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Ryan Hollins Is A Celtic

Doc Rivers confirmed the news before the game tonight against the Bucks that Ryan Hollins will be the newest Celtic big man on the roster. The 26-year-old is expected to join the team in time for tomorrow’s game in Philadelphia after being waived by Cleveland earlier this wekk. A full scouting report on Hollins is to come here at Celticshub

  • LACelticFan

    Hoping his debut tomorrow night is just as impressive as McGee's was last night. Young legs were needed.

  • Lantrell Walker

    Good, now let's get our hands on either Okur or Fesenko & we'll be in business.

  • guest

    This sucks.

    • No this is just depth. Sucks? Jeff Green getting heart surgery sucks (on many levels). Wilcox also going under the knife sucks. Jermaine losing his battle against injuries sucks.

      This is simply reality.

      • James Patrick

        I agree with everything but the JO comment. JO just sucks and glad he's gone. Sure he had injuries but bad attitude to match. Welcome Ryan Hollins!

  • vandell green

    This is better than KG getting injured because of our void at the center position. Who knew Wilcox would’ve had the season he had before his unfortunate situation? Its what happens when your part of something bigger than you! If Hollins is healthy, he can help…… period. We need optimism now! Kill the negativity or go buy a heat jersey! Greentilldeath …. ps > Guests SUCK!