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The Celtics will send the core of Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to the playoffs one more time this spring after the trade deadline passed without a deal.

It appears multiple Celtics were available in return for both a young player and a first round draft pick but no one was willing to pay Danny Ainge’s price. Adrian Wojnarowski of Y! Sports tweeted that the Celtics had serious discussions with multiple teams on both Pierce and Allen but no deal came together.

The Celtics will now look to add a player or two (including at least one big) by the March 23 playoff eligibility deadline. If he’s bought out by New Orleans, Chris Kaman remains a strong possibility but he’ll have multiple suitors with championship aspirations. The Celtics might also add a stretch or undersized four to play a role similar to Brandon Bass, with Kevin Garnett at the center spot. Additionally, Ainge might look for a wing scorer off the bench if he can find one on the scrap heap.

The Big Four’s future remains uncertain beyond this season. Some or all could be back next year or, come draft night, some could be on the move. Allen and Garnett both expire this summer.

Before that, however, the Celtics have one last rodeo to attend.

In the meantime, if you want CH’s take on the team’s non-moves and other wheelings and dealings around the league, check out the full recap for our chat from earlier this afternoon by clicking Here

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  • Daniel

    Can someone please explain to me why the Celtics aren't going for the following players. And how likely it will be to acquire them:


    Anyone else?

    • NHBluesMan

      Kaman is likely to be bought out, Arenas wouldn't be much of an upgrade over our currect guards (too inconsistant) and Beasley likely would've required giving up too much.

      Ainge wanted to add to this current team without any major losses, or taking on huge contracts going forward since they'll have so much cap-space at the end of the season

    • dslack

      Ainge wanted not to give up draft picks or decent players. Wolves and Hornets wouldn't take the pu pu platter of O'Neal, Marquis, and Keyon Dooling.

  • someguyinsac

    I'm glad we get to get one last ride with this group, no matter how it ends up.

    • Lantrell Walker

      Yup, whether they're 1st or 8th, no one will wanna see the C's in the playoffs

  • yourdumb

    Nhbluesman if you read anything about beasley then you knew that the wolves wanted to move him to get minutes for derrick williams. They didnt care who they got back as long as it was an expiring contract. Witg eubio going down they tried getting a pg for him and noone had a pg on an expiring contract who’s salary matched.

  • lakershater13

    Only problem…Dooling is still a Celtic. Maybe he will shut me up and hit a big shot in the playoffs. We will see…

  • Ryan

    A familiar face in Chris Johnson was just waived by the blazers….just a thought.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Damn, who aren't the Blazers looking to unload today…. Coach, players, etc…

    • Anthony

      Greg Oden was just waived too if DA wants to take a chance. With DA's and Oden's luck, he probably play 5 games and then be out for the season.

      Wish KG and Ray would take a significant pay cut, play for another year or two and retire with the Celts. Wilcox and Pietrus to a lesser extent but hope they can be back also. I already sort of expect Green to be back. If that were the case, our team can consists of:

      Starters – Rondo, Pierce, KG, Green, Oden
      Subs – Ray, Bass, Bradley, JJJ, Moore, Pietrus

      And they still have cap room to sign/trade for big name star(s) and roster spots for the rookies.

      • lakershater13

        Oden is out til Mid 2012-13 season. He just had knee surgery a month ago.

        • Anthony

          I say worth a risk for the right price. He just turned 24.

          • CelticsBIG3

            He's all done bro. Nobody is gonna sign a guy who's out to at least mid next season. Even when that time comes, he's out of shape, hasn't played ball in nearly 4 years by then.

          • Anthony

            I still take him over JO. LoL

            Nice to see the Fakers trade away Fisher (sarcasm)…. shows their loyalty.

          • CelticsBIG3

            I'd take a corpse over JO

          • Anthony

            A corpse can be bought out but wont play for Miami.

    • The Cardinal

      I like Chris Johnson. I actually think Chris Johnson (or someone like him) would be a better fit with this group of Celtics than a Kaman because: 1) he can run the floor with Rondo and Bradley; 2) he will hit the boards and defend better; and 3) like Steisma, you wouldn't have to call plays for him to have an impact. Last year, Kristic didn't work out and loss confidence in his offensive game because of the inability to pickup on Doc's defensive schemes, and my fear is that Kaman would be the same.

      In the absence of any real veteran impact signees, I always thought both Chris Johnson and Von Wafer (who was the only other 2/3 besides Pierce who could consistently drive the lane and get to the rim) should have been kept, but whadda I kow, right?

      • Nick

        im sorry you do not know what you are talking about. Johnson averages like 1.9 points per game and 1.8 rebounds per game. Chris Kaman is a solid contributor who has a post up game (something the c's lack). you must not know much no offense.

  • skeeds

    Besides the fact that as a fan I'm grateful that I get to see this amazing era end like it should I'm very glad for one other thing.

    It became obvious after all, that Ainge knows what he's doing. He did not pull the trigger on any lukewarm deal, he demanded not less than the full value in return for any of his stars. He didn't after all want to get rid of Rondo,not without bringing an even bigger star back.

