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Getting this roster to rebound will do this to you

It’s no secret at this juncture the C’s are in the market for any living and breathing big man. Okay, that may be a bit of a stretch, but it’s close. With doubts lingering about whether Chris Kaman will be cut loose by the New Orleans Hornets with a buyout before the crucial March 22nd deadline this week, the C’s have turned their interest to freshly cut big man Ronny Turiaf, who was released by the Nuggets over the weekend:

According to A.Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com, Turiaf is on “the growling list of big men C’s have interest in.” So the question remains just how useful would Turiaf be to the C’s, a guy who has only played four games all season for the Wizards due to a broken left hand? Boston needs rebounding help in the worst way, is this a guy who can help out with the team that has fallen to 24th in the league in defensive rebounding rate?

At first glance, the answer is probably not according to our buddy Chris Forsberg at ESPNBoston:

And this may be the deal-breaker: Turiaf just isn’t that good on the glass. For his career, he’s averaged 3.8 rebounds over 17.9 minutes per game, but his total rebound percentage is just 11.9 percent (only slightly better than JaJuan Johnson this season). His career defensive rebounding percentage is 16.7 percent (Wilcox was at 20.2, while Jermaine O’Neal was 19.9 this year).

Not great obviously, not even really good, but it’s important to make one thing clear here. Ronny Turiaf is a not a particularly good rebounder, but he’s much better than JaJuan Johnson (13.0 DRR) on the defensive glass. In fact, outside of Kevin Garnett and Greg Stiemsma, Turiaf over his career (16.7 DRR) is better than any other active member of the C’s roster right now. That includes such stellar rebounders as Brandon Bass (15.4 DRR), Paul Pierce (13.4 DRR) and Mickael Pietrus (13.4 DRR). By the way, how said is it that Pietrus is a better defensive rebounder than Johnson? Actually, let’s just move on.

The fact of the matter here is while Turiaf is a below-average big man on the glass, he’s still better than what the C’s have right now, which obviously isn’t saying much. The former Wizard is competent on the offensive end if nothing else, can hold his own on defensive end and brings a bit of toughness that the C’s could sorely lack. If nothing else, he’s a solid alternative to Greg Steimsma on certain nights, as well as running Bass and/or Garnett into the ground before the postseason arrives.

And the rebounding? It’s better than you might think.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • ElRoz

    I say get him…not so much for the rebounding as for his minutes to give KG and Stiemsma a rest…if he can get Boston about 10-12 min a game, it would help KG and Stiemsma. It is not rebounding, but just big man presence and a body.

  • skeeds

    Right now, as things are, we'd be lucky to grab a player of Turiaf's overall level. Yes, he's no allstar, but come on, we're about to go on a playoff run with Stiemsma as our only center!!!
    KG is freaking awesome, yes, but the only way him playing center could work is if his starting PF was a high energy beast of a player. Bass is good, but not a good enough defender to make a no center lineup work.

    So as things are right now, we should go after every big man available. We're in such a bad state, that we would have to go after Turiaf, or whoever else, even if we did had already landed Kaman.

  • noche

    The real question to be asking over the next few weeks: will big man X be better than Troy Murphy. Because we all remember the Troy Murphy fiasco. And the Sheldon Williams incident.

    • CelticsBIG3

      I agree with Troy Murphy, but Shelden wasn't all that bad

  • Sean Temple


    • someguyinsac

      Maybe, he's missed a lot of games because of back issues and the last thing we need right now is another injury prone player.

  • Johny_Cheese

    please Doc, let the rookies finally play..

  • guest

    I know saying this might make me sound like a trader but if it's possible we should consider Derek Fisher as well. Not a big man, but Dooling isn't getting it done and at least Fisher can make shots. Plus with all his flopping we'd have no problem getting free throws…

    • guest

      Traitor. Jesus, how did I miss that?

  • Greeninla

    No. No,no,no. Please no.

  • Ryan

    I'd agree with that. because Dooling just flat out isn"t performing and Bradley could learn from a PG like Fisher.

  • yeah

    Agreed about Derek Fisher.

  • Anthony

    Beggars can't be choosers. I say sign Turiaf if he's healthy enough to play. Stats doesn't always reflect how effective a player is. Turiaf is an energy guy that bats or tips the ball out even if he doesn't always grab the rebound.

    Definitely NO to Fisher. Bradley is already starting to grow into a nice player. Doc is a PG himself, he doesn't need Fisher to teach Bradley.

  • Sean

    I'm slightly dubious about making judgments on JJJ's skill as a defensive rebounder, considering the limited floor time he's seen.

    Only possible rationale I'll accept is pointing to his college stats. I hear tell that college rebounding stats are pretty good determinant of performance in the pros…

    So, people who know things… what do you know??

  • sightline75

    Have we just dumped 9 ill in salary? Can we take on 9? Offer Kaman 4.5 and Turiaff 2 and Balkman 1, cut Dooling and Daniels and sign Gilbert Arenas and Posey(OMG). Deal! Now the second shooting guard spot can be played by Pietrus, or even PP, the small forward rotation is the same as previous plus Posey and Balkman. Balkman can also fit into the PF rotation of Bass, Turiaff and KG, and the previous 2 players can share centre with Kaman.

    We pick up on good wing defender and three point threat, a tough minded PF/C, a tough minded defensive 3/4 swingman who can score when required, and older reserve PG to help Bradley and run the second unit in pressure situations, and a genuinely good C, not great, but will hold his own and let the rest of the team do their thing, also he has a better offensive game than Perk.

    We get better defensively, choke the life out of other teams and see what happens.

    Starting lineup of Rondo, Ray, PP, KG, Kaman

    2nd unit: Arenas/Bradley, Pietrus, Balkman, Bass, Turiaff.

    JJJ, Arenas/Bradley, Moore,Pavlovic, Posey, Steisma

    • sightline75

      Maybe JJ Hickson, if we cant get Turiaff. Can score. When we won the championship we had the best 2nd unit in the league. Now we have 9 points total against Atlanta. Dooling cannot score, Steisma is a no show on offense.

      • sightline75

        Hickson has back issues.

  • Heat prider

    Dont waste ur time hes joining miami heat

  • Heat prider

    Ronny t will take hes talent to south beach