Post-game Reactions

Adrian Wojnarowski continues to churn out Celtics scoops, tweeting twice that Jermaine O’Neal has asked to be bought out of his contract because he has “strong interest” in playing for Miami again.

This makes sense, right? After Jermaine’s two years and 49 total games of loyal service to this organization, he’s earned the right to request that the Celtics make a move at zero advantage to the team so he can leave to play for Boston’s most hated rival. It’s the least Danny can do.

Good news: I guess his wrist is feeling better!

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  • someguyinsac

    So he's offering back his last 2 years of salary so he can get out of town, right?

  • ElRoz

    I am going to smack that turd JO over the head….(and by the way, for me Miami is NOT Boston's most hated rival – yes the three of those dudes are not pleasant, but come on, Miami?).

    I would just keep JO for spite…keep him and let him waste….if he wants to play, he'll play next season – I'm sure he will be the training camp MVP again.

    • hdavenport

      My guess is that Celtics fans hate the Heat more than the Lakers right now. That would be an interesting poll!

      • dslack

        I hate the Lakers more, but I've no interest in doing Jermaine any favors, regardless.

  • janos

    Hi Haynes, is janos
    Are you excite trading day? I check to times now big trade, nothing.

    • aaron

      janos rocks, "nothing" best thing said today.

      • hh3

        nice, I love janos too. he should be a guest blogger.

  • ElRoz

    Can Danny get a big man to eat up 15-20 minutes…a PF/C type? It seems like Doc will not play J Johnson to get KG and Bass some relief. I'd be happy if JJ got 10-12 minutes a game.

  • WolveSwag

    Jamal Crawford to the Timberwolves – http://www.WolveSwag.com

  • W2.

    JO has been injured since he has been a Celtic. When he has been on the floor he has competed despite obvious limitations. Dude is broke down. I would ask nothing more from him. But, if this report by Woj is true (and let the record show our man should have walked away from the game after last season), dude should be traded to ……honestly I do not want to insult any country, town, or franchise….just get him out of town!

  • CelticsBIG3

    What a scum bag. He wouldn't start for ANY other team in this league.

  • NHBluesMan

    he wanted to go back to Miami over the summer to- when it was rumored that he'd be part of a trade to NOLA's for CP3 he said he'd ask for a buyout to go to Miami

  • Anthony

    I say let him go. The Heats would be a worse team with him in the line-up anyways. I hated DA signing him 2 yrs ago and still hate it till now. At least Shaq and Sheed gave us some glimmer of hope.

  • OKCeltic

    Can we trade him to the Bobcats for say…a bag of balls, towels or anything else that would be more useful to the team than he is now?

  • IBleedGreen

    Trade him to the Lakers for a Laker girl

  • Brian

    He'll just help Juwan Howard to keep the bench warm. JO is a guy who wants to ride that Heat Gravy Train to a Championship while being able to rub elbows with a bunch of C and D list Celebs.

  • ozcelts

    I suspect with the improved medical screening available now that any day the C's medical staff will announce JO has an anatomically small heart

  • James Patrick

    To all of you who thought that loser was going to be a strong addition to our team…. I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!

    trade his dumb ass to the bobcats. idiot.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Go ride the pine and win a championship by doing absolutely nothing but sitting on your backside. Imagine his comments if the Heat get a championship…. "You know a lot of hardwork, played a combined 40 games in three seasons, had five hundred different injuries and couldn't be depended on since 2001… But its good to get that championship." I repeat, scumbag. He was only loyal to the overblown contract Danny Ainge gave him.

  • Morpheus

    Fuck JO and his punk ass, i never liked the dude and you can put that on record. JO you sorry loser, i honestly hope he gets bought out and he takes his sorry ass to Miami, then they lose to the Thunder in the finals or Dallas.

  • Switcharoo

    A whole bag of balls for JO? I think your asking too much for this chump. Send him off to the Red Claws as a bench and let him sit in his Jammie’s for the rest of the season.

  • Lokisd

    A whole bag of balls for JO? I think your asking too much for this chump. Send him off to the Red Claws as a bench and let him sit in his Jammie's for the rest of the season.
    I like that perfect-essays