    The team's future has not been compromised in any way. Now it's time for the C's to start planning for the years to come, and I'm thrilled!!!

  • Chris from Danvers

    Interesting comments. The Celtics did the best they could do today – stick with the plan and begin retooling in the offseason.

    There were a lot of possibilities, but in the end, none were really worth doing.

    The JJ Hickson rumor was probably the closest possibility. Kaman, though nice, would have required giving up too many pieces to match his $14 million salary. As for Arenas, I think I would prefer to see Allen Iverson here, and I certainly hope he is not walking through that door. Would have loved Beasley, but that might be a player for another time. The Javale McGee move I thought was one they could have been in on – he would have been a nice piece – but again it would be a commitment to next year.

    I think their current plan is great. This year continues to be about 2012-2013.

  • guest

    If we can get Chris Kaman, it is on. I want him to get bought out so bad.

  • Nick

    youre not thinking smartly if you want to take a chance on oden. Dude has played 82 games. His career is over unfortunately he is too big for is own good. I would never take a chance on him sorry to say it.

  • CelticsBIG3

    If this stuff about JO is true, I like him even less than I already did. This is a guy who the Celtics players lobbied for, and a guy who talks about how loyal he was to Ron Artest when the fight broke out and blah blah blah. What a prick; he's supposedly got a wrist that needs surgery and he's ready for a buyout and a trip to Miami? Why would Miami want him anyway, what does he think entitles him to a buyout? He had a few good games against the Knicks in the first round of the playoffs last year; other than that he has strung together probably 3 or 4 games in a row (albeit with generally very little positive impact) at best without needing to sit out two or three.

    • CelticsBIG3
      • someguyinsac

        Damn, shipping and handling is the biggest chunk of the cost!

    • Lakershater13

      Honestly have him pay the Cs to be bought out. Then let Miami sign him. Oneal is horrible. He might help the Cs in a first round match up with Miami.

  • The article starts: "The Celtics will send the core of Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to…" and I about had a heart attack until I got to the end of that sentence. Ryan, if that was by design, then kudos to you. You got me good.

  • Jonathan

    I hear that Antoine is looking for some run. If this last go-around for the old guys is just for nostalgia, with no hope of advancing past the first round, then why not bring back a fan favorite to enliven the Garden for a few playoff games? He won't miss any more threes than Pietrus and it would take him longer to foul out than JO.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Are you serious man, Hub should have never posted that story about him.

      • Jonathan

        No, I'm not really serious. That being said, this team is going to get crushed in the first round by Miami or Chicago, so anything the C's can do to make the last bit of the season interesting is fine by me. Plus, signing 'Toine would be consistent with the C's long tradition of signing washed-up All Stars.

  • W2.

    Toine, AI, Arenas, Steph Marbury, should not be a part of our plans moving forward. Glad we kept the core together.

    • CG12

      The Bobcats should go get all of those guys and just acknowledge that they aren't a real NBA team, and at least be entertaining. The reality TV rating would be amazing. Spree could probably still play. Ruben Patterson could be called up from the California Penal League. Trying to think of a center, maybe Keon Clark. Or they could go young and get Reeves Nelson.

    • CelticsBIG3

      After seeing those videos Marbury posted on the internet of him rambling about nothing, that dude is a straight crackhead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eUtSV519vU

  • Jon

    I knew they were going to keep the BIG4.

    I would love to see the Celtics release J.O, Dooling/Daniels, and Wilcox.
    Then bring in Greg Oden, Chris Johnson, and Leon Powe.

    Completing the roster and making 1 final run for the title (YES WE HAVE A CHANCE)

    *The Heat got beat by the Magic, we stomped the Magic twice.* only challenge are the Bulls and OKC.

    • noche

      Your post leads me to believe that you don't actually watch basketball.
      -Greg Oden will never play basketball again and is out until at least midway through next season
      -Chris Johnson isn't actually a good basketball player and is probably worse than JJJ
      -Leon Powe's knees are so bad no one wants him. He's currently playing in Puerto Rico.

      At least be realistic with your suggestions. The truth is that there aren't any viable big men out there that will magically save the season. There's no P.J. Brown to coerce out of retirement this time.

      Thinking that OKC and the Bulls are the only challenge for the Celtics is absolutely ridiculous. I think the C's have a chance but it's not a very good one.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Why would you bring in Greg Oden, he just had knee surgery, perhaps you didn't read above topics? He's done until mid way through next season.

  • LACelticFan

    Whew that madness is over and hopefully Rondo can rest his little head at least until the offseason when the rumors will resurface again. But with 20mil + MLE, we can put the ship back together instead of staying afloat. Now that Young is back in his hometown, we should definitely throw the boatload of money at OJ Mayo in the offseason. Rondo and OJ in the backcourt sounds great. And with Avery and Ray backing them up. Paul, Jeff, and MP, look at a new PF(or go ahead and give the nod to JJJ) with Bass back to the bench, and KG still at center plus maybe even Kaman or the draft pick at back up. But we also know that that will be alot of young guys to play(Avery, JJJ, Draft Pick) to play, don't know if Doc will do it. Two new players is all we need. A SG, and a PF/C.

  • W2.

    I hear Leon is seriously out of shape. That plus his knee would mean a no go.

  • Firelogs88

    This is terrible, possibly worst case scenario, we have seen the lack of interest of any star comming to boston over the past two years and now we didnt make a move to shake things up and get a top pick or a top star. If anybody thinks these old bumbs peirce included can win a championship i would love some of what youre smoking. Going into the offseason we will have the expiring contracts going for us and a couple of late first round picks, that is not the future anyone should look forward to. There is nobody worth signing, this offseason, that would actually play for us under the age of 30 and unless you get a guy in the top 10 picks of the draft youre not getting anyone worth being excited about because they wont become anybody worth being excited about. We blew it this deadline and were stuck with these old guys until they retire and some bad picks in the draft. Having said that im glad we kept Rondo why our youngest player and most talented player who has the most heart of any player was ever an option to be traded I do not know.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Your an idiot. We have SEVERAL expiring contracts on the books. KG, Ray, JO, and Bass are all on expiring deals.

      • noche

        As much as i agree that he's an idiot, I think that's what he's saying. We have expiring contracts and late first round picks. However, according to Mr. Firelogs88 here, we are screwed because no marquee free agent will ever sign here. I

        • Lantrell Walker

          We've got location, cap space, legacy/history of greatness & one of the best(certainly the purest) PG in the NBA(along with a few more assets for the future). Why wouldn't anyone wanna sign to play with a team where unselfishness is in the air & where it's about WE and not ME?

      • Anthony

        Bass has 2yr deal. Don't know if the 2nd yr is player or team option though.

        • hdavenport

          Player option.

  • W2.

    Terrance Williams is available. Not exactly sure he helps in anyway with our biggest issue….height. Dude can handle the ball though and in theory could be an upgrade over Quis (as much as I would love to see him pull it together).

  • Anthony

    I think that the lack of interest in coming to Boston was overblown because of the DHoward situation. I can't see Dwight ever winning a championship. All he cares about is being "the man" without making any of the sacrifices that comes with it. The guy has no aggression and cant make up his mind if his life depended on it. Carmelo and DWilliams are similar but to a lesser extent. Lebron seemed to have made that crossover. He's always in serious mode when the game is on the line. And he doesn't throw his teammates/ coaches under the bus the same way Dwight and Melo does.

    All that being said, the Celts do have some decent draft picks to offer in addition to money. Hope they have enough to pursue Josh Smith, Hibbert, Greg Monroe, or possibly D Cousins to fill the PF/C position.

    Just wanted to know for the short-term, besides Kaman, what does everybody think about Turiaf? Energy guy that plays hard. Don't see any point in bringing in Chris Johnson. Might as well give those mins to JJJ, who has much better offensive game and can benefit from the experience.

    One last note, nice to see Rondo stay with team. He really outplayed CP3, who's stats were inflated by a few flops.

  • Clay

    Why don't they give the players bigger court-side chairs?

  • jordi

    We are not improving the team whoever we trade.We are not getting any top five player whoever we trade. This team is good. Players are good. As a 30 year celtic fan i am proud of this team. Much worse celtics teams i have seen. At least we reach play off consisitently. And this team can compete. And thi is what is all about.Other wise Miami Heat would have won last year finals. The same way that amazing Mavs team lost to the 8 seed warriors first round ond the play off.

    Hope KG and Ray agree to low cost deals next year, adding 3 solid players on free agency/draft to the current roster, getting rid of shasha, daniels, dooling, JO. Our best option to contend next year. Keeping the core at "cheap price", and adding 3 good solid players. We do not need any cheap star a la "carmelo anthony" neither. I insist, we are not getting any top 5. And Id rather progressively build around the pieces that we currently have during a couple seasons than blowing it up. and become the Boston Bobcatss, again….

  • dan occoner

    The Celtics are 16 and 8 over the last 24 games, and 5 of the losses they were without Bass KG, or Rondo. What exactly do you people call playing well. How many other teams are doing that good.

  • marilyn

    All the negative comments slung around about the Celtics are just balderdash…there is SO much involved in creating a team and to just slash and toss players like the big four out and about would have been just stupid…I'm SO sick of hearing knuckleheaded jibes about the 'elders'….the proof is right in front of our faces…this team has HEART and they bust their "elder" butts every game..even moreso lately….and there are some pretty neat guys on the bench that may really take off as they assimilate themselves into this already awesome bunch of players…like the big blonde terror and that whip of snapper Avery….and tricky Wilcox [what's up with his heart….anyone know?] and big bad Bass, among others..glad Danny didn't blow it….at least not yet…

  • eugene

    next year…Ilyasova of the Bucks would be a great fit.