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Nate McMillan must be furious right now. Or in despair. Either would be understandable because this was the kind of game that could get a coach fired.

We’ll forgo the individual grades tonight because there was no competition. The Celtics were facing an utterly disinterested Portland team (with the exception of LaMarcus Aldridge who did some damage on the offensive end until he accepted that Portland’s modus operandi tonight was ‘get killed and then get outta town’).

If you didn’t see the game, ignore the score. It’s not representative. At one point the Celtics were up 43 points in the third quarter. Only a relaxed fourth quarter allowed the Blazers to make this one respectable. Even the Celtics that got pasted in Philadelphia on Wednesday night would have crushed Portland tonight.

The Blazers turned the ball over 28 times, an NBA season-high for 2011-12. The Celtics get credit for forcing some of these but mostly it was just the Blazers’ starters (a combine -115 on the night) who fumbled the ball away like they were trying to get themselves shipped off before the trade deadline.

It’s a nice win for the Celtics as they head out for the two-week road trip that may end up defining their season. The starters went short minutes (Kevin Garnett played only 22) and they can land in Los Angeles for back-to-back games against the Lakers and Clippers with some swagger.

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  • ripsonics


    I didnt see the game… but WOW. Must have been fun to watch. I might watch the replay tonight..

    GO C's

    • onecowboytoo

      It was actually hard to watch. Blow outs by this margin are not fun even if you are the winning team.

  • diehardceltic

    I was really looking forward to the grades *SIGH*

    • Batman

      me too

  • C`s trade O`Neal,Wilcox,Johnson,Petrus, & Bradley to Portland for M.Camby & J.Crawford by Monday. C`s trade Moore & Dooling to Golden State for N.Robinson by Tuesday. C`s need to sign E.House,W.Chandler, & L.Powe for 1 year by tomorrow. C`s trade Daniels,Pavlovic, & 2nd round pick to Miami for J.Jones by Tuesday.

    • Lakershater13

      News flash after march 1sr W.Chandler can ONLY sign with Denver!!! Know the facts if you want to be a GM. Are you related to Isiah Thomas? He probably made calls to other GMs on trades like these.

      • Mark

        Nah, the guy just loves posting ludicrous trade “ideas”. First time he didn’t bring up Posey so it’s a slight improvement.

    • ripsonics

      He's BACK! we really missed you KP22. You bring a lot to the table!

    • Jamie

      You guys should read his Twitter feed. It's nothing but the most mind blowing dumb trades all day for other teams too.

      It's quite funny to read.

    • tbunny

      I think we're overlooking the possibility that these totally random super trades could well be the autotweets of a random trade algorithm.

  • I_Love_Green