  At the beginning of the night, the Celtics seemed to be in good shape to claim the top spot in the Atlantic Division.  By the end there was a feeling that the Celtics should just call it quits on the season.

In a weird twist of scheduling fate, the Celtics are back feeling optimistic.  The Celtics face the bottom of the league with a game tonight against Washington and tomorrow at Charlotte.  Meanwhile, the Sixers have a tough one in San Antonio tonight and play a Cleveland team on Tuesday that is capable of beating anyone.  It’s weird to think that if the Celtics take care of business tonight, they could be right back where they were before the Sixers game.  It may be short-lived, but the Celtics could get back into a position to get to that top spot.

This favorable two game stretch isn’t the only reason for optimism.  It appears Pietrus will be able to return this season as the injury has been diagnosed as a concussion.  Bradley is also ready to play after that ankle tweak and is starting in the place of Ray Allen tonight.  With both Allen and Pietrus out, Celtics coach Doc Rivers hinted that rookie E’Twaun Moore will get some time tonight as well.  Check out the rest of Doc’s pregame talk below:




  • I_Love_Green


  • Lantrell Walker

    Avery by himself right now is outscoring the Wizards 15 to 12, it really is a great sight to see him playing with confidence, keep it up Avery.

  • ElRoz

    Can Danny get somebody decent for Rondo? The guy cannot shoot…and he has 5 turnovers at halftime..the dude losses focus too often. I'm not saying get rid of him, but if there is some value that could be gotten, I say get it. You don't want him taking the shot late in the games, and his turnovers are a pain.

    • Luke Walker

      I think when he feels challenged he takes his game to a whole new level…. but I think home games against teams like the Wizards he knows he can get by. It's been a point of frustration for me too – but only because you know he can be so good if he played with the same determination and intensity all the time. A motivated and determined Rondo for 82 games a season (or 66) and the playoffs – would be worth season tix by itself.

  • onecowboytoo

    A lot of rim clanging to start the second half.

  • CG12

    When Avery hit that corner 3 against Philly, I got very excited. He could make a lot of money with that shot and his D.

    • Anthony

      That is exactly why Rondo's jumpshots/ free throws are so frustrating. He has had essentially 6 seasons to develop a shot that opponent have to guard. In comparison, Avery has been developing his jumpshot at a much better rate. It's worlds apart from the beginning of the season where he can barely bring the ball to hlaf court, cant handle pass at the rim, and defer every shot to his teammates. Great to see his development as a basketball player.

      It's not a total knock on Rondo though, since I know he will put up monster numbers once the playoff starts.

  • ripsonics

    this half absolutely blows.

  • ripsonics

    rondo: 10 assists, 6 TO's, 0-3 from the field, 0 points.

    what a game.

    • Handsome

      Also a team high (+21) in plus-minus. The TO's are too high yes but sometimes the comments on this blog are so hyper-critical of Rondo that it just gets ridiculous.

      • OKCeltic

        Plus/minus is an overrated stat, but that's not the real issue. I think the fans' frustrations start with Rhondo's inconsistency. For this team to be successful, Rhondo's needs to bring more effort on a nightly basis. In actuality, he would probably have even more assists if he were a little more aggressive on offense. It would definitely make for some easier shots for his teammates.

        • Handsome

          No I understand it's a strange stat that doesn't always clearly illustrate a player's value but some times it just seems like some of the fans here need to have a little perspective. Rondo is an endlessly frustrating player but he is hardly the cause of all of the Celtics' struggles.

          We don't harp on Pierce or Garnett's bad games nearly as incessantly as we do with Rondo.

  • Luke Walker

    Maybe it felt different in person, but on TV this almost felt like it had the energy of a preseason game or a scrimmage didn't it? I almost feel bad for Wizards fans when watching their games…. John Wall almost feels like he's be "ruined" on that team. Glad to see the Cs get in, get to work, and get a win without exerting too much effort. Below average minutes for all 4 normal starters. Good day at the office.

    • Sean

      I was thinking about this as I checked out the box score. Someone at some pointed commented that while John Wall is great, he doesn't necessarily will his team to win, a la (insert superstar's name here). Kyrie Irving is having a great impact on his ball club than Wall. Ditto Deron Williams, and even Dwight on most nights.

      Part of me thinks that he's missing something that makes all of his teammates better. Kevin Love comes to mind as someone who's "got it" as well.