Post-game Reactions

We’ve got a new poll up on the left hand side of the site (underneath the StubHub ad). We want to know where you’re from. We know we’ve got readers all over the world. Now we just want to get a sense of where you all are.

Note: You can only see the poll from the main page, not from within this post.

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Ryan DeGama

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  • jack

    columbus ohio baby!

  • Denis

    Republic of Moldova, Chisinau

  • Jesse

    Vancouver, BC!

  • CsFanInArkansas

    Little Rock, Arkansas.


  • I'm from Vancouver B.C Canada.


  • AussieCeltic

    I don't see the poll. Posting from Adelaide, Australia.

    A LOT of Celtics fans down here!!!

  • di celtics

    Konjic, Bosnia..Go Cs

  • Ryan DeGama

    If you don't see the poll, clear cookies and cache and reload the page.

    • hdavenport

      You didn't say where you're from.

      • Ryan DeGama

        Damn you, Davenport.

  • phreesh

    Calgary, Canada.

    My favourite meal is back bacon and maple syrup with an ice cold Molson.

    A little Ann Murray on the hifi and my pet Polar Bear – Messier – out in the igloo.

  • aim2please

    I can't see the pool. 🙁

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Let's go Celtics!

  • theredstain

    Don't see any poll. I'm from Sedalia, Missouri.

  • Ryan DeGama


    Sorry for the all caps. Just wanted to draw attention to that.

  • JayAllDay

    Albany Georgia. When celts come to Atlanta you see alot of green in Philips.

  • Glendale, AZ originally from Seattle!

  • Lorileii

    I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii. 🙂

  • Jeff

    Ft. Worth TX (Mavs country-YUCK!)

  • Dmitry

    Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

  • Thomas

    Aachen, Germany

    Let's go Celtics!

  • Felix

    Zurich, Switzerland. Been a celtic since ’93. Do NOT trade Rondo-he’s the next Jkidd!

  • Acie Earl

    7.4 miles from the TD Garden (Medford, Mass.)

  • clark

    Lets Go Celtics!!

  • dRgonZo

    Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • The Cardinal

    Metro Atlanta, GA! Started following the C's toward the end of Bill's and the Joneses playing days. Watched Nellie, Hondo, McHale start as "Sixth" men and become Celtic legends. Watched Larry Siegfried, Bailey Howell, Glen McDonald, Brian Shaw, Greg Minor, etc… all have their moments. Watched as "Never Nervous" Pervis predated Mark Blount, Vin Baker and Jermaine O'Neal as "wishful thinking" big man signees. Watched Len Bias' death, then Reggie Lewis', send the organization into the long tailspin that only ended in 2008.

  • ed judson

    born in worcester. living in st. louis, where most people can't even spell NBA. one sportwriter (sic) refers to Larry Hughes as "Larry Legend'. sacrilege!

  • LACelticFan

    Los Angeles California and the hardest thing to be is a Celtic Fan in LaLa Land. Surrounded by full fledged Laker fans and also those fairweather Lakers fans too. 26 years strong.

    • Celtic Fan in LA

      YEsss!!!! I am also a C's fan, born and raised in LA.
      Born in 87, so went through most of my cognizant years watching the lakers win and Celtics lose. so I eventually became more of an anti-Laker than a celtic fan come playoff time 🙂

  • Batman

    New York City New York!

  • Josh

    Fargo, ND

  • Big Z

    Seattle, WA . Went to Boston University. Time to do some work Celts — with a shortened season, if we can get hot right before the playoffs and build some momentum, anything can happen. See NY Giants in NFL Playoffs. As long as we avoid Miami first round, we can do some damage. FYI — The Association with Denver this year is nowhere near as cool as the Celts one.

  • AussieCeltic

    Australia – Sydney

    GO CELTICS!!!!!!!

    • AussieCeltic

      Nice name dude – I haven't seen u here before

      • AussieCeltic

        oh snap

  • phreesh

    Is there a poll somewhere? I can't seem to locate it.

    : )

  • JJgalonek

    Detroit, michigan but born and raised in Charlton, massachusetts

  • Hans

    Denmark, Kolding 🙂
    Go Celtics

  • Chief

    Perth Australia

  • Eric

    Manila, Philippines

  • jerome

    Belgium, Ghent

  • kron

    Cork, Ireland!

  • Greg

    Up the road in Lowell, MA

  • fan from Taiwan

    Taiwan!!! Where Linsanity's parents come from!! I've been support PP for 11 year's!!

    Let's go C's~~~~~~~~~~

  • Jivansky

    Manila, Philippines

    Let’s go C’s! 🙂

  • Jim

    I a
    m from San Diego, CA. but I grew up in Tiverton, R.I. Go Celtics!

  • New English

    Vermont (born), NYC (now).

  • sagamore

    Warsaw, Poland

  • smalltownID

    Paul, ID

  • Rachel L.

    Am I the first to answer Boston…? So impressed by the board's international presence!

  • Patrick

    Manchester, New Hampshire !!!

  • Greg Allan

    Australian Celtics fan from the early eighties onward. After a brief flurry of NBA on our local TV the only way of accessing anything NBA for about five years was Basketball Digest, buying weekly videos from Germany and very expensive copies of USA Today and International Herald Tribune daily. It was always worth it but it was never enough. To have been able to watch the '86 Celtics on a regular basis is my idea of heaven on a stick.

    The internet has made it much easier. Maybe even too easy.

  • Ben

    Grew up in Amherst, MA, currently living large in Boston!

  • Chris B

    Hawaii now living in Japan!!

  • Clay

    Dorchester baby…. Bossown south