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The C’s announced via press release this morning the move to their 15-man roster with the C’s released Chris Wilcox and added Ryan Hollins after he presumably passed his physical in Boston this morning. Here’s more on Hollins via the C’s release:

Hollins, a 7-foot center/forward, appeared in 24 games for the Cavaliers this season averaging 3.7 points and 2.3 rebounds in 15.1 minutes per game. Hollins recorded season-highs in points (15), rebounds (7) and minutes (31) against the Washington Wizards on March 3. In his seven starts for the Cavaliers this season he recorded an average of 5.6 points and 3.7 rebounds. He also shot 60.0% from the floor in those seven contests. The former UCLA Bruin recorded his best statistical season during the 2009-10 season when he was with Minnesota averaging a career-high 6.1 points and 2.8 rebounds. Last season with Cleveland he shot a career-high 59.8 percent from the floor.

So what exactly does Doc Rivers expect out of Hollins, who should join the team in time for tonight’s pivotal clash with the division-leading Sixers? Here’s some early thoughts (via: Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald)

“I don’t really know honestly,” said Rivers when asked what he expects. “I’ve watched tape, but tape doesn’t do much for you. He’s an athletic big. He can run the floor. He’s a shot-blocker from the weak side. I think he does defend well in the schemes that we run, and I think he can show and get back in coverage.

“He has not rebounded, and that’s something we need him to do. So we’ll really stress rebounding with him. But he’s just another body that we needed, so we’ll take it.”

Glad to see Doc has his head in the right place on what he needs from his big. In the meantime, keep an eye out tonight to see if anyone else is bought out or waived. It’s the last day for players to be released if they want to be eligible for postseason play for their new team. So anyone who wants to have a postseason impact must be cut loose by midnight tonight.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • felix

    yes! a big body, at last.
    too bad they had to release wilcox. he brought a lot to the game and he played well with rondo. get well soon, CW!

  • Corey Gamble

    I'm excited for another late-addition big man….but it really sucks for Wilcox that his chance to finally play in a playoff game has been yanked due to his condition. Guy can't catch a break.

  • Ainge should sign B.Diaw,R.Wallace,J.Posey, & E.House by today for 1 year. Ainge should waived Daniels and Pavlovic then buyout O`Neal contract.

    • Mark

      You've been gone for a while. Now you're back. Stupid as ever.

      • yeah

        This kid is my favorite commenter. I laugh every time, he's so relentless.

    • dslack

      I love the time-frames he always associates with his instructions for Ainge.

      • CG12

        Timing is very important.

  • -jp

    Missing out on Diaw isn’t a big deal, I think he would have been a disappoinment and annoying for KG since Diaw cares about nothing and is overweight

    • Daniel

      Seriously, why isn't Danny signing Eddie House?? They need shooters off the bench (especially as dooling is a no-show).

      We know what we are getting in Eddie House and Posey, if we can sign them for the minimum for 1 year why not?? Zero risk, for time tested players, that can make an easy transition into Doc's system!

      • pj brown

        why not me too? we all love eddie and pose but it's not 2008.

  • Johny_Cheese

    Hope DA will sign Wilcox when he'll be fit.. because he's better than JO

  • W2.

    I am really hoping Ryan Hollins pans out. I have always liked his energy. He competes from what I have seen of him in limited action.

    Ideally, he will excell though I wonder about his ability to get the offense and defense. Pierce and KG are on record saying they like his game, but pick-up and structured ball are obviously different animals altogether.

    Looking into the crystal ball…..next season….

    Guards: Rondo, Avery, Kevin Martin, Twan Moore, Dooling

    Wings: PP, Mike P, Jeff Green, Sasha

    Bigs: KG, Hollins, Kaman, Steamer, Moultrie, JJJ

    Ray and Austin Rivers to Houston for Kevin Martin on draft day.

    Just a thought.

  • Daniel

    Seriously, why isn't Danny signing Eddie House?? They need shooters off the bench (especially as dooling is a no-show).

    We know what we are getting in Eddie House and Posey, if we can sign them for the minimum for 1 year why not?? Zero risk, for time tested players, that can make an easy transition into Doc's system!

    And I realize its not 2008, and that argument definitely holds true for wallace and posey. But I think House is in the same shape and can produce the same as 08.

    • Mark

      Apparently YOU don't know what we would be getting in House and Posey. There is a reason, a real reason, both guys have not played a minute in the league this season. THEY ARE DONE!

  • I_Love_Green

    Really looking forward to seeing if this guy can run with, and catch Rondo's passes. Our fastbreak offense with Rondo and Wilcox was fun to watch, and I think Hollins could do something similar.

    Now if only we can teach him to rebound! He's 7 feet for christ's sake!

  • CG12

    I seem to remember Hollins getting into it a bit with KG either this year or last. Any young fella with the moxie to mix it up with KG has at least something going for him.

  • yeah

    Bill Walker tho

  • Anthony

    I call Ryan Hollins the face snacher ask Charlie villanueva lol

  • Tom

    Hey bill walker is the man yet hes been hurt for a while hehe, the celts are gonna take down the sixers tonight and i have a nice parlay that u can bet on tonight. Come to our blog chewck out our ideas and make a decision for urself but atleast come and look we need some chatter on there http://nbawagers.com/2012/03/mavericks-spurs-roun

  • ripsonics

    Honestly… couldnt feel worse for wilcox. I loved him in Seattle, and thought that he was finally resurrecting his career here in beantown. He still has yet to make it to the playoffs which makes it even worse. I hope he can come back next year, and I hope that we resign him because he is a baller.

    Secondly… did anyone see the article on ESPN about Rivers and Rivers in boston? I am not sure what that would look like, and I am also not sure if i want that to happen.. Austin has declared for the draft, and his dad says he doesnt want to have to make that call to either draft or not draft him.

    WE'LL SEE!

  • Tudieshe Salomon

    Would like to be posted about the goings of the Celtics, here in DR Congo. Congratulations for the great job!!!